• PrinceGoldenGale

    I was getting and getting way too desperate for Rovio to change their mindset about their updates. I am guessing they are not lending their ears to us.

    These are the problems that I have sent so far.

    Usually it will take 4-5 days for Rovio to shoot back a solution emails to me. Some are generic, meaning the basic remedies.

    Now, the support is terrible. The way it was before was above my expectations, and now the tables were turned. I can't believe it! The devs aren't making a single effort to fix the issue! (I will not mention the times and their names to protect their privacy)

    Guess what (the game)?

    1. They are thrashing levels again. Really? Rovio, more levels mean fun? Are you serious? Wrong. Why are you competing with your rivals against le…

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  • SuperMario43

    Well, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the people in this wiki have read my first blog that was about the same thing with this one (the one you're currently reading)  but based on the Angry Birds Movie. So, there you have it:

    Red isn't actually an orphan. His egg was lost before he hatches and the people from the nursery of Bird Island. Then they went to all the houses except for the houses of Mighty Eagle's and Red's Parents's. They where both living in Mighty Eagle Mountain. But as his parents weren't found, he was considered an orphan. Later, he was the first one to realize that the pigs wanted to do something weird, and while he saved 366 eggs with Chuck and Bomb, his budies, he saved the 677th egg, the Blues, on his own. I …

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Super Deal!

    November 27, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    I have activated a 12-hour infinite life bundle!

    So let's get popping and see how well I can go!

    Remember to grab the deal if you haven't done so as it will give you a boost to catch-up on the levels especially if you are falling way behind!

    Update 1: My infinite life: 7 hours left!

    Update 2: Report!

    I have activated the deal, so it will be a full blast for 12 hours not really because it will be a headache.

    After the use of massive boosters and bugging some advertisement videos, I felt teased though. Struggled on a hard level.

    Rovio, why do you have to make a level super hard? Did you quality check your levels? I think you have tested the levels, but you are making it hard already. And even harder. (Spike in difficulty) Oh gosh, how hard do you wa…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Pumpkin Patch Update

    November 20, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    After rounds of King Pig's Landing, Gale's removal and revisit for the last time before her depature, and Matilda, Bomb are permanently playable obtaining their powerup to be the same Willow and Poppy respectively. My question is,

    Where is Willow, Poppy, Dahlia, and Gale?

    Luca is a confirmed Stella character to make its annual return. Terence will be returning as a non-playable bird but he will be assigning tasks. The Blues will make a return too.

    How about the rest of the characters?

    My opinion

    Poppy - will return as an annual limited time bird

    Willow - will return as an annual limited time bird or permanently removed

    Gale - permanently removed or annual limited time bird

    Dahlia - Rovio have been slient about her since it was been a year now, mos…

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  • Piggyfan101

    off-topic sniz

    November 18, 2016 by Piggyfan101

    i really have no idea how the splatoon fandom became so horrible so i left it. KEKCROC. 

    head banging speicalist


    i have a fanfic in mind but i dont know where to put it

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  • Tyrex56

    Hi, everybody.

    November 2, 2016 by Tyrex56

    Hi, everyone. Some of you may remember me, but I've been inactive for almost 3 years now. I'm sorry for that. Anyways, this little blog post is just to state that (in case it wasn't obvious already) I'm officially leaving wikis. It's been a good run, and I appreciate every one of you who welcomed me with open arms when I started wikis all that time ago. Thank you so very much everyone. I hope your lives treat you well, and once again, thank you all so much. Anyways, you all take care of yourselves, and goodbye.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Understanding why

    October 21, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Stella series is down. It is hard to believe that some of us won't forget it. Now, it is time to let go of it. Their treehouses will disappear into nowhere, leaving fans questioned, and Willow, Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Gale will have a very slim chance to come back into Angry Birds POP!...


    Good news, one of the Stella characters is making a come back now, that is in Holiday. Hint: Everyone's favourite crush and royalties.

    I mean, I am talking about and

    Unconfirmed are and .

    Credit transparencies to the respective editors.

    Unconfirmed characters are 50% chances to appear in AB Holiday, other then that, Rovio will unlikely make those characters in other AB games.

    Becuase those characters appear in the movie and movie event before Stella se…

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  • YafiAldiPranotoHalim YAPPWikiaIndonesia GregUnvrs1

    If you mostly clever, try this challenge to guess what the Angry Birds' and Bad Piggies' characters. 1 character per 1 clues.

    1. This character is generally positive, and soaks up every second of an episode

    2. This character loves to act wild and has a dark backstory

    3. This character is someone you hate at first but then begin to like as the series goes on., and has tons of character development.

    4. This character almost never talks at first but then we learn so much more about her.

    5. This character created many memes.

    6. This character is in between, and has many mood changes. Some of the fandom likes her, others don't because they think she is bratty, spoiled, and overrated.

    7. This character is voiced by the man who does every animal voice i…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi guys and girls!

    The Angry Birds Ace Fighter is coming into an end. The game is overshadowing with some bugs however, and it was not meant to be fixed and left behind, we were given about 2 months to play the game before it set sail into the direction of the sunset, silhouetting at the sunset. We had fun times at Ace Fighter, and the frustating moments in it. Good memories don't last forever, so now we have to say goodbye to the Ace Fighter.

    The pages will never be fully complete before it takes time to complete the information. Since some of the info is left non-existent in the game, such as the final production of the game in which will be never be released.

    There will be another game by Rovio to look out for. AB Football, AB Holiday, AB …

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  • The Boomerang


    October 3, 2016 by The Boomerang

    Hello Angry Birds Wikians, this is The Boomerang, the sort of most annoying person on the wiki ever. (previously known as "The brown bird" for some reason, I really forgot)

    After around a year of being the main Bureaucrat, I decided to leave at around February. To be honest, I really did lose interest in Angry Birds.

    But I did miss the extra work after a couple months and decided to come back to see how things were doing.

    And I'm really happy with all the results that I'm seeing so far and I've decided to give it another go.

    And I'm not as annoying and petty as I used to be, so don't think I'm a horrible person anymore.

    So I'm sort of... here... now. I really don't know how to end this not awkward and all, so I'll just leave it at that. .-.


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi guys and girls!

    Sadly to say, I am leaving this wiki for good. Nope, not leaving, but I will put it on hold, I felt that some of the pages are incomplete, and somewhat to me and you guys missed, I will be capturing some stuffs of the game and will be complied together in the page. I will do my best as much as I can. I have lack of time, since after lesson, I have 3 or 4 hours left on Monday to Thursday to focus on my schoolwork. That is very short. Sometimes it will take even longer than 2 hours, because of some understanding needed. On Friday, yes I have half of the day, but I will for the most to most upload to youtube my AB POP! Walkthrough videos. Weekends, I will be too focused on my schoolwork.

    I am very sorry, guys, I have to go bu…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi there AB Fan Flock members,

    It has been the week of before September ends. I would announce unfortunately, I will be not contributing as much because I will be focusing on my schoolwork. In the month of October onwards, the term gets very intense and I may need to lay back for this wiki.

    For any urgent matters only, please leave a message on my wall.

    Signed by


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hello there the AB fan flock members,

    There are some theories that I have made it up for the Stella characters.

    In the past, we knew in v1.8,0, the Stella name was removed to rename the game as Angry Birds POP! due to the fact the former game Angry Birds Stella was discontinued.

    v2.3.0 indicates the replacement of Drop the Pigs levels from Stella to Red and Piggy in the Middle with Dahlia to Chuck and end off with her time-limited event before she was removed.

    In Thanksgiving, Bomb pays a visit for 2 weeks and was removed.

    Luca for his treehouse update with 20 days.

    In Valentines Day Picnic, goes the same with Matilda for 2 weeks.

    Then the Hatchlings for the movie event.

    The Blues appear as summer treats for a limited time of 2 weeks in Lost at th…

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  • Zambiealex

    Piggy Tales Wiki

    September 2, 2016 by Zambiealex

    Hello, My name is Zambiealex and I am a user on Wikia. Recently I created the Piggy Tales Wiki. I am here to tell you why you should join it. 

    Piggy Tales is a hilarious show and who does not like it! It is a neverending show with wacky characters, even the apperence of Chef Pig in Batter Up!

    If you help this wiki, it could grow big and strong! Who knows.

    So that is all I got to tell you but you can help if you want...

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I can't sleep this morning, I had glared my eyes on the phone's screen. The purple royal bird is on the hunt of the golden egg in the past. The color would be amethyst on sight, with the lighter shade of purple on the belly. The eye eyelashes are long, queen and majestic that commands the pigs and the ruler of the piggy island. No more.

    King Pig was on the departure from the Piggy Island to Golden Island. On sight by the minions, they finally gave the King Pig a huge welcome. In the episode, You Asked for It, Stella and her friends watched the golden egg flinging into the sea. Gale loses her obsessing power on the golden egg, as well as the minions in the change of Angry Birds POP! from v2.22 to v2.23.

    The crown on Gale remained and she will…

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  • Gobbol943


    September 1, 2016 by Gobbol943

    Knave277 Here With Confusing News.

    I Just Played AB POP! Today And After I Updated It I Noticed One Thing.


    I Liked Gale Better As An Antagonist On Stella's 'Defeat Gale' Levels!

    Now It's 'Defeat King Pig' With Red!

    What Do You Think, Is Gale Better As An Antagonist Or Limited Playable Bird?

    Leave Answers In Comments Below.

    Knave277 Out!

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  • Gobbol943

    Knave277 Here!

    I'll Make It Official: I'm Joining This Wiki In 2017, And Leaving Mixels Wiki The Year After.

    I'll Be A Wiki Contributer On This Very Site!

    After I Join, I'll Make Angry Birds Fan Stories!

    See You Next Year! (June To Be Exact!)

    Knave277 Out!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    August 17

    August 17, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Right now, am I doing now is the transparencies and the updates for the Angry Birds 2.

    The AB2 page was only Characters, Chapters and Trivia so far at the time before I came in for more information about the game. The list was not updated, the Arena information was missing from the start, daily quest, chests, or maybe I shall say, gems, because gems are the integral core of the AB2, which is currency for the game. Do not expect me to finish it up sooner, because there are less people here.

    I may not have the time for the AB Ace Fighter pictures... Makes me sad now, I need to fill in more information about the AB2 page.

    Oh no! Am I late, that lil bird Luca is going away soon! Please, no Luca, don't level me just yet! I have not done the walkt…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    August 15 2016

    August 15, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Now, there is a clear rule of the Article Comments. Many people left the wiki and strength was reduced drastically, the intense heat of schoolwork for most of you out there.

    We will heighten the policies for Article Comments since there are some users comment on the article about the game and not the page. This is called Spam. Meaning not related. Period.

    Do not in (example only) Stella page, comment about the Stella bird being weak, cute, giving less points in the game or whatever. If you comment on the Stella  page size should be medium and not small, it is fine.

    You will now be warned for the next offence. And, for the second time, or third time, you will be suspended (blocked) by the admins. No kidding.

    Does not mean many people left the wiki …

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  • Gobbol943

    Surprise Arrival!

    August 12, 2016 by Gobbol943

    Hey Angry Birds Wiki!

    My Name's Knave277, I'm From The Mixels Wiki!

    I've Decided To Accept It.

    I'll Juggle Having Two Active Wikis!

    So See You Soon!

    Knave277 Out!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    For those people who are new here in this wiki and asking to be an admin:

    1. Read the policies. Do you know that we have policies for this wiki? Schools have their own set of rules, right? No talking when the teacher is teaching. Same goes to here.
    2. How long have you stayed on this wiki? A few days? If you have not stayed and contribute long enugh, put in more effort on your contributions.

    Relate a scenario: You wanted to be a headmaster of the high school when you have just came with not enough experience. You'll need training courses to licensed to be.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    27 July

    July 27, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Listen up!

    After a month of waiting, the Angry Birds Ace Fighter was released in a second phase testing (OBT)! However, the game was only released in Asia unfortunately, it was focus mainly in Southeast Asia. Participating countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

    The game server will be starting

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  • Oakdaswagga
    (Sorry about bad grammar and other stuff)

    Alright,I'm really want to review this game for a long time.

    So the Angry Birds Blast! made me feel like i'm playing Candy Crush. But instead of swap candies. You have to pop the ballons to save the birds. there are other objectives as well. such as Pop the Pigs,Lift up balloons,Pop the balloon pigs etc.

    The difficulty of this game is similar to Angry Birds POP!. Some levels are hard and some levels are easy. The game is only available in certain countries as a soft launch. I hope that they release it in worldwide soon. 

    Alright that's it for today. Daswagga out.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    21 July

    July 21, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Sorry for the long haitus, I have been busy with my assignments and projects. It was a tough to keep it up and the same time contributing to this wiki.

    If I am not doing, at least I am focusing on the AB POP! Walkthrough videos. I may not have the time to edit the pages, but at the end of the day, I am the only one who does the AB POP! Walkthrough. Sad. It was slowed down. Delayed.

    I maybe not active after tomorrow, because the presentation is tomorrow morning for me.

    Alright signing off,

    Signature: GoldenGale Your luxurious majesty! Any magic questions?

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  • PrinceGoldenGale


    July 15, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    We have passed half of the year 2016!

    I had one assignment needed to be done was the presentation. I need to reformat the slides and in chronological order. I am still tight in the schedule, needs to rehearse my lines. It is about the automotive related subject that my classmates and I have to focus on.

    As a part of the Article Improver, I needs to improve stub articles as a part of the assignment. (Did I mentioned it already? I have forgotten it) Some articles, I will not dare to look at it again. Some are lonely in there! In order to fill up some infos, I have to play that game.

    I am not very sure for the Ace Fighter game release, it is already mid-July. Should be either tomorrow or till 18 July.

    I am also not very sure it was either Koramga…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale


    July 13, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    The Open Beta Testing will commence within this week! It will be very, very soon!

    New 2P co-op battle!

    Soft launched in Philippines!

    Buliding game!

    Notable characters, Red, Terence, Matilda, Gale?

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    The idea was scrapped.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    11 July

    July 11, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Now it was the end of the summer vacation, Tight schedule, trying to keep up with this at the same time with schoolwork.

    However, I will not leave this place. I am in charge of the Angry Birds POP!, yes I liked my assignment even though I may sometimes hate the game, struggles more to achieve the 3-stars score and some errors that is really messing me up.

    I lost.

    I had just realised that achieving 3 stars score is easier with now available Mighty Eye Sight and the Crusher. It may now be able to clear obstacles, yes any obstacles, no worries.

    What annoys me most was the missed streak. And if there is no where it goes I will have to shoot anywhere.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I was done memorising my coordinates for my treehouse. It was cozy to sleep on it, and I was not allowed to mess the stuffs here. What are the mirrors used for? To check myself out. The space of my bed? Well, not too shabby. This place was like a leap of a luxury!

    "Help!" I heard some voice out there. It went out to check what was going on. Someone's was sobbing. Stella and her friends was gathering around and confront someone what has happened. Stella said that Willow's hat was missing. She blamed Poppy for playing a prank on her. Poppy just kept quiet about it.


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    We had passed the 3,000 pages mark. Impressive!

    That was a great achievement in the long run.

    I hope everyone will work together as a team!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    People, we have already discussed on enabling article comments. That does not mean you will have the privilege to post any kinds of stuffs on it, alright.

    For those who do not know it,

    Article comments on pages: You can discuss changes or verify something to note the editors. Just like talk pages.


    Willow is a Western Victoria Crown Pigeon, not a Eastern Victoria Crown Pidgeon.

    The 3 star score should be 46,000, not 45,000.

    The strategy was wrong, it was supposed to fling the first bird into the TNT and use the second bird to...

    Not writing in any stuff as you wish. Repeat. Do not write in any page's comments to complain on something or telling a story.

    Please, better be removing it by yourself or you will be removed by the admins.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    FANON STORY Please do not treat it as a canon. It was neither info given by Rovio or its affiliates.

    This is a fanon recount takes place by me. I had stayed over at Stella's treehouse.

    • Myself
    • Stella
    • Poppy
    • Willow
    • Luca
    • Dahlia
    • Gale
    • Minon Pigs

    The scene slowly starts rolling in. The sky was blanketed with clouds, raining cats and dogs, blowing ominous wind. The sea was filled with loads of thrash. A box of crate, plastic bags, some natural tree branches. It was sometime in the early morning.

    "Someone please help me! I can't breathe! Someone? Anyone? I seriously need a need of help!" No one seems to answer. I was struggling to breathe and every last of it. However, the wave started to roll by and crashed onto me. My eyes started to close and my beak was op…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I will be introducing a new part of my profile page, will be named as my Fanon Stories. It will be written by me, and will be G rated stories. I am writing this because I have the feeling of writing one.

    What do you think?

    Note: Blog post only!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    July 3

    July 3, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    July 3!

    Some members have came back, that's good! However, it was not that long :(

    We encourage them to come back into it. Otherwise, it will be a taunting task to chase after and each article for updates.

    Sometimes I hate to be done halfway and leaving it alone.

    My mind was tired and I can't think anymore.. I am always tired for the night time. My eyes are twitching.

    Will meet again. 

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Version 2.0 was released on the App stores.

    My first thoughts

    Yes, the data will be ceased because you cannot use the old version save data below v2.0. All your data will be wiped out. If you have played Asphalt series from Gameloft, or played the older versions, you will have the already familiar controls.

    What was changed from a large jump from 1.xx to 2.0,

    - New Campaign modes! A redesigned campaign map allowing simpler jump into a race.
    - Boxes Similar to the Asphalt 8 boxes, this provides kart parts and coins.
    - New way to upgrade your karts! With the parts and coins, get some tinkering work done!

    However, there are no karts from the old version. The Xmas karts, Thanksgiving kart, Chinese New Year karts are gone! I found out that the game have soun…

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  • Bp101697

    Adding Wiki Feature

    July 1, 2016 by Bp101697

    Last month we have discussed to enable Article Comments and Message Wall, we have a conclusion we enable. That discussion is from everyone's vote; don't panic, all the talk pages are not disappeared; you can still go back to your talk page by searching User talk: !

    To B-crats: Do not abuse power by demoting and blocking me. This is serious and if wikia finds out, it can cause a result horrible.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale


    Some users may say, "I would not understand your spellings in a page article or I don't like your spelling."

    We should be given a respect to each other.

    We will standardize all the spellings yes, I mean it in this wiki.

    We will use either American English or British English (only one) in articles. That's it. However, you may use your spellings in your own blog, profile or talk. Let's be fair.

    I think we should enforce this. What do you think?

    Alright signing off,


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Alright, I am creating another blog article about the upcoming Angry Birds Ace Fighter.

    For those of you who have not played the game, do not read this blog and wait for the open beta testing (OBT) phase. For those of you who have missed out the Chinese Beta Testing phase (CBT), don't worry. Do not download this game! Otherise, you will be sitting in the menu doing nothing! Just listening to the music! Forget it!

    Just sit back at wait for the OBT!

    Quote from the official Facebook page:

    'Dear players, Since the CBT of started on May 31st, we have a wonderful time together! We are so appreciated that many players have kindly submitted various bugs they found to us, as well as great suggestions to the game. We will optimize and improve the new ve…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    24 June

    June 23, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Alright! Finally have been waiting for the secrets to be revealed,

    It was there for too long.

    The Blues! Triple Threat!

    They come in triplets, not just one alone, birds of feather fight together! They are here to stay in the Golden Island for a limited time of 2 weeks, so be sure to grab this chance especially if you guys did not catch the blue brothers on the earlier days of Angry Birds POP!

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  • RazvyDaGuy

    Hey guys! i suggest a "vision" but with the angry brids characters

    so,if want to join Birdvision,pick any angry birds character,including pigs

    then choose a rovio game of angry birds

    after the final recap is done,you should vote your favorite angry birds game


    It's (Bird) calling!

    1p = 10th favorite game

    2p = 9th favorite game

    3p = 8th favorite game

    4p = 7th favorite game

    5p = 6th favorite game

    6p = 5th favorite game

    7p = 4th favorite game

    8p = 3rd favorite game

    10p = 2nd favorite game

    12p = 1st favorite game

    After voting,the results will be after some days

    and then, if you win,CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    And you must build a stadium for the next Birdvision Game Contest

    with your bird being the host

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  • Bp101697

    Since the embled-style of daily challenge has been discontinued, we will restore the original style challenge back. See these pages.

    Daily Challenge Suggestion/Sandbox This is the page for suggestion.

    Challenge/Sandbox This is the challenge template.

    Note that all of them are only sandbox because we don't activate now. We need your feedback about bringing challenge back.

    Anyone can vote this, so please respect others' vote. Votes without reasons will not count.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    16 June

    June 16, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    It's Thursday! I was fully rested, and I am back to AB POP! Walkthrough page.

    I was:

    Completing level 12,

    Expanding AB Movie characters,

    Expanding Fight! skill and equipments.

    Of course, some clean-ups.

    1. Level 12 has opened its gates as I had fully constructed the page walkthrough. Anyone may read it!

    2. The AB Fight items list is not complete. I have done the transparencies of the AB Fight skills. Unfortunely, some new items are not present. I will upload tomorrow.

    3. The AB Movie characters base is almost complete. Anyone may expand it if known.

    4. Infobox. It was frustating to make it work. Of course, I have to understand it. I just managed to make it work minutes after Bp left. Supposed to display a glass image. Now it's just a relief. It's f…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    15 June 2016

    June 15, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Today I had faced a slight techical problem. Did I?

    1. Looks like the infobox no longer understands its functionality of recognising colored backgrounds. I am disappointed with that. Someone removed it. However, it can only be set by one specific color. I hope for a return in the future.

    2. However, I had done a good job on filling the AB Movie characters and for the past walkthroughs. I was the one who step on it. Without Bp101967 (Templates), and myself, the wiki will not stay float as before, especially the AB POP! Walkthrough pages. Before my take over position of the ABPOP! Walkthrough page, it was just dark and empty, no user roster duty.

    3. It was just the beginning of the promotion on the Article Improver. I need to work my way through…

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  • Camilo.delgado.796

    |levels = 30 |episode = 27 |image = TrickorTreatII.png|250px |epname = Trick or Treat II |previous = Summer Camp}} Trick or Treat II is the twenty-seven episode sequel to the original Trick or Treat in Angry Birds Seasons. It is four official episode of the Season 2016 package.

    • 4-1 • 4-2 • 4-3 • 4-4 • 4-5 •

    • 4-6 • 4-7 • 4-8 • 4-9 • 4-10 •

    • 4-11 • 4-12 • 4-13 • 4-14 • 4-15 •

    • 5-1 • 5-2 • 5-3 • 5-4 • 5-5 •

    • 5-6 • 5-7 • 5-8 • 5-9 • 5-10 •

    • 5-11 • 5-12 • 5-13 • 5-14 • 5-15 •

    • This is the fifth episode based on Halloween, the first one being Trick or Treat, the second one being Ham'o'ween, the third one being Haunted Hogs and the fourth one being Invasion of the Egg Snatchers.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    14 June

    June 14, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale


    More people are needed.

    The staff is lacking of active users and we need more to step it in and be ready for more. We need more people. If there are more, the better, because we do not need to work even harder to keep this wiki afloat.

    My diary

    Ok, do you want to know my diary for today? Usually, I write my diaries on my phone.

    That was the first part.

    Ok, sit closer, but not too close in a group.

    Let's begin.

    Yesterday night, Miserable to see that my phone kept crashing. I have lost all my data (thankfully there's a backup, some are lost in the process) because the system corrupted. Ouch. To be honest, my mind went blank, I had to reset the phone, I thought the phone will clear its problems, suddenly a pesky situation got even worse.


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    13 June 2016

    June 13, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Holy molly! I did quite an impressive run on the show. I have being updating the Angry Birds POP! page since I have edited the first time (sorry, I did not remember the last time I edited the first page, I had removed the automated message, lost some track)

    Originally wanted to help and get the wiki pages in a top condition. Unfortunately there are ups and downs I have went through. From the start, I did not know much about it, I was just doing basic editing. I went on to do harder stuff, willing to take risks. There are some rules broken, however, I am seriously admitted and always committed to find out what went wrong. We are humans you know, we made mistakes and learn the correct way.

    I did not initially wanted to be a staff member, and e…

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  • Bp101697

    My Activation

    June 7, 2016 by Bp101697

    I decided I am back to Angry Birds Wiki as an admin after leaving since November, 2014 since there are only one admin, AquaAngryBirdsFan and wiki is almost die. I come here to revive the wiki again.

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  • AquaChoco1997

    I was convert .tga files to .png files of these sprites.

    They're not really complete, this is the old sprites from older version before the PvP Arena update (v1.2.1) and fowards. I just found the .zip file of it yesterday, so I couldn't figure out how to rip the sprites of Epic's later versions (such as arena items, new classes for the birds, and more).

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  • Angrybirds925

    my family

    May 29, 2016 by Angrybirds925

    in here you will learn more about my angry bird self NO

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  • Angrybirds925

    in the angry birds movie they missed some characters, so I made them myself!

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