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Tyler Blu Gunderson, or simply, Blu is a Blue Spix Macaw who first appeared in the Angry Birds series in Angry Birds Rio as the protagonist. He was raised in the United States by Linda. He would move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Tulio. In the game, he first appears chained with Jewel but he can be played by himself once Jewel got captured.


Angry Birds Rio

Blu has a tall body that gets fat in the end. He has dark blue feathers on his body with light blue feathers on his belly. He has a curved beak that is dark gray with black claws. He has two big feathers that go to his back and he has a long blue tail.

Angry Birds Rio 2

In Angry Birds Rio 2, Blu has red face paint with two red lines on his beak. His entire body, including belly, now has an even darker blue color and he has more of a Toons design.



Blu Rio

Blu and Jewel in the Environmental Conservation Center.

Blu was born in a Brazilian Rainforest originally, along with most of the birds. One day, when he was a chick, he tried to fly, but fell to the ground and was captured by some smugglers and sent to Minnesota, United States, where he started living with a woman named Linda and got influenced by American culture since then, not knowing how to fly and still trying to do so.

Túlio, an ornithologist, found him and asked Linda to get him to Brazil so he could reproduce with Jewel and make more specimens of Spix Macaws, When Blu was going to the Environmental Conservation Center, he found Nico and Pedro, Pedro is a singing Cardinal while Nico is a bottle cap tambourine player.

When he reached the center, Jewel didn't want to do it, and both were captured by Nigel, a former rock star cockatoo, and sent to the Smugglers' Den.

In the den, Nigel told them that he was a former rock star, being replaced parakeet. In the game, the smugglers captured Red, Chuck and Jay and took them to the den, as they had a very good price, they got angry and invented a way to escape, freeing Blu, Jewel and a bunch of exotic birds.

Blu escaped with the birds, still chained with Jewel, fighting the Marmosets and Nigel and then finding Rafael, a toco toucan that said that Luiz, a mechanic's bulldog, could break that chain. They passed by the beach and reached the workshop, where they found the dog and he freed the two, Jewel flied to the sky but Nigel caught her.

Blu, knowing this, tried to find the allegoric car that contained the cages, but Mauro, the leader of all the marmosets, fought him and the birds, and the marmoset was of course defeated. With the help of the birds, he found and entered the car, not knowing that Nigel got his back and that the vehicle was going to the Airport.

The birds infiltrated the Smugglers' Plane that was flying to other countries with the help of the Allegoric Car, fighting Nigel and freeing Blu and all the other birds. After the heroic act, Blu finally learned to fly and kissed Jewel, his future wife. Túlio and Linda gave home to them in the Blue Bird Sanctuary, where they found more of Spix Macaws.

Rio 2

Blu invited the birds to go to Rio de Janeiro to commemorate réveillon with their friends, so the birds went to Rio and commemorated with him, not aware of what was to come. Eventually, the birds found Blu in the Amazon, where he found more Blue Spix Macaws and is a now a tribe member, trying to fight Nigel and the loggers from cutting the trees.

After they defeated Nigel, the Big Boss, and the loggers, Blu thanked the birds and they went back to Piggy Island. In the movie, he has three baby chicks called Carla (the oldest of the three), Bia (the middle-aged of the three), and Tiago (the youngest of the three) plus played football against the Red Macaws.


Blu is a clumsy bird, due to him being raised in rich conditions, he turned into a more pet-like macaw rather than a surviving one. He is also happy and optimist, not being aware of danger, but when he went to the amazon, he fought the loggers like a real macaw, being more of an angry bird.

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Rio



Blu is first seen in the first comic cutscene, worried with Jewel as the Angry Birds were also captured and reached the den. However, he only makes a physical appearance in level 1-30 of Smugglers' Den, as a caged bird target with Jewel. After freeing him, he will give 5000 points. He first appears playable chained with Jewel in level 2-30 of Jungle Escape, where he can be used to defeat Nigel but it's recommended is to launch them at the vines.

In order to use Blu chained with Jewel, the player must launch Jewel and wait until she gains flight, she will drag Blu with her when she speeds up and he can be used as an extra bird when Jewel can't do most of the job. Starting with level 4–1, after Jewel is captured, Blu can be played as himself, he is very strong.

In order to use only him, the player must hit a structure and he will then start dancing, or just start shaking him when the player wants.

He appears in most of the cutscenes.

Rio 2

Screenshot 2020-02-25-23-35-08-1

Blu first appears in level R4-1 of Timber Tumble, as himself once again and also introduced as the Power-Up. This time, when launching him, he will do the same as before but after he hits a structure, he waits a bit and shouts a loud scream, calling his flock, which are a bunch of Macaws and other birds, that will swarm through the structure and deal a lot of damage, along with Blu himself, Jewel is also included in the flock. The player can also this by tapping the screen by own choice.

As a Power-Up, he is Call The Flock that is basically how he acts in Timber Tumble but can be used at any level. The player first gets 5 of the Power-Ups but he can bought with coins:

  • 10 Power-Ups: 1000 Coins;
  • 20 Power-Ups: 1800 Coins;
  • 50 Power-Ups: 4300 Coins;
  • 120 Power-Ups: 10000 Coins.

He can be used for free in the Playground.

Call the Flock
Call the Flock

Call the Flock puts the current bird in the slingshot back in line and substitutes in a Blu of a bluer hue with a readier battle stance. Upon collision, he flaps in place and shouts a loud scream, calling a flock of Amazonian Macaws and other birds that converge as they swoop down from the left towards Blu. It seems each bird in the swarm does damage only to the first thing they hit on the descent. Blu then hits whatever is in front and flies up and away. The rest of the flock, including those that did no damage, follow his lead. Alternatively, the player can have Blu activate the call while airborne by tapping or clicking. Then, when the flock gets close to Blu, he flies forward at roughly the same angle, collides, and flies away with the flock as before.

Flock-calling Blu can be boosted with Power Potion, though the boost only applies to Blu.

In the first two levels in the Timber Tumble episode, this flock-summoning Blu is part of the level's line-up, and in the third level, an unavoidable one-time prompt makes the player use Call the Flock for free.

Angry Birds Friends

While not appearing in the gameplay, he made a cameo appearance on the level select screen of the Rio Tournament in the game during 2015.

Angry Birds 2

While not appearing in the gameplay, he made a cameo appearance as a profile picture in Angry Birds 2 which can be unlocked once you go to Mount Evernest in the game. The profile picture with the other three Rio profile pictures which you also unlock at Mount Evernest surprisingly haven't been removed yet despite the servers for Angry Birds Rio shutting down due to the license expiring.[1]





  • Blu appears in Airfield Chase and Smugglers' Plane, even though he was captured by Nigel.
  • In earlier versions of Angry Birds Rio (and the 3DS version of Angry Birds Trilogy), Blu would rotate like birds in Angry Birds 2.
    • In later versions of the game, he will keep the direction he had on the slingshot.
    • In Angry Birds Trilogy, he will act like a normal bird, as he will not rotate at all.
  • Blu has things in common with Red's movie version, such as:
    • They're both orphans as their parents are unknown.
    • They both have female love interests with opposite skills and personalities.
    • They both lack social skills. (Blu is socially awkward and Red hides his depression.)


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