Angry Birds Evolution Bobo The Bulky

Bobo the Bulky is a huge pig found in Angry Birds Evolution. He is the first Boss encountered in the game. He can throw rocks at the birds and has the same strength as the other huge pigs, and is one of the easiest bosses in the game.

In the story, he was blocking Mighty Eagle's cave with his huge size, but Mighty Eagle was unable to defeat him because there was a cake in the oven. Then, the birds defeat him and go to Mighty Eagle's cave.

Much later in the game, Bobo the Bulky appears as a normal enemy.


It's a huge pig made in the syle of The Angry Birds Movie. Bobo The Bulky is like most of the huge pigs in Angry Birds Evolution but has darker skin, black hair, various spots on his body, and wears torn purple shorts.


Bobo The Bulky is first found in level 3. He then appears as a normal enemy. His skills are the following:


He throws a rock at the birds. If there are pigs in the level he is found, he will pick them up and throw them with a rock. The more pigs, the more damage.


  • He is based on The Incredible Hulk.
  • He is one of few Pigs in the Angry Birds franchise to have an actual name.
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