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Not to be confused with the Lifeguard Pig.

Bodyguard Pigs are special type of Minion Pigs that protect who they were working for, whether it comes to celebrities or rulers of Piggy Island.


Bodyguard Pigs normal medium-sized Minion Pigs wearing dark black sunglasses and an earpiece on his left ear. This is accountable for their appearances in Classic related media like Toons and Seasons.

In Angry Birds Evolution, the Bodyguards, called S.I Agents, are similar to their appearances in Angry Birds Toons one, but he wears a black suit with a red shirt and black tie with sunglasses and a white earpiece. In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, the Bodyguard pigs now wear black suits alongside the sunglasses.

Game appearances[]

Angry Birds Seasons[]

Bodyguard Pigs appeared in Piggywood Studios 1-16 parodying The Matrix, they have the same strength as normal pigs. A pig appears with hand glove hands with two blue and red pills, the same way Morpheus hands them in the movie.

Angry Birds Evolution[]

Main article: S.I. Agent

The S.I. Agent is a Large Pig that appears in the last level of Chapter 3 as a boss, where he captured Major Pecker. He is very strong and as an ability, he screams ''Charge'' and jumps at the birds.

Media appearances[]

Angry Birds Toons[]

Two bodyguards were guarding the stage where Chuck was performing, preventing other Minion Pigs from getting too close to Chuck. However, when Red entered, he knocked both of them out, while two other bodyguards try to restrain him. (Chuck Mania)

The Great Eggscape[]


A bodyguard appeared when King Pig ordered everyone to protect the egg they captured and the castle from Red and demanded one to go see through the door, which Red appeared by taking the door down and stomping the soldier, which King Pig ordered him to do something. He pulled a lever that opened a trapdoor with a river of Alligator Pigs but Red made them bite themselves and defeated them.

He then pulled a rope that made a boulder swing but Red waited the Soldier Pigs to come and the boulder hit them, King Pig got more scared and demanded the bodyguard to do something, which he made the throne turn to a safer place that was a bottomless pit but activated a pipe to suck them to a hallway and let Red fall.

When they got to the hallway, Red appeared, but he activate a hard iron door that Red couldn't pass, but the bird was destroying it anyway, which they got went to a command pad, which the bodyguard pulled the lever and ejected them from the castle.

They got into a spaceship to escape with the egg with King Pig taunting Red and licking the egg but Red just got the egg on one of the cacti, the "egg" he licked was his bodyguard and King Pig started to rapidly pressed the buttons in a hurry to get the egg back because of the lack of knowledge of the spaceship, he and his bodyguard got electrocuted and were launched away.

Royal Heist[]

Their first appearance is in the beginning of the episode, where they are waiting for Epic Sax Pig to buy the "golden egg", after he exited the shop his hair became windswept, the bodyguard immediately comb his hair after he noticed it.

When Epic Sax Pig noticed that King Pig and his pigs were stealing his egg, 8 bodyguards are dispatched when Epic Sax Pig called for them to suppress the robbery


with plunger guns, one was with a large gun whose couldn't handle the recoil of the gun and fell from a window of the mansion, after a few seconds all of them pointed their guns at King Pig and his henchmen. King Pig then tried to negotiate by threatening Epic Sax Pig by cutting his wig off, the bodyguard ceased so King Pig can go with the egg and Epic Sax Pig later retrieved his wig.

Hocus Porcus[]

Bodyguards appear after King Pig was missing, they are connected with ropes and ordered Magic Pig to use the magic again with some Minion Pigs to search the King Pig.


After the events of King Pig being terrified and paranoid that Hot Dog Pig will fright him again so he ordered 2 bodyguards to search the bathroom, one of them almost got flushed through the toilet after being very thorough of the search and acknowledged that there are no signs of Hot Dog Pig to haunt him again. After King Pig saw Hot Dog Pig appearing out of nowhere, the door slammed with King Pig in a janitorial cart that flattened 2 bodyguards. After a long pursuit the bodyguards begin to drag the Hot Dog Pig away after he's done after wiping off a chunk of a hot dog fillings.


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