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TyGrant09 TyGrant09 10 days ago

Every Ambience

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 18 days ago

How to request game data (2024)

  • YourAdChoices Opt-Out form
  • Google Analytics Opt-Out form
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Alphafan1238 Alphafan1238 20 June

Corpse (with more info added)

A "corpse" is used to describe the state a bird goes through after they crash into an object on the screen. In this phase, the Bird's feathers appear (materialise/break off) and it will appear badly wounded and injured, with dazed/black eyes and crooked beaks. This is also the time when the bird's strength significantly decreases until it can no longer destroy blocks without the aid of motion or gravity momentum. Once a corpse remains still for several seconds, it will disintegrate into the air.

However, if a bird remains offscreen left or right while still flying, it will automatically disintegrate due to its inability to do anything.

It should be noted that Bomb does not have a separate appearance after landing on a structure, as he just f…

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Sir Wiki Helper Sir Wiki Helper 16 June

40P Fna Mjmj

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Mike4678 Mike4678 20 May

Pig Paradise group templates to copy

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Dubstepv1 Dubstepv1 13 May

Beating every classic level using only 1 or close to 1 bird. PROGRESS:

NOTE: Only the first 21 levels are almost 100%. The last level may be the impossible one. Currently working 1 at a time

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 4 March

How to activate PC games (2024)

I hope this will help many Angry Birds fans who didn't get a change to play the PC ports previously to enjoy the full games now!

- ChickenLover21

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Mikaelgr2013 Mikaelgr2013 10 January

Professions of Pigs

Many Pigs have professions. Most often we learn about them from the Angry Birds Toons series and announcements.

Note: This article only includes Minion Pigs, that is, there is no need to add Corporal Pig, Chef Pig, Mechanic Pig, Professor Pig, Postman Pig, Chronicler Pig, etc.

Appear in the Chuck Mania series, where they protected Chuck from the fans. They are Ordinary Pigs who wear black glasses and headphones. In Royal Heist, Epic Sax Pig is guarded by many agents who later arrive to rob him.

A Pig in an orange visor selling caramel apples. Appeared in the episode Where's My Crown?. A similar piglet can also be seen in the Bird Arena in Angry Birds Epic.

This Pig painted a portrait of the King Pig after successfully stealing eggs in the Bird F…

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 6 January

Year in Review: 2023

Hello everyone! I would like to take a moment to write a review of how this wiki has been moderated over the course of last year. As a community, let's reminisce on what this wiki has accomplished in the year 2023.

  • 1 Contributions
    • 1.1 Wiki
  • 2 Collaborations
  • 3 Notes
  • 4 Conclusion

During this year, we gained 19 articles

In this year, I have worked with the Russian Angry Birds Wiki in the form of helping translate articles and sharing images so their wiki can be upgraded better for native Russian speakers. As well as this, the Russian wiki invited me to an interview, which you can read about here if you're interested.

Since this year marks the 15th anniversary of the series, we hope that 2024 brings the best in the series and the community!

- ChickenLover21 & …

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John Cena UTTP THDTC TSPL John Cena UTTP THDTC TSPL 24 December 2023

Tiny Minion Pig Abuse

The Tiny Minion Pig is a pig that appeared in Angry Birds Toons for two episodes, first Mind The Pony and Short and Special.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Gallery
    • 3.1 Mind The Penis
  • 4 See Also

Due to his age (being a Cub), the Tiny Minion Pig is a HUGEST pig, smaller than any of them. He has large eyes that have large black pupils which shine, causing a type of FUCKNESS

Tiny Minion Pig is a very Demon pig that is optimistic and loves his toy ponwuvvwkbidcegkkvblwoqohso fehxconmpafnxossy. But he cries in a bunch of moments such as his toy pony breaking or not getting onto a rollercoaster due to his size. He also HATES his GAY brother, which is larger than him. After Bears EATS TINY MINION PIGS!!!!!!! AND HIS GAY BROTHER!!!!!! AND STEALS PIGSS EARS!!! AN…

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IM Dfeed for now IM Dfeed for now 13 November 2023


Welcome to my blog

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 5 November 2023

Interview from the Russian Angry Birds Wiki!

Hello everyone. Over the past few weeks, Golden Pig (Золотой Свин) from the Russian Angry Birds Wiki has been interviewing me about my responsibilities on Fandom and the Angry Birds community. I am happy to announce that the full version of the interview has been posted today! If you're interested in my responses, the interview can be found below:

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PicklePeanutABDude PicklePeanutABDude 8 September 2023

My Series

  1. The End
  2. The End
  3. Episode 16
  4. Episode 15
  5. Episode 14
  6. Episode 13
  7. Episode 12
  8. Episode 11
  9. Episode 10
  10. Episode 9
  11. Episode 8
  12. Episode 7
  13. Episode 6
  14. Episode 5
  15. Episode 4
  16. Kowalski (7 votes)
  17. Alex (2 votes)
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Iggyfan111 Iggyfan111 22 August 2023

The Angry Birds Movie 3 Fate Survey

With Sega owning Rovio, what would the fate of The Angry Birds Movie 3 be? File out this survey.

Here's a link.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 13 July 2023

The Angry Birds Wiki's response to recent events

Hello everyone! It has come to my attention that the Minecraft Wiki is planning on moving wiki providers by the end of this year. Previous Fandom wikis to do this were the Zelda Wiki in 2022 and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Wiki earlier this year. This news has caused some members in the Angry Birds community on Twitter and Discord to request that we follow along with the trend, but that cannot and will not happen for us. There are many reasons for the current wiki team's stance on the topic, but to summarize them, the points are listed below:

  1. Small community - As an Angry Birds Wiki in 2023, we currently have around 150 active users (determined by a 30-day edit/post interval). Although this may seem like a large number for wiki standards…
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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 8 July 2023

New Social Media template

Hello everyone! Over the past few days I have been working on a new template for the mainpage of the wiki to display the variety of Angry Birds social media accounts without using tabbers or embeds (due to the current situation with Twitter and the many issues i've faced with social media embeds in general). Now instead of only showing Twitter accounts owned by Rovio, there are accounts from differing social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Let me know how you feel about this change and if there can be more improvements made!

- ChickenLover21

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Faewwrk Faewwrk 7 June 2023

Agry birbs Makr review.

  • 1 Angry birds maker, Faewwrk's review
    • 1.1 Short "About it"
      • 1.1.1 Angry birds maker
      • 1.1.2 1.Story
      • 1.1.3 3.Music
      • 1.1.4 4.Graphics
    • 1.2 2.Gameplay
    • 1.3 Total rating
  • 2 6.5/10

Okay, let's see what this game/fangame/mod contain, but before this....  !DISCLAIMER!: This review is about gamejolt version of the game, contains VERY unfunny jokes, and also contains my own opinion.

if you have read this, let's go!!!

Angry birds maker - it's a fanmade game, based on AB classic version 1.0.0 . Game contains editor that "actually" contains level editor, that probably, AB devs used to create l…

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Lukeislas Lukeislas 30 May 2023


I'm Just A Cute Autobot

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 25 May 2023

Update on my activity

Hello everyone! As you may know, I have been one of the most active staff members on this wiki for the past 2 years now and that has greatly made the wiki a better place to find information on the Angry Birds series of games, tv shows, movies, music, merchandise and more! I have accumulated over 20,000 edits (which is still crazy to me) and to put it short, I am a little burnt out from doing this. But don't worry, I won't be permanently leaving this wiki/community anytime soon! I might be making fewer edits than I normally do and logging on every other day, but this is for my well being since I have important plans coming up in the real world that requires my full self to be there.

Wiki editing for me was (and still is) a fun hobby when I sta…

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Snjxjn Snjxjn 23 May 2023

Ultimately Large Brawl/List of characters from Angry Birds

The following is the list of characters from Angry Birds franchise in Ultimately Large Brawl.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 11 March 2023

Discord Server Update

Hello wiki users! Today I have a (somewhat) important announcement. A few days ago, me and the new owner of the largest English speaking Angry Birds Discord server, Mighty Chuck have went into talks of merging the r/AngryBirds Reddit server and our current AB Wiki community Discord server into theirs as part of a 3-way merger. Today (March 10th, 2023), we have put all the pieces into place to make this merger a reality and I can happily say that the Angry Birds Wiki Discord server is now apart of the Angry Birds Discord!

  1. Join the server
  2. Go to the #other-roles channel
  3. Click on the "Wiki Account Verification" button
  4. Type your Fandom username into the box (link your Discord and Fandom accounts if you haven't already)
  5. You're ready to start chatting…

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Kingfield666 Kingfield666 6 February 2023


  • 1 Modes
    • 1.1 Adventure Mode (经典模式)
      • 1.1.1 在一开始的时候 (Pre-May 2023: 2011)
      • 1.1.2 季节魔法 (Pre-May 2023: 2012)
      • 1.1.3 魔术技法
      • 1.1.4 新的冒险
      • 1.1.5 Other
    • 1.2 The Pig Challenge (竞技场战争)
    • 1.3 Parallel Universe (平行宇宙)
    • 1.4 Two Player Battle (愤怒的火腿)
    • 1.5 Memory Lane (次元化解)



















NBA 灌篮高手













During 2016-2019, it worked just like The Pig Challenge. Later, it was changed so now players competed to see who has the higher score.

Fairytale World (童话世界)-> Permanant

Halloween (万圣节)-> October 2022

Rabbit New Years (兔子新年)-> January 2023

Children's Day (快乐的猪孩子)-> June 2023 [COMING SOON]

A mode where you launch birds at pigs and build pig contraptions at the same time. (Mostly runs slower, at 56 FPS as …

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TerongCraftPlantsVsZombies TerongCraftPlantsVsZombies 24 January 2023


This is my first blog!

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NikBot3 NikBot3 15 January 2023

angry birds epic savegame stuff.

They are located in /data/data/ and it's's section, but it looks like random letters, though it always starts with "CgZwb" and ends with "%3D%3D"

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TheSwineborgIII9237293II TheSwineborgIII9237293II 7 January 2023

The New Piggy Empire

Capital: Pig City/Oinkus,

Biggest City: Pig City/Oinkus,

Known Cites: Oinkus, Egginah, Mestura, Sneshik, Lacatosh,

Originated From: The Old Piggy Empire

Kings (Notes: The Bold Letters Means An Era.): The Rise Of The New Piggy Empire, King Korprius IX (Last King Of The Old Piggy Empire), King Nacre I (The First King From This Empire), King Abdemus, The Leonic Dynasty, King Leon I, King Leon II, King Leon III, King Leon IV, King Leon V, King Leon VI (Current Ruler), The Transformation, King Leon VI (Current Ruler), King Nacre II, King Loopius, King Lestimus I,

Area: Unknown. Possibly 33,0300,

Population: 33,3423

King: King Leon VI

Prime Minister: Xavier John Hastings, Harrold "Foreman Pig" Griffin,

Chief Justice: Harrold "Foreman Pig" Griffin,

Motto: Shall T…

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AngryBirdsFilms4673 AngryBirdsFilms4673 5 January 2023
1 ZZdge8JdPQGrp-

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 26 November 2022

New Staff Member - Leonard de abibis (& other news)

Hello! I might be two days late on this announcement, but I would like to welcome Leonard de abibis to the staff team as a content moderator! He has shown to be good with template editing and information checking over the past few weeks.

I would also like to mention that a previous staff member has been permanently banned from this wiki due to multiple counts (4) of article and wiki plagiarism and lying to Fandom about his age when he created his account until recently.

I would like to make myself clear when saying that we have always been a Fandom wiki and we will stay on the Fandom platform and under the domain until the service is permanently shut down. Thank you for understanding.

- ChickenLover21

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 23 October 2022

6,000 Pages!

Eleven months ago today, we have had close to 5,000 pages. Three days ago we reached the 6,000 page milestone! I'm happy to see the wikis improvements since being a content moderator last year. Speaking of which, the wiki is currently looking for 2 new content moderators due to recent events involving duplicate wikis. Go check it out here!

- ChickenLover21 !]]

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Michael Delaughter Michael Delaughter 20 August 2022

Angry Birds gameplay

I know the gameplay of Angry Birds.

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Speedy Bird Speedy Bird 13 August 2022


I Got A AB OC Template

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Kingfield666 Kingfield666 7 August 2022

Angry Birds: Journey To The West (FAKE)

Angry Birds: Journey To The West (愤怒的小鸟西游版; Fènnù de xiǎo niǎo xīyóu bǎn) was a game made by Rovio QQ. It was a reskin of Angry Birds but with added content.


长城 2












500 万次下载









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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 23 June 2022

Updated Dark Mode

Hello wiki users! Just wanted to let most of you know that the wiki (with the help of HumansCanWinElves) now has an improved dark mode! For some reason I am probably more excited about this than most of the users reading this, but here is a list of improvements:

  • New dark background
  • Improved transparent backgrounds on Template:Tab
  • Clear backgrounds on Template:Notice
  • Improved "wikitable" and "WikiaRail" background image

I hope this update has helped you in your wiki surfing.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 17 May 2022

50,000 files!

Hello. It has come to my attention that the wiki has reached the milestone of having 50,000 files as of about 12 minutes ago! I am happy of how the wiki is steadily growing at a pace never seen since last decade.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 7 May 2022

New Staff Member(s) - Reece2oo9 & Mosquitosquisher7

Hello! After the events of last month, it has occured to me that this wiki needs more members of Staff. As a result, I have promoted 2 users to different moderation roles. Mosquitosquisher7 has helped out on the forums during uncertain times and Reece2oo9 has been moderating articles for vandalism and has recently planned some very cool wiki projects on his Sandbox page. After 2 years of being on the staff team as a content moderator, Yasermeddour20 has been promoted to a wiki admin for their helpful gallery additions to articles and finishing up the articles on Angry Birds Evolution characters. All of these users are active members of the wiki and I hope we will continue to archive and preserve AB information together!

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Eyegirl Eyegirl 27 April 2022

follow up on gallery page proposals + proposed layout example

i posted a blog about this in january, and im doing it again now as i rewrote this a lot, and i also honestly just didnt want to post on the discussion page because its filled with memes or fighting. i hope it gets some outreach here
for the record im still gathering images across pages to put on the character galleries! id like to have a better layout for gallery pages first, and then revamp the main existing ones over time if i can

the biggest change is that my proposed layout is shown off in User:Eyegirl/Sandbox, where i copied red's gallery page, and edited it here with my proposed changes. see them in the sandbox, read on to see what the changes are

my biggest issue is the collapsible gallery templates, seen in Red/Gallery and Angry Bird…

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AquaChoco1997 AquaChoco1997 11 April 2022


Hi everyone. First of all, I want to introduce myself to those who don't know me.

I'm AquaChoco1997, I've been on Wikia/FANDOM for 11 years. I joined this wiki around 2012, then I became a staff in 2015. And I used to be an Angry Birds fan from 2011 to somewhere in 2019...or until into this point.

When I first joined this wiki, I haven't done anything much besides uploading the images until a few years later when those two games Angry Birds Epic & Angry Birds Stella were first announced and came out, that was where I began to motivate myself to edit pages on the Angry Birds Wiki for help, mainly finding better quality images at the time. Eventually, I got promoted to be an "Image Unit" member in 2015, then I got promoted to be an Administrator/…

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 2 April 2022

April Fools!

Hello! Sadly I am a little late to the party here, but I made a new logo and background for the wiki in celebration for this comical day. I hope you enjoy!

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 25 March 2022

New Staff Member - PalkiaHere

I should have made this announcement around a week ago, but i'd like to congratulate PalkiaHere for becoming the wiki's 2nd currently active content moderator! They have made good contributions in the past year and we as Wiki Staff believe they have deserved this promotion.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 3 February 2022

Wiki upgrades!

Hello again! I am happy to announce that the wiki has gotten a (small, but) brand new makeover! We recently added the addition of a Discord invite and NewFiles ui to the right-hand side when viewing an article, link previews (so quick information is given about an article without even clicking on the link!) and template upgrades!

During this, I and a few other members of the wiki have been fixing up the Japanese AB Wiki so the main page looked just as good as the English counterpart! The wiki is in need of expansion and articles, so if you or someone you know is somewhat fluent in Japanese, then consider volunteering your time there in translating pages/template building.

Those are the updates I have so far, but there might be more in the co…

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NikBot3 NikBot3 17 January 2022

internal stuff I found in ab epic

Valkyrie is called "piglette" internally.

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Eyegirl Eyegirl 6 January 2022

some lengthy opinions and suggestions about gallery pages on this wiki

i dont know if it goes here or not but??? i hope this works?
hello i use gallery pages a lot (you may have noticed i edited some of them a lot already) and i have some Thoughts on how the newer/more reworked ones are designed. for example Red/Gallery, Angry Birds Reloaded/Gallery and Wood/Gallery. first off i think theyre generally well done! but i have some issues which i will discuss here
i can tell that the format of the newer gallery pages is inspired by sonic retro. and the ones on sonic retro look good! however i dont think this format works as well on the angry birds wiki, and it can get kind of cumbersome here

my biggest issue is that i think collapsing galleries into little windows/sections you have to open each time does no good on …

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BFDIFan2006 BFDIFan2006 2 January 2022


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Cubee123 Cubee123 31 December 2021

Extended AGAIN!

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 13 December 2021

Forum chat rules update

Hello. I have recently made a decision on the new addition of forum chat rules. They can be read here:

Again, as I mentioned beforehand, if anyone is having a big issue with another user/thing on the wiki, PLEASE contact me in private about it in either Discord DM’s or my message wall

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 10 December 2021

New wiki partnership! (Sorta)

Hello! Today marks another day of a wiki partnership, but it's a smaller wiki of the company that started the Angry Birds brand, which is the Rovio Entertainment Wiki! The wiki is still being worked on as we speak, but more will be improved on during the end of this year.

- ChickenLover21

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 4 December 2021

New Mainpage Project

Hello! We are excited to announce another project on the wiki, which is a "Today in Angry Birds" header on the main page! For this to work, we would need at least 1 Angry Birds event for all 12 months of the year and every day of the month. These events can span from 2009 - present day. If you will like to contribute to this project, please send Angry Birds events through this Google Form -->

Update: As of December 20, 2023, we have 75 out of 365 days complete! (View more here)

- ChickenLover21

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AquaChoco1997 AquaChoco1997 27 November 2021

Work in Progress Update on the AB Wiki

Hi everyone.

Last year, I began to process on the entire Angry Birds Wiki to fix, clean up, and organize. Originally I was going to blog post each part of my process, but recently when I look back at some of the parts that were outdated, especially with the FandomDesktop layout. So I have to delete those, revise, and merge them into this whole post.

I'm sorry if I haven't been edited on this wiki very much in the past couple of months for obvious reasons (dealing with reports and reports on this wiki's Discussion page) that I didn't have the motivation to do so, also because I've been with busy my personal life and other things.

If there's anything I missed because I haven't been editing anything much for the past couple of months (from June/…

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 27 November 2021

5,000 Pages!

A few minutes ago, this wiki has achieved exactly 5,000 articles! Even though I have only been creating articles for around a year now, I am still very proud of this wiki for what it has accomplished since May 27th, 2010. I hope to expand more articles as the months go by and help other users with the way of the wiki.

- ChickenLover21 ]]

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WowVerySurprising WowVerySurprising 24 November 2021

Got any tips For Angry Birds Reloaded?

So basically I'm trying to get some Tips For Angry Birds Reloaded so I can beat Off The Menu

So if you got Any tips share them In the Comments

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 17 October 2021

What a day...

Hello! Today I have some pretty good news about game update logging. So far, I got the most recent updates on the front page of the wiki and I inserted all of the missed version histories in the games that are still publically listed on the App Store (Except Friends and AB2, but i'll look at those when I have the chance). The reason why i'm making a blog post about this is because for a good amount of these version history pages, there are large gaps in logged versions, which shouldn't be there. Apple hides the older versions of a game when it reaches a certain limit (I believe around 20 or 25 versions), so archiving the version number, date, and description is very important to do! I would suggest doing it once every 3-4 months if you're …

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