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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 14 days ago

Updated Dark Mode

Hello wiki users! Just wanted to let most of you know that the wiki (with the help of HumansCanWinElves) now has an improved dark mode! For some reason I am probably more excited about this than most of the users reading this, but here is a list of improvements:

  • New dark background
  • Improved transparent backgrounds on Template:Tab
  • Clear backgrounds on Template:Notice
  • Improved "wikitable" and "WikiaRail" background image

I hope this update has helped you in your wiki surfing.

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Reece2oo9 Reece2oo9 27 days ago

Angry Birds' website update!

The Angry Birds' website has been updated marking the website's first restyle since April 2016 with one notable change being that the Birdsona Creator has been added. You can visit it here!

The list of changes are here:

  • The characters page has been updated to focus on more characters including Bubbles, Hal, King Smoothcheeks, Courtney and Garry who weren't on the website in the April 2016-May 2022 style though the former three were covered in the April 2014-March 2016 style. You might never know but more characters such as Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, Chef Pig, Luca, Dahlia, Willow, Poppy, Ice Bird and even the Rio Characters, the Space Characters and Star Wars Characters might be covered!
    • The character pages now have the ability to view their di…

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 17 May

50,000 files!

Hello. It has come to my attention that the wiki has reached the milestone of having 50,000 files as of about 12 minutes ago! I am happy of how the wiki is steadily growing at a pace never seen since last decade.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 7 May

New Staff Member(s) - Reece2oo9 & Mosquitosquisher7

Hello! After the events of last month, it has occured to me that this wiki needs more members of Staff. As a result, I have promoted 2 users to different moderation roles. Mosquitosquisher7 has helped out on the forums during uncertain times and Reece2oo9 has been moderating articles for vandalism and has recently planned some very cool wiki projects on his Sandbox page. After 2 years of being on the staff team as a content moderator, Yasermeddour20 has been promoted to a wiki admin for their helpful gallery additions to articles and finishing up the articles on Angry Birds Evolution characters. All of these users are active members of the wiki and I hope we will continue to archive and preserve AB information together!

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Eyegirl Eyegirl 27 April

follow up on gallery page proposals + proposed layout example

i posted a blog about this in january, and im doing it again now as i rewrote this a lot, and i also honestly just didnt want to post on the discussion page because its filled with memes or fighting. i hope it gets some outreach here
for the record im still gathering images across pages to put on the character galleries! id like to have a better layout for gallery pages first, and then revamp the main existing ones over time if i can

the biggest change is that my proposed layout is shown off in User:Eyegirl/Sandbox, where i copied red's gallery page, and edited it here with my proposed changes. see them in the sandbox, read on to see what the changes are

my biggest issue is the collapsible gallery templates, seen in Red/Gallery and Angry Bird…

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AquaChoco1997 AquaChoco1997 11 April


Hi everyone. First of all, I want to introduce myself to those who don't know me.

I'm AquaChoco1997, I've been on Wikia/FANDOM for 11 years. I joined this wiki around 2012, then I became a staff in 2015. And I used to be an Angry Birds fan from 2011 to somewhere in 2019...or until into this point.

When I first joined this wiki, I haven't done anything much besides uploading the images until a few years later when those two games Angry Birds Epic & Angry Birds Stella were first announced and came out, that was where I began to motivate myself to edit pages on the Angry Birds Wiki for help, mainly finding better quality images at the time. Eventually, I got promoted to be an "Image Unit" member in 2015, then I got promoted to be an Administrator/…

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 2 April

April Fools!

Hello! Sadly I am a little late to the party here, but I made a new logo and background for the wiki in celebration for this comical day. I hope you enjoy!

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 25 March

New Staff Member - PalkiaHere

I should have made this announcement around a week ago, but i'd like to congratulate PalkiaHere for becoming the wiki's 2nd currently active content moderator! They have made good contributions in the past year and we as Wiki Staff believe they have deserved this promotion.

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Reece2oo9 Reece2oo9 13 February

Angry Birds Friends turns 10!

Today, Angry Birds Friends turns 10 and it was planned to release on February 14, 2012 but it was however released a day earlier. Out of all the games in the Angry Birds series, this game was supported the longest. Let’s hope this game lasts for 10 more years. Also, a new Retro Games Tournament will be starting on Monday! The picture below shows a pig with eyebrows resembling Wario’s from the Mario franchise.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 3 February

Wiki upgrades!

Hello again! I am happy to announce that the wiki has gotten a (small, but) brand new makeover! We recently added the addition of a Discord invite and NewFiles ui to the right-hand side when viewing an article, link previews (so quick information is given about an article without even clicking on the link!) and template upgrades!

During this, I and a few other members of the wiki have been fixing up the Japanese AB Wiki so the main page looked just as good as the English counterpart! The wiki is in need of expansion and articles, so if you or someone you know is somewhat fluent in Japanese, then consider volunteering your time there in translating pages/template building.

Those are the updates I have so far, but there might be more in the co…

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NikBot3 NikBot3 17 January

internal stuff I found in ab epic

Valkyrie is called "piglette" internally.

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Eyegirl Eyegirl 6 January

some lengthy opinions and suggestions about gallery pages on this wiki

i dont know if it goes here or not but??? i hope this works?
hello i use gallery pages a lot (you may have noticed i edited some of them a lot already) and i have some Thoughts on how the newer/more reworked ones are designed. for example Red/Gallery, Angry Birds Reloaded/Gallery and Wood/Gallery. first off i think theyre generally well done! but i have some issues which i will discuss here
i can tell that the format of the newer gallery pages is inspired by sonic retro. and the ones on sonic retro look good! however i dont think this format works as well on the angry birds wiki, and it can get kind of cumbersome here

my biggest issue is that i think collapsing galleries into little windows/sections you have to open each time does no good on …

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BFDIFan2006 BFDIFan2006 2 January


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Cubee123 Cubee123 31 December 2021

Extended AGAIN!

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 13 December 2021

Forum chat rules update

Hello. I have recently made a decision on the new addition of forum chat rules. They can be read here:

Again, as I mentioned beforehand, if anyone is having a big issue with another user/thing on the wiki, PLEASE contact me in private about it in either Discord DM’s or my message wall

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 10 December 2021

New wiki partnership! (Sorta)

Hello! Today marks another day of a wiki partnership, but it's a smaller wiki of the company that started the Angry Birds brand, which is the Rovio Entertainment Wiki! The wiki is still being worked on as we speak, but more will be improved on during the end of this year.

- ChickenLover21

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 4 December 2021

New Mainpage Project

Hello! We are excited to announce another project on the wiki, which is a "Today in Angry Birds" header on the main page! For this to work, we would need at least 1 Angry Birds event for all 12 months of the year and every day of the month. These events can span from 2009 - present day. If you will like to contribute to this project, please send Angry Birds events through this Google Form -->

- ChickenLover21

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 27 November 2021

5,000 Pages!

A few minutes ago, this wiki has achieved exactly 5,000 articles! Even though I have only been creating articles for around a year now, I am still very proud of this wiki for what it has accomplished since May 27th, 2010. I hope to expand more articles as the months go by and help other users with the way of the wiki.

- ChickenLover21

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WowVerySurprising WowVerySurprising 24 November 2021

Got any tips For Angry Birds Reloaded?

So basically I'm trying to get some Tips For Angry Birds Reloaded so I can beat Off The Menu

So if you got Any tips share them In the Comments

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 17 October 2021

What a day...

Hello! Today I have some pretty good news about game update logging. So far, I got the most recent updates on the front page of the wiki and I inserted all of the missed version histories in the games that are still publically listed on the App Store (Except Friends and AB2, but i'll look at those when I have the chance). The reason why i'm making a blog post about this is because for a good amount of these version history pages, there are large gaps in logged versions, which shouldn't be there. Apple hides the older versions of a game when it reaches a certain limit (I believe around 20 or 25 versions), so archiving the version number, date, and description is very important to do! I would suggest doing it once every 3-4 months if you're …

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 12 October 2021

Policy Update: Misc. Files

Hello there! I have added a new section to the Wiki's Policy, which is about the Non-Angry Birds images/videos on the wiki. Here is a link to it if you want to check it out! (here)

TLDR; New Policy on uploading images not relating to Angry Birds, (Inserting them [unrelated images to Angry Birds] in user pages is ok, but if they aren't in a user page after 2 days of uploading the image, it will be removed from the wiki)

- Chicken

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 11 October 2021

Semi-Important: Promotion

Hello again. 2 blog posts in 1 day?! how crazy! Anyway, @AquaChoco1997 has gratefully promoted me to a thread moderator and an admin on the discord server! I hope to better the threads in this wiki (and the server) in the near future. Speaking of which, please reply to this blog post or this thread here about the issues with the current discuss page for this wiki, so I can try my best to remove the toxicity and hurtful posts. Thanks!

- Chicken

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 10 October 2021

Important: Clone wikis

Hello. It has come to my attention that the admin and creator of the Angry Birds Universe wiki is continuing to steal information that many of our members worked hard for and calling it his own without any care in the world (even when I gave him a clear warning through Discord DM's). I have had enough of this and will take appropriate action. If anyone is caught contributing to the Angry Birds Universe wiki in a helpful way (starting today), they will be temporary banned from this wiki (time depends on how much user contributed to Angry Birds Universe wiki).

Stay away from the Angry Birds Universe wiki and don't help with them stealing articles from this wiki.

- Chicken

Me and the wiki owner have talked it out in DM's and he has agreed to keep…

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Artemismilkman Artemismilkman 30 September 2021

Ice Bird

If Ice Bird isn't added to the stupid Angry Birds casual gamer game, I'm gonna break my phone. :)

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 10 September 2021

Important: New Wiki Partnership!

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you all today. This has been in discussion for around a week now (but the idea dates back months) and the wiki affiliation between the AB Wiki and the PVZ Wiki is now finalized! This new update won't change much for both wiki's, but it gives each community the chance to experience what the other side has to offer and what optional community edit-projects the wikis would need help with for improvements. I hope you all find this announcement helpful! :)

- Chicken

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 2 September 2021

Walkthrough restoration process

Hello! Over the past week or so, I have noticed that a good amount of the walkthrough videos were removed off of the wiki in April of this year due to the fact that they weren't from the AB Nest YT channel. Here are the pages I've noticed having this issue and have fixed with the AB Nest content:

  1. Angry Birds in Ultrabook™ Adventure
  2. Golden Eggs

Please lmk in the comments if there are more articles with this issue!

- Chicken

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Elmomickey Elmomickey 30 August 2021

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Pigs- Best to Worst

This page might be pretty long. Also, this is completely opinion.

Best- Hologram Sidious. The ability to phase through objects, and the lightning having nearly infinite range, this is very good. The only downside is, the lightning can't course through wood or glass, making it not useful on glass and wood maps.

2nd best- Vader. With a power similar to obi wan, except for being around the entire bird. The damage power that the bird itself does is good, the force power is stronger than Anakin's or Obi Wan's, but there still isn't a huge range.

to be continued...

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DiegoUreta68 DiegoUreta68 30 August 2021

Style I use for character pages

Hi. I have never created a blog (well, only once, actually), so it could be interesting to tell about the style I use for the pages relating to characters. Of course, some information that's not from this style is kept if it's fundamental, unless a replacement can be found. This is not for bragging purposes, though.

The style I use is a modified version of Sonic News Network:Style/Characters from the Sonic News Network. You can also check out my work there.

  • 1 Sections
    • 1.1 Header
    • 1.2 Appearance
    • 1.3 History
    • 1.4 Game appearances
    • 1.5 Overview
    • 1.6 Personality
    • 1.7 Powers and abilities
      • 1.7.1 Equipment
      • 1.7.2 (Any transformation)
    • 1.8 Weaknesses
    • 1.9 Relationships
      • 1.9.1 (Any other character)
      • 1.9.2 Friends/allies / Allies
      • 1.9.3 Neutral
      • 1.9.4 Enemies
    • 1.11 Trivia
    • 1.12 See also
    • 1.1…

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Greatguycoolthingsyousee73 Greatguycoolthingsyousee73 29 August 2021

Just Why Duplicated Bad Piggies Page?

Ok so I found a Bad Piggies duplicate called Pig. Yes, just pig. The official page is Bad Piggies (characters). Admins, replace this with a redirect. It's created on 2012 as a redirect but in August 22, 2021, it became a page than a redirect. Also, it's created by User:DiegoUreta68. I tried to edit it but User:JaydonKing4K undo it. Admins, if you're reading this, turn it to a redirect page to Bad Piggies (characters) and make it protected.

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 29 August 2021

Article Audio Update

Hello! So recently, I have added almost all of the theme songs to the main games in the series! Here is a list of ones that I couldn't find and might need from someone who has a copy of the game:

  1. Angry Birds at Topgolf
  2. Angry Birds Bowling
  3. Angry Birds (China)
  4. Angry Birds Code
  5. Angry Birds Flash [Probably used original ab theme]
  6. Angry Birds for Facebook Messenger
  7. Angry Birds in The Hunt For The Golden Pistachio
  8. Angry Birds Go! Countdown
  9. Angry Birds in Ultrabook™ Adventure
  10. Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team
  11. Angry Birds McDonald's
  12. Angry Birds Opera [probably used original ab theme]
  13. Angry Birds Skills
  14. Angry Birds Tazos
  15. Angry Birds Telepizza
  16. Angry Birds Time Travel
  17. Angry Birds Vuela Tazos
  18. Angry Birds Winter Wonderland [probably used the 2011 ab seasons song]
  19. Angry Birds: Fli…
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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 19 August 2021

Custom User Template Update

Hello again! I am happy to say that I have completed ALL of the "Template:UserAngryBirds___" templates! Go add them to your profile if you would like.

Here are the ones I added:

  • Template:UserAngryBirdsFriends
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsStarWarsII
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsGO
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsTransformers
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsAction
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsBlast
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsAceFighter
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsFootball
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsEvolution
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsMatch
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsDreamBlast
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsARIsleOfPigs
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsPOPBlast
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsExplore
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsTennis
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsJourney
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsLegends
  • Template:UserAngryBirdsReloaded
  • Template:UserAngryBird…
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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 19 August 2021

Weekly - Monthly Home Page Update

Hello again! Today I have finished updating the "News + Updates" Section of the homepage. I'll tell you everything I changed in it so far:

  • Added "Ruby Games" Article
  • Removed "K Swiss Shoe Promotion" Article (since that was from 2019)
  • Removed "Angry Birds Adventure Golf" Article (since that was from 2019)
  • Updated all of the recent update info for the games on the Google Play + App Store (+ Added AB Reloaded, AB Journey and Bad Piggies)

That's it for now, but I may make small improvements later down the line. Until then, see 'ya soon! :)

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ChickenLover21 ChickenLover21 18 August 2021

Stepping Up

Hello wiki members! It has recently come to my attention that I am one of the most recent moderators and update users for the wiki! I will make sure this community is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone and will take appropriate action in certain situations where I am needed. Feel free to contact me in my Message Wall for any questions/reports on unrelated articles/images/videos and toxic/troll accounts. Cheers! - Chicken

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TheVeryInkyBendy TheVeryInkyBendy 2 August 2021


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Jackslinger Jackslinger 10 June 2021

I need help

Does someone have the rogue pig from angry birds epic sprite sheets? I need them so I can cut them to use for my things

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MarzGabe MarzGabe 6 February 2021

i do fard

this is a test for blogs dont delete this

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NikBot3 NikBot3 31 December 2020

Angry Birds Epic Developer Menu

A Developer Menu has been found in the code of ab epic the game has code relating to the developer console

at the moment im trying to activate it. But im having trouble. The game is coded in C Sharp

i have also found some sprites

heres a mock up i made:

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ABC0987654321 ABC0987654321 24 December 2020

Angry Birds 2: Is this a glitch

When I pause the level when I knock down the Foreman Pig, he looks smaller. Is this a glitch?

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NikBot3 NikBot3 2 August 2020

AB Epic Sprites (Current)

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Eek-ondchips Eek-ondchips 7 July 2020


Hello everyone, 

I have decided that I am going to become partially active now, since I have a lot of other things to do.

You will still see me on this wiki, but not as much as before.

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System32 Bad Piggies System32 Bad Piggies 1 March 2014

Videos and music

{{User:System32 Bad Piggies/Console Sig/TemplateHTML |border = custom |color custom = #ffff00 |image = |type = Notice:

|info =

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CheviYB CheviYB 18 June 2020


Hello, welcome to my blog! Here are some facts

I am female

I love nature

I own This wiki

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Tile Denial Tile Denial 9 June 2020

Angry Birds Stella Sprites

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MineOK1 MineOK1 8 June 2020

Angry Birds Epic Fanon Wiki

If you like Angry Birds Epic and would like to post fan made ideas for it, please check out this wiki!

Link to wiki:

At the time of writing this, I am the only person active there. My Pages are based around a fan game called Angry Birds Epic: The New Island.

We really need more people active there.

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BlueBORG16 BlueBORG16 19 November 2015

My OC- Blue Pig Cypork

Well, this is my main AB OC. 

Idk if you like him, but I sure do. :P

His story:

He was a normal minion, but when he was used as a test objekt for Professor Pig, he went extremly smart and Blue. Yes, blue. He decided not to fight with the birds or the pigs, he just goes his own way. He spends time sometimes with the flock or the pigs, but when it comes to fight, he escapes, because he's a very peaceful pig.

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This is SG This is SG 18 May 2020

Regarding the article about the Angry Birds Legends game

So, I noticed that the Angry Birds Legends was soft-launched, and it looked fairly similar to Angry Birds Heroes. Angry Birds Heroes is actually now Angry Birds Legends. The article for Angry Birds Heroes says that it has been cancelled, which is misleading. The source also doesn't really back up this statement. It is only an assumption, and it is likely that the trailer was made private because the game was going to be soft-launched later. So I suggest merging both articles to the name of the newer game.

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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 23 April 2020

Earth Day

Today and yesterday, it was Earth Day. I hope this year the conservation and the environment will be improved well and the animals were well protected. For users, followers, admins, and viewers who follow this wiki (Angry Birds Wiki), Happy Earth Day and please watch National Geographic about Earth Day.

Also this is my first blog for Angry Birds Wiki.

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Kolyash25 Kolyash25 18 March 2020

Angry Birds Andventure


I’m making a game, named “Angry Birds Andventure”.

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J8rdanBird J8rdanBird 15 March 2020

Copy With Credit

Hey Admins, is it allowed to copy the descriptions in the wiki page and paste it in our amino with credit?

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PersonThatDrinksJuice PersonThatDrinksJuice 9 March 2020


What dose soft launch mean?

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