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For the application set amongst them, see Angry Birds (game).
 For some information on the birds from Space, see Space Flock.
 For the group of the birds, see The Flock.

Birds are a species of mammals that appears in the Angry Birds series. They are the protagonists of the Angry Birds series and come in varieties of different species and sizes. Their main goal is to retrieve the eggs that the Bad Piggies have stolen. Ever since they were first stolen, they have tried numerous attempts to get them back; even defeating pigs. They hurl themselves using the slingshot at the various fortresses the pigs made. It is a breed of several different colored birds that can be either anthropomorphical or round in appearance. Most birds live on planet earth, though, in the past, they also lived in another galaxy.

There are 9 playable birds in the original Angry Birds, 9 in Seasons, 10 in Rio, 7 playable birds and 1 egg in Space, 7 birds from Angry Birds Star Wars and 1 egg, 10 playable birds and 1 playable pig (Leonard) from Angry Birds 2, & 10 playable birds and 3 playable pigs (Leonard, Courtney and Garry) from Angry Birds Reloaded. When a level is completed with unused birds, the player is awarded 10,000 points for each unused bird, regardless of type. This increases the chance of getting 3 stars in a level.

The birds formerly lived on Bird Island but then moved to Piggy Island for unknown reasons.

All the grown birds have three or more feathers as a tail, while younger birds only have two.

Known Species

From left bottom: Jay, Red, Hal, Matilda, Bomb, and Chuck

There are twenty known different species of birds, one dragon, plus several birds from other apps. Below is a list of all the birds that were included in the series:

The Flock

Pigs In The Flock

Space Flock

Stella's Flock

  • Very Soft Yellow Bird Poppy (Cockatiel)
  • Very Soft Blue Bird Luca  (Scrub-jay)
  • Strong Blue Bird Willow  (Western Crowned Pigeon)
  • Brown Bird Dahlia  (Great Horned Owl)
  • Purple Bird Gale  (Violet-backed starling)

The Mighty Creatures


Unplayable Birds

Birds from Other Apps

Angry Birds Rio

The Rio Flock

  • Blu (himself and also flock, playable)
  • Jewel (Blu's wife) (herself and Blu chained, playable)
  • Rafael (unplayable, ally)
  • Luiz (Bulldog; Neither a bird nor playable, an ally to the birds that can break blocks in level 3-30)
  • Caged Birds (8) (unplayable, allies and targets)

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Fuji TV

Sakura Ninja Flock.

Angry Birds Heikki

The Heikki Flock

Angry Birds Friends

The Angry Birds Movie

Utilities and Power-Ups

Unlike the Pigs, there are eleven known utilities used by the Birds:

  • Slingshot (upgradable to King Sling in Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds iOS and Android only)
  • Mighty Falcon
  • Sardines (Summons Mighty Eagle)
  • Red Koi Fish (Summons the Mighty Dragon, but only appears in the episode Year of the Dragon)
  • Cheetos bag (Explodes, but if the screen is clicked it will release more explosive Cheetos. Appears in AB Cheetos)
  • American Football (Summons Mighty Philadelphia Eagle, appears in AB Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Stella's bubble wand
  • Power Potion/Super Seeds (Empowers a bird or other by increasing its size)
  • King Sling (Empowers the Slingshot's speed)
  • Sling Scope (Gives a red scope that helps the player)
  • Birdquake (Causes an earthquake to happen, which shakes the pigs' structures)
  • Boombox (A TNT Box that can be launched and then parachuted at the pigs' structures)
  • Mushbloom (Makes Large Mushrooms grow from the ground)
  • TNT Drop (Calls Iron TNT Box in parachutes that fall in the structures and unwrap the iron, making it normal TNT)
  • Pumpkin Drop (Calls Hard and Strong Pumpkins from the sky, which fall into the pigs' structures)
  • Lightsaber Slingshot (Increases the aim)
  • Thermal Detonator (Falls from a bird when it actives its ability or when it is injured, then turns active and explodes)
  • Blaster Droid (Connects to a bird and shoots lasers until the bird hits a structure)
  • Energy TNT (Drops from nowhere and turns active, being free to explode and more destructive than TNT)
  • Homing Bird (Red with an antenna replaces a bird and then home attacks a pig when in range)
  • TNT Drop (Calls Iron TNT Box in parachutes that fall in the structures and unwrap the iron, making it normal TNT, on this case, it's on Angry Birds Rio)
  • Samba Burst (Red with a fruit hat replaces a bird and then shakes when he hits a structure)

Special Powers

If the screen is touched or clicked while a bird is moving, it will activate a special power or an unusual noise. This is unavailable if the bird has become a corpse except for Bomb, Terence, Bubbles, their Space versions, Stella, Cheetos, Space Egg, and the Ice Bird, but Blu uses his power as soon as he hits an object. Mighty Creatures can be bought and once their item is launched they fly after it attacking the level.

Special Powers from the Original App

These birds are the Flock and the Mighty Eagle, their friend and ally, and they all have appeared in the first three apps (the Original, Seasons, and Rio) and most have appeared (in a new form) in Angry Birds Space (except Matilda, Hal, and Mighty Eagle) and in Angry Birds online games like Angry Birds Friends.

  • Red - Squawks when you tap or click the screen, but has no special powers.
  • Jay, Jake, and Jim - Multiplies into 3, and each clone is bumped slightly up or down. (Strong against glass and glass but weak against other blocks).
  • Chuck - Gains more speed (it always goes at the same certain speed, no matter what speed it was moving at before) and makes a more of a high pitched sound than before. (Strong against wood but weak against glass)
  • Bomb- Able to explode in mid-air or on impact. (Great at breaking stone)
  • Matilda - Drops an egg which then explodes. The bird herself becomes deflated and is propelled fast upwards and to the right. The body still collides and can be used as a powerful Red.
  • Hal - On air, opens his beak and flies in the opposite direction, maintaining the same speed and vertical direction. Underwater, turns into a corpse. He also flies higher than all the other birds when fired.
  • Terence - Stronger than common birds, but no real power. (Great at breaking all blocks)
  • Bubbles - Expands to a huge size, like a balloon, propelling all blocks away while in a tight space in either mid-air or on impact. After impact, it deflates.
  • Mighty Eagle - Smashing everything and causes an earthquake, eliminating any pig on the level. (Summoned using Sardines)
  • Stella - Has the ability to blow bubbles and piggies, blocks, and other obstacles in the radius of the bubble will fly in the air in multiple pink, blue, or green bubbles. Once the bubbles are popped, everything will fall down causing massive damage to both the pigs and the fortresses.

Special Powers from Other Apps

From Angry Birds Seasons

  • Mighty Dragon - descends in a staircase-like form, loops around, and darts back up, popping all piggies and destroying obstacles in his way, similar to Mighty Eagle. (summoned by using the Red Koi Fish) (Year of the Dragon only)
  • Mighty Basketball - Like the Mighty Eagle, but falls on the level then bounces again. (Ham Dunk only, summoned using an unknown white object)
  • Tony - Goes down vertically and creates a shockwave when contacts with a block.

From AB Rio

  • Blu and Jewel chained together - When tapped or clicked, Jewel flies straight dragging Blu along.
  • Blu freed and solo - Once he hits an object, he'll shake himself up causing the spreading of objects.
  • Samba Bird - Once he hits an object, he'll start dancing causing objects to fly in different directions.

From AB Space

  • Ice Bird - Ice Bird freezes an area on impact. Ice Bird explodes a couple of seconds after impact with any piece of structure and covers the surrounding blocks and pigs with ice making them brittle and easier to break. If the screen is not tapped, Ice Bird will hesitate for a few seconds, still turning surfaces it touches into ice; making the Ice Bird a technical variation of Bomb. It also has a Sling Scope.
  • Super Red - Similiar to Red, but if near a pig in a gravitational force and if the screen is tapped, the pig(s) will get scared. He still makes a noise when this happens. It also has Sling Scope power. (Red)
  • Lightning Birds - Same as the Blues, but with a Sling Scope. (Blues)
  • Lazer Bird - Similiar to Chuck, but tapping now chooses a directional target. Lazer Bird will turn at a sharp angle and accelerate toward the target tap, ignoring gravity and air vents until hitting something or running out of speed. It also has Sling Scope power. (Chuck)
  • Space Bomb - Same as Bomb, with slightly higher knockback. It also has the Sling Scope power. (Bomb)
  • The Incredible Terence - Same as Terence, but with the Sling Scope. (Terence)
  • Atomic Bird - Same as Bubbles, except, the deflated Bubbles no longer does damage and floats in gravity fields instead of falling. It also has Sling Scope. (Bubbles)
  • Space Egg - The space egg can create a small but very powerful black hole that appears on screen for a short time. It can be used kind of like a magnet, to pull things around. It also has the Sling Scope. (Eggs)
  • Space Eagles - Similiar power as the Mighty Eagle, but Space Eagles will only do some damage to the level, but there are no time restrictions on use, and you can use several per level since they travel in Flocks. They fly out of a vortex. (Summoned using Sardines, also has the sling scope.) (Mighty Eagle)

From Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Luke Skywalker - At first no power. After level 1-9, he slices with a blue lightsaber. After completing the Path of the Jedi, he slices with a green lightsaber which causes even more damage.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Pushes things away with the force in the direction where you tapped. After a Death Star level, he uses force stronger and pushes things upward where the player taps.
  • Han Solo - Shoots three lasers in the direction the player taps.
  • Rebel Pilots - Same ability to split into three like the Blue Birds.
  • Chewbacca - Same as Big Brother Bird, but causes the screen to shake.
  • R2-D2 - Electrocutes nearby pigs.
  • C-3PO - Breaks into 5 pieces.
  • Princess Leia - Pulls objects toward her in the direction the player taps.

From AB Cheetos

  • Cheetos - Like Bomb, if it hits a structure, it simply blows up, causing a small amount of damage. If the screen is clicked when it is in mid-air, it blows up, but this time it releases four explosive Cheetos.

From AB Philadelphia Eagle

  • Mighty Philadelphia Eagle - Same as Mighty Eagle, but after a few seconds after it hits the ground the game goes in slow motion for a few seconds and flashes, then back to normal. (Summoned using football .)

From Angry Birds 2

  • Red - When you tap the screen, his battle cry will release an aura of his anger.
  • Silver - Does a 360-degree loop and goes down, if she comes in contact with a stone block, she creates an earthquake.
  • Leonard (Pig but considered bird in-game) - Can shoot 3 snot bombs but is very fragile and instantly pops upon contact with anything.

From Angry Birds Reloaded

  • Courtney - Can "poop" out of Harvey similarly to Matilda's power of laying an egg bomb except Courtney doesn’t explode and instead stays on the floor.
  • Garry - Can split a coffee cup into three similarly to The Blues' power of splitting into three.


Toy Care Cards


In-game tutorials





  • There are 30 confirmed blue birds including their counterparts in other games (The Blues, Olive and Greg, Blu, Jewel, the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle, Ice Bird, Luca, Willow, Tony, Serdar Soganci Bird, Shirley, Phillip, The Lightning Birds, The Blue Squadron, the Jedi Youngling Birds, Neiderflyer, Starling and the Itty Bitty Blue Birds) (Not counting the Angry Birds Evolution Birds or Hatchlings).
  • An artist named Sam Spratt painted realistic pictures of the birds.
  • For an update, Bomb has a new voice, for the original Angry Birds, however, it was replaced with the old voice in recent updates of the original Angry Birds.
  • The birds seem to be kind to other species (Except for piggies when they steal eggs) because they save and help animals in the games and cartoons.


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