• Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12

    The Mine and Dine episode is coming to a close. Yesterday it was updated! Check it out. The Golden egg has also been updated! The Egg is in 17-12. Again, like Theme 1-8, it's hidden in a treasure chest. Unlike the other eggs in Mine and Dine, you cannot get this egg with White Birds. Only Yellows. Yet again you will meet the King Pig, though you also met him in World 15 and 16.

    (Added by Poptropica411) A surprise update to Angry Birds has just landed for iOS devices, so I’m sure other devices will be coming online too. Thanks to all the users here who let us know about this. This update comes on the heels of a update which saw the Mighty Eagle finally land in Angry Birds Seasons. The v1.6.3 includes:

    15 new levels — some of which are very to…

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  • Poptropica411


    August 26, 2011 by Poptropica411

    Should we add achievemtns to the Wiki? That would certainly be some fun.

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  • Poptropica411

    Main Page Slideshow

    August 26, 2011 by Poptropica411

    I was thinking that the slide that has walkthroughs should be changed to something about the latest levels released. This Wiki barely has any walkthroughs, and is not even meant for walkthroughs.

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  • Hiimawesome

    Angry Birds

    August 24, 2011 by Hiimawesome

    I think that angry birds is the new Plants vs. Zombies

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  • Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12

    Angry Birds Seasons players shout for joy, because you can now purchase the Mighty Eagle! See here for more info!

    Stuck on a tricky level? Run out of levels to play? Bring on the Mighty Eagle! The Mighty eagle, available in AB and ABS, will hunt for its prey- the can of sardines- and ricochet away.

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  • Qazqaz555


    August 22, 2011 by Qazqaz555

    Are achievements important enough to have a separate page? If there will be, then I suggest we state the name of the achievement, and a description on how it can be achieved.

    If you think achievements are a necessary page, please say so in the comments.

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  • Shrev64

    Wiki Structure

    August 21, 2011 by Shrev64

    Hey guys, Shrev64 here. This blog post is mainly my input on the current wiki's structure and what we can do to improve it. This post is going to be long, so brace yourselves.

    I've noticed that there are many variations of Angry Birds not covered on this wiki, such as the Free and Lite versions. We've left that up to the Angry Birds page, which is only supposed to cover the original Angry Birds. I would suggest a series/disambiguation page, where all variations of Angry Birds are covered.

    There's one thing on Episode pages (particularly Angry Birds Seasons) that irritates me; there's no links to their levels! Links are very important for getting around the wiki, and the fewer we have, the less likely it is to be explored or pages to be found. We n…

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  • Shrev64

    Angry Birds Rumors

    August 4, 2011 by Shrev64

    NOTE: Rumors are not allowed on the wiki, which is why that now deleted page is here Shrev64(Talk • Contribs) 21:54, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

    Along the way, there have been many rumors about Angry Birds. Some have been proven false but most are true. These are a list of all of them. (NOTE: You can edit this page, but please leave a source)

    April 10th, 2011 – Sync

    Q. “Is Angry Birds Sync coming soon or even this year? I’m switching devices later this year and would love to have it.”

    A. “We are working hard on that, before summer is the plan” (source: RovioMobile Twitter)

    June 6th, 2011 – PSP and PS3

    Q. “Where is Angry Birds in the PlayStation store? it’s gone!”

    A. “Sorry, didn’t see the tweets. There’s an updated version coming to the PS Store and a ful…

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  • Shrev64

    Reporting Vandals

    August 3, 2011 by Shrev64

    Hey ABWikians. It's nice to see that a page has been set up to report vandalism. (Special thanks to Star kirby12). Anyways, I appreciate the reception we're getting. We've sure got some watchful eyes on this wiki! But I would like to say some items:

    • When you report vandalism, please, when possible, revert the edits made by the vandal. Just reporting the vandal does not solve the problem. If you do not know how to revert edits, please contact me or another admin.
    • I posted this on the Report Vandalism page, and I will repeat it because of its importance: I will make this clear: one or two bad edits does not make anyone a vandal.
    • Don't go around blaming people without knowing the facts. In other words, if you see a vandal, make sure you know exact…
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  • Shrev64

    Main Page Input

    August 1, 2011 by Shrev64

    Hey Guys, just wanted to ask you how the Main Page will possibly look like. Below is what I have compiled it to look like. If you cannot see it properly, this page might help. Please comment.
    Also, I'm still working on August's Featured Poll, so bear with me.

    The Wiki about the "killer app" Angry Birds that anyone can edit which currently has pages in total.

    Please do not post fan-fiction of any sort. It will result in a warning, and, if done multiple times, a block will result for a certain period of time. For any fan-made material of any sort, please post it here instead of this wiki.If there is no Admin to delete or block, the post will be Temporarily deleted.



    Theme 1-1, nicknamed Pig's House, is the first level of Angry Birds The …

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  • Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12

    A user with the IP adress has recently vandalized our pages. All the vandalism was reverted.

    This guy started out by adding the deletion tag to the page. He wrote that it "needs to be in ssb" in which ssb means Super Smash Bros, which means he is an SSB fan. However, SSB is from Nintendo, Angry Birds is from Rovio. AB has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with SSB.

    SSB Vandal starts all over again... Anyway, he vandalized the page by saying it was the Blue Bird final smash in SSB4. Which didn't even come out at all.

    Replacing entire content with the Template: Candidates for Deletion page.

    This makes me EXTREMELY mad. He has replaced the content with the deletion tag and a worthless infobox.

    He edited the picture and said that the pigs look f…

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  • Qazqaz555

    Fan-made content

    July 20, 2011 by Qazqaz555

    Anyone out there who wishes to post fan-made content, for the last time, THIS IS NOT FANDOM WIKI. My friends and I are sick of getting rid of your handiwork. There is a Fanon Wiki, so don't post it on this wiki. It's on the main page. So fans, STOP IT.

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  • Shrev64

    Hey guys, I think we should really formulate a Policies page for users to abide by. The main things off the top of my head that would be in it are:

    • Absolutely NO Fanon material
    • Images in infoboxes all need to be one size.
    • No Spamming in Blog Posts, otherwise it will result in a warning.

    Anything else?

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  • Qazqaz555

    Re: No videos please

    July 18, 2011 by Qazqaz555

    It's fine to have an HTML on the page, but I would like to say, it's better for the community without people fighting each other. I don't want anyone to fight anymore. Fighting is now the problem, not posting videos anymore. If this continues, this wiki would be in huge trouble. If you agree with me, please say so in the comments.

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  • Superjustinbros.

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Seriously having videos in the articles just ruins this Wiki's style.

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  • Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12

    Ok I know everyone's angry (lol this is angry birds wiki) about the fandom things and fakes. Since I can't delete the pages, I've deleted the content of all the deletion candidates. But here are a few things:

    Well these 2 redirect to other pages. There's no reason to screw it, there's nothing there anyway.

    These are real. There's no reason to temporarily delete them, besides there was nothing on them.

    I wonder how this was made without a page. Nevermind, i'm temporarily deleting it anyway.

    Okay, wasn't this supposed to be Old Wiki? Oh well, I doubt it's related to the series.

    Okay the Ordinary Pig subcategory has been temporarily deleted, as well as screwing the category tag from the pages that were there.

    Well, there isn't much I can do about that.…

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  • Camwoodstock


    July 11, 2011 by Camwoodstock

    OK, I would like to adress. THIS. IS. NOT. FOR. FANDOM! I'm not the only one who hates dealing with the badly made fan articles. Find or create an angry birds fandom wiki if you want to post your fandom so you can share it with the world if you want to so badly! But no, you think that can't be done, so you mindlessly post fandom here instead! I mean, there is no proof from rovio they're making above and beyond next, there will be a pink bird, they're making a angry birds movie, there will be an purple angry bird release in future stages of mine and dine, and I could go ON! Also, "Angry Birds Extinction" MUST. GO. NOW. it has nothing to do with angry birds and it is a stupid idea, as well as the fact ROVIO WOULDN'T DO THIS, ONLY A SICK MIND…

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  • Qazqaz555

    Obviously, there are people out there who don't know how to edit well. This should help if you read it a little

    Pages should be appropriatley named, and well-suited for its content. Renaming a page is only acceptable if the renamer intends to make the title better.

    Ex: Plush Angry Birds! --> Plush Angry Birds

    Title: Eggs | Page Content: Golden Eggs --> Title: Golden Eggs

    No unecessary content is needed, as well as unecessary punctuation and first-person content.

    Ex: The Mighty Eagle crushed the pigs' fort, ending their scheme. The pigs are dead. --> The Mighty Eagle crushed the pigs' fort, ending their scheme.

    The prices are so high, it's so unbelievable, and I've only bought one. --> The prices are rather high ... etc.

    Also, when putting new, un…

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  • Mvanterati

    Hey. Could someone please put a wiki page up about the locations of the golden fruits in Angry Birds Rio. I have got 90% of them but can't find the last few pineapples, watermellons etc...


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  • Bchwood

    In August of last year, Rovio announced that it wanted to expand Angry Birds into new platforms such as movies, animated TV shows and comics.

    Often these types of vague announcements are never heard from again. But Angry Birds seem to have a way of getting their way. According to Variety, the Finnish company recently hired producer David Maisel, the former Marvel Studios chairman, as an adviser on the proposed film.

    Maisel, who has also produced films like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, expressed his enthusiasm at joining the project, stating "There has been so much chatter about an Angry Birds movie, but it's now real. People are interacting with these characters six inches from them each time they play, and that c…

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  • Qazqaz555

    New editor

    June 30, 2011 by Qazqaz555

    I think this wiki should upgrade to the new wikia editor. In my opinion, it's much better.

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  • Shrev64

    To be honest, the main page of this wiki sucks. It's time for a new main page, and an organized one. I have some ideas

    We could have a...

    • Featured Poll (that is updated)
    • Featured Theme
    • Featured Bird
    • Featured Pig
    • Featured Image


    Of course, I won't be able to do this alone. Therefore, I think that if a member or two is assigned on of the "Featured" items, we can make this main page. Leave your username below, with what featured part you would like to take.

    Shrev64:Featured Poll Shrev64(Talk • Contribs) 04:40, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

    Current Line-up:

    • Featured Poll: Shrev64
    • Featured Theme: Star kirby12
    • Featured Bird:
    • Featured Pig:
    • Featured Image: QazQaz555
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  • Phineas Flynn29789


    June 11, 2011 by Phineas Flynn29789

    Hello, I won't be surprised this is the first blog on here. Anyways, I was looking at a promo video of Mine and Dine when I saw an unusual object hanging by a rope next to a pig with a jewel. It might and probably is something useless like those strawberries you see all the time, but the strawberrys (or bananas or peices of ham) are not usually tired up to a string/rope.

    It looks nothing like a "new bird", but it looks like a mask, a pair of trousers Now, this is not a golden egg, but I don't know why a golden nugget would be hanging there, unless it was something special.

    I don't think you would perch this on a slingshot and fly it into some pigs, but it could be something very useful.

    What do you think about this "U.H.O." or Uni…

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  • Shrev64

    Hey guys, this is Shrev64 here. I don't really know too much about Angry Birds, but I do own the PC version, and the Google Chrome version. Anyways, I created the Mega Jump Wiki, based on the equally popular App Store App, Mega Jump. I invite all to come and join! Thanks!

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  • Superjustinbros.

    Hello. As the Angry Bird Wiki's newest admin-ranked user, I would like to share some information regarding this Wiki and how it should be organized.

    • This Wiki should be ran the same way as Wikipedia, or any other professional-ranked Wiki. As a guy that has been contributing to Wikis for so long, I am very well aware of how a Wiki works, and how it should be monitored. No misspellings or punctuation errors, no fanmade content or photos on pages, and no "all caps" messages.
    • Everything should be clean and well-organized. Articles like Theme 1-1 and Red Bird illustrate how an article of any content should be written, using the same templates for the characters and levels.
    • Make sure all edits are official and correct, backed up with the appropriate …
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  • Nightmare707

    wath is your faitore bird or pig?

    here are mine

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  • Mr. Grille

    Beaus and Admins

    April 1, 2011 by Mr. Grille

    I am not asking to be an admin or beau here, but we really need some new ones. The only person with rights is the creator of the wiki, who is long gone. Nominate somebody in the comments.

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  • Babyjabba

    Can't stop playing Angry Birds? Has your life been taken over by Yellow Bird, Red Bird, and the rest of the grumpy poultry? Why not take them to lunch with you!

    Check out these awesome Angry Birds inspired meals including a Babybel Cheese Angry Bird, Angry Bird Cupcakes, and Angry Bird bento! Now I can finally throw my "All Angry Birds" themed party! You can find directions and other Angry Birds inspired food at!

    Source: Cute Food For Kids

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