Blossom River
Episode number 11
Levels 26
New features River-related objects.

Nigel as a boss.

Released April 25, 2014
Game(s) Abr icon
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High Dive Timber Tumble

Blossom River is the 11th sequential episode and the third episode in the Rio 2 chapter of Angry Birds RioIt features floating boats, and still retains the water physics as of its previous episode, High Dive, and other episodes such as PiglantisArctic Eggspedition, and Pig Dipper. Blossom River currently has 20 levels, 26 if the bonus levels are included on the count. The episode is now set within the amazon river, and the return of Nigel, and the Marmosets.

Rhe update also features new floats and also Golden Anchors , which are the golden treasure item of this episode.


In the boss level, there are two large Marmosets in movement that give the same score as Mauro (10,000), however, the two Marmosets are not Mauro.

Nigel appears in the last level (20), on a ship, which he can only be defeated by being trown at the switch, explolding the entire ship in process.

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