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"I will wipe that grin off their stupid faces or my name isn't... ...DA BOMB!"
Bomb, Angry Birds Comics (2016) #2

Bomb, also known as the Black Bird, is a character that appears in the Angry Birds series. He is a bird granted with the ability of exploding, and a member of the Angry Birds.



Bomb is a bird who is covered almost entirely in black feathers, though his belly and eyelids are dark gray-colored. He has floating eyebrows that are red in color. Perhaps Bomb's most distinguishable feature is his short, fuse-like feather with a yellow tip on his head. The earliest Angry Birds-related material also had Bomb with a white dot on his head.

For the Wreck the Halls short in 2011, Bomb was slightly redesigned. He is now larger in shape, and his belly patch and eyebrows are smaller. In addition, his fuse is thinnier and more pointy, and his beak looks different. This design was not used again until Angry Birds Toons in 2013, and has been the most common design since then.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Bomb was given an anthropomorphic appearance. He is now much larger, twice as tall as Red. His torso is round-shaped and conected to the head without a neck. His eyes are also much smaller and have cyan-colored pupils instead of black ones. In addition, he was given two small wings and two short feet. Future releases would ocassionally switch between this new design and the one from the Wreck the Halls animation.

In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, Bomb was redesigned again to look more a hatchling. This design is similar to the one from The Angry Birds Movie, though he is now much shorter and has larger eyes and a smaller beak.


Bomb's profile, from Toy Care's 3D Toothbrush product presentation.

Despite his fearsome appearance, Bomb is a very gentle and kind, though somewhat stupid person. He is very sincere and genuine in his actions and is willing to put himself in conflict or danger to help out his allies. Bomb loves and devotes himself to the other members of the flock, who take care of his unpredictable behavior. He is also a very avid fighter and loves being a destructive part of battles.

"You are supposed to go boom! It's the one thing asked of you! But if a giggling moron is what you are now... I suppose we'll do all the work!"
"What?! I may be a moron... BUT I DO MY PART!"
Chuck and Bomb, Angry Birds Comics (2016) #2

Despite his gentle soul, Bomb is short-tempered, feeling hurt whenever he or his friends are insulted, understimated, or judged.[3] This leads him to explode to unleash his anger. He can also be stupid and innocent; during a speed-date, he told some women that he ate dirt during an awkward moment. In addition, him loving eating ice cream and gambling,[2] amongst others, has led him to be distracted, manipulted, or fooled to lose the eggs, which ends in him crying and exploding.[2]

Bomb's Involvement in Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Bomb makes his first debut in the original game as the fourth bird introduced and as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in Poached Eggs 2-5, he becomes a playable character in all of the following themes. (excluding The Big Setup, which was entirely based off of Hal and Terence, though you can use him as the shockwave powerup). In early versions of the game, Bomb had a white spot on his forehead. This appeared in his original plush toy, as well as promotions and animations. However, it has since been removed.

A very prominent appearance of Bomb is Short Fuse, where he is the center character. The entire episode focuses on him and his ability changes.

His voice was changed for an update.


Bomb is a very strong character and was considered the strongest when the game was first released. He was the only bird at the time that could effectively destroy stone himself, though Matilda's egg bombs can as well.

Bomb's strengths and weaknesses are seen here.

Short Fuse

Main Article: Shockwave

In the theme Short Fuse, Bomb is introduced with an entirely different ability named "Shockwave", which he obtains when he fiddles with the pigs' scientific equipment. This ability is much more powerful than his original and works similarly. It can be activated when the player taps the screen or a couple of seconds after he hits a surface. When his ability is activated, he sends out a growing circle of electricity to the objects around him, damaging and forcefully pushing them away, where most of the blocks are then completely obliterated. Rather than his original ability, which just breaks the closest bricks, the shockwave damages the blocks, racking up the players' scores significantly higher.

Though the shockwave ability is exclusive to the theme, it can be used as a powerup in all themes of the game. (The player will need to either spend coins, purchase or watch advertisements to get the powerup.)

Angry Birds Seasons

Bomb appears from the very start of the game when it was first known as Angry Birds Halloween. After his first appearance in Trick or Treat, he is then on a playable character in all of the themes that follow.

Unlike all of the other installments of the Angry Birds series, Seasons keeps the characters' original designs, so Bomb is in his classic appearance.

Once again, Bomb's spot on his forehead is removed. However, just like Chuck's Red-like appearance, Bomb can be seen with his spot in multiple promotions for the original Angry Birds Halloween game. This includes the trailer and early cutscenes for the game which has since been removed. However, it has been proved through these cutscenes that Bomb's spot was light being shined off of him, as the spot appears in a different part of his body depending on the way he is positioned. Because of this, it can be assumed that the spot was removed because Rovio wanted Bomb to be more bird-like with feathers, rather than made like an actual bomb.

Like all of the other characters, Bomb has costumes that can be unlocked by the player.

Bomb, like all the other characters, can at times appear as the main character in specific themes for the game. (This happened in Ham Dunk, where he appeared in the cover art alongside Bubbles and Jay, Jake, and Jim.)

The Shockwave power-up is back in Angry Birds Seasons. It works completely similar to how it works in the Classic Angry Birds game. However in the paid Ham Dunk levels, the power-up is converted into the Statefarm Bomb power-up, which's fuse and electric rays are red instead of blue.


Bomb has the same ability to explode as before, and not much is changed about his size, strength, or speed.

In water-themed levels, Bomb reacts pretty normally to water logic. However, it can be noted that if he hits a structure the second he resurfaces, the player should instantly activate his ability, as once he hits the blocks he will bounce off of them and go back into the water.


Angry Birds Friends

Bomb appears as a playable character in Angry Birds Friends.


Bomb is the same as in previous slingshot games. When launched, if the player taps him, he will explode. He is very strong against stone, glass and wood. His explosion is very strong against materials and has an strong shockwave.

In the Star Cup, he can be leveled up by obtaining feathers.

Bomb also appeared purchasable in the Bird-O-Matic. He can wear any accessory and can be chosen as the player's avatar.

Angry Birds Space

Bomb, along with a few other birds, was teased in early 2012 as part of a new project. This soon revealed to be Angry Birds Space, the fourth installment of the series. Bomb appeared with the other birds in their space counterparts, based on comic book characters.

In the game's story, Bomb and the other birds were taking care of the eggs when suddenly, a portal opened up in the sky with Ice Bird and his eggsteroid flying through. Out with them came a robotic arm, grabbing the eggsteroid and the flock's eggs. They sling themselves into the portal in pursuit of the eggs and begin to change while in the portal. They shoot out of the vortex in their costumes into the final frontier, beginning the events of the game.

Bomb is known as "Firebomb" and is based on the comic book superhero Firestorm. His fuse is now lit with fire (though it is normal in-game) and his chest feathers are now red. He also wears a ring around his body, with an eggsteroid emblem on his chest.

Bomb, along with all of the other members of his flock, received promotional videos for their characters, which can be found on youtube. They also had their own Space-themed merchandise.

He has a corpse sprite that can be found if the player hacks into the game's files, but it is not used in-game.


Firebomb Bird has the same basic ability as the regular Bomb. However, his ability is much more "firey", emitting a ring of fire around his body when he explodes.

His ability is commonly used to cause debris to fly off into structures, such as stacks of stone bricks or boulders floating in space.

If the player slings Bomb very weakly into zero-gravity, then he will slowly decrease in speed, stop, and disintegrate without exploding.

Bad Piggies

Bomb makes a cameo in Flight in the Night, where he appears asleep next to Red in one level. Even if the player attempts to land near him or wake him, he will not move and remain asleep. Though he appears in this level, he does not make an appearance in the rest of the levels or any of the other levels as an enemy.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Bomb is the in-game counterpart of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the main character in the original and prequel trilogies of the Star Wars universe.

Known as "Obi-Wan Kaboomi", he saves Red Skywalker and plans to teach him the ways of the force. They set out to save Princess Stella Organa with the help of Chuck "Ham" Solo and Terebacca the Wookie. He battles with Darth Vader while they are on the Death Star, and though canonically in the original storyline, Kenobi does die here, Bomb remains a playable character. (though he does eventually become a ghost at the end of the game)

He and the other characters received character promotional videos that can be found on YouTube, along with plush toys and merchandise.


For the first time, Bomb has a new different ability than his exploding power in the original games. Kaboomi uses the light side of the force to directional push away any objects nearby him in whichever direction the player taps on.

Kaboomi himself is not very strong, destroying a few to a couple of bricks.

This is the first time Bomb's corpse sprite can be seen in-game.

In Death Star level 2-25, Kaboomi receives an upgrade, and his force ability is made even stronger than it was before. This upgrade can be used in all levels of the game including ones previous to the upgrade, and cannot be removed.

It is also notable that the birds' abilities can be used for a short period after they hit any surface so the player can use this to their advantage as they please.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Bomb makes a major appearance as once again Obi-Wan, though much younger. After his first appearance in Naboo Invasion, he appears as a playable and main character in the themes afterward. (only on the bird side portions)

Obi-Wan appears in promotional material and trailers for the game, as well as the cover art. He also had merchandise for this younger version of him, including Telepods and a plush toy, though the plush was never released to the public.

He is also available as a power-up, though his older original counterpart is not available as both characters have the same ability.

Obi-Wan was the mentor of Anakin after Qui-Gon's death, but the two went into conflict as Anakin made his turn to the dark side.


Obi-Wan has the same ability to force-push the objects in front of him when the player taps the screen.

Obi-Wan also has his bonus level in the Rewards Chapter, which can be unlocked if the player makes enough points playing as him.

Mace Windu

Bomb is also the counterpart of Mace Windu in the game, a well-respected and feared Jedi in the game, as well as a valued member of the Jedi council.

Windu was first trained by Yoda, growing up to be a very skilled fighter, especially with the lightsaber. He is a very serious bird and has a very suspicious nature.

Windu is killed towards the end of the storyline of the actual prequel.

Mace Windu appears often in promotional material and trailers for the game, as well as being one of the prominently shown characters in the cover art. He also received his own merchandising, including Telepods and a plush toy. (though the plush was never released to the public)


Windu's ability in the game is to throw a purple lightsaber in whichever direction the screen is tapped, throwing it in a bit of an arc and having it fly back to him, sort of in the act of a boomerang.

The lightsaber can pay extreme damage and destroy glass and wood, but will not make much of a dent on metal objects.

The lightsaber will fizzle out when it comes into contact with indestructible material.

Gazareb "Zeb" Orrelios

Bomb appears as Gazareb "Zeb" Orrelios, a character in the Star Wars Rebels TV series. He was introduced to the game along with a set of other characters, all in promotion of the coming TV series.

Zeb was introduced in the Rebels update for the game but did not appear as a playable character in the theme. Instead, he was solely available as a power-up character and could be used in any Bird Side levels. The player was given a free amount of the character, but from there would have to purchase him through in-game currency to keep using him.

Like all of the other characters, Orrelios has his bonus level in the Reward Chapter, which can be unlocked if the player makes a certain amount of points while using him.


For the first time in the Star Wars series, Bomb is given an ability that is based on his original. Zeb can explode similarly to Bomb, exploding when the screen is tapped or a couple of seconds after hitting a surface. His face will even turn red like the regular Bomb.

He is also extremely strong and can use momentum to his advantage.

His explosion is much stronger than previous versions of Bomb.

Angry Birds Go!

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Go! as the second bird (3rd bird in Version 1) to be introduced in the game and is first seen in Seedway. After the player unlocks him, they can use him in any of the races as a playable character.

Like all of the other characters, Bomb receives his own 3D animation for the game. He also appears in his Angry Birds Toons animation style.

Bomb also had merchandising, having a Jenga playset as well as a Telepod figurine.


All of the characters have their own unique abilities in the game, and Bomb's is activated once his power-up beaker is filled. Following the trend of previous Angry Birds games, Bomb can explode, causing the birds and pigs near him to be knocked and jolted away.

While the ability may seem effective when Bomb is first unlocked, once the player unlocks stronger characters and progresses to harder levels Bomb will become less and less useful.

The ability is best used when Bomb is near other players, putting him at a disadvantage if the player is far behind other players.

Angry Birds Epic

Bomb appears as one of the 5 playable characters in the story mode and is a main character in the game. Once he is unlocked, he is a playable character for the rest of the game. (excluding a portion where he is kidnapped at one part of the game)

Bomb appears in promotional art and trailers for the game.

Bomb, like all of the other playable characters, can be customized and upgraded to the player's preference provided that they have enough resources.


Main Article: Epic Characters

AB Epic Avatar Image 3.png

Likes to beat up enemies with powerful attacks - one pig at a time.


HP: ???
AD: ???

Rage Chilli



Deals 150% AD damage to all enemies.

Rage Chilli


Explode.jpg - Arena

Deals 100% AD damage to all enemies.

Angry Birds Transformers

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Transformers as the characters Drift and Wheeljack. Bomb appeared in promotional art for the game as well as the comic series but didn't appear until updates later on.

Drift is part of the Hotrods squad, while Wheeljack was part of the Wreckers squad. Both characters could be unlocked through challenge events, but Drift could also be unlocked through in-app purchases.

Drift's Description In-Game:

Drift is an ultra-focused, highly disciplined cyber-warrior. Smashing everything may work for Galvatron or Grimlock, but Drift waits patiently for the perfect moment to strike.

The EggSpark instilled a sense of duty and honor in the otherwise volatile Bomb, but now he won't shut up about it. While Drift vows to protect the island from the onslaught of the EggBots, his friends now have to deal with his monologues on mindfulness and purpose.

Drift can often be found meditating, searching for the perfect balance between being a merciless fighter and an all-round ultra-cool dude. He knows it's a long difficult search to find inner calm, but Drift will never give up. Has he tried looking behind the sofa?

Wheeljack's Description In-Game:

Generally speaking, Bomb is the most chill bird you will ever meet. However, get him worked up and he tends to go off. Despite being zapped by the eggspark, Wheeljack, like Angry Bird Bomb is still his own worst enemy. As the mechanic and inventor of the team, many of his creations explode in his face and that's if he's lucky!

He can be heard in his workshop inventing away with a thump, whack and a bonk, but more commonly you'll hear a hiss followed by a BOOM! Ever so often he appears from his workshop with a useful gadget like the Jackhammer, but for every success, there are multiple times when Ratchet is required to put him and his workshop back together.

Warpath's Description In-Game:

They don't call him Warpath beacure he's gentle! Warpath is that army guy we've all seen in the movies. He has no fear and loves to fight for the Autobirds against all opponents.

Grapple's Description In-Game:

His weapon seems appropriate to his same, in that it grapples objects which can then be used to hit orther objects until they are dropped or destroyed. Try pickeg up pigs and then dropping them or grab a block and smash it into other blocks or oigs util it breaks and you grab something else to smash.


Drift's Gameplay Description:

Drift's ninja-style tactic of hiding in ambush then bursting out while waving a sword has caused many a pig to suddenly need new underpants! Wait, the pigs don't wear underpants...

Drift fires shurikens that remain lodged in the enemy and explode after a little while. By the time they realize what hit them, you'll be long gone like the ninja robot samurai (seriously, how cool is the fact that he is all three of those at once) you are!

Wheeljack's Gameplay Description:

Wheeljack's latest gadget is a salvo rocket launcher. His aim isn't the best so to compensate he just fires more missiles!

Angry Birds POP!

Bomb first appeared in the game as a limited edition character and was only available for a short period of time.

Later on, the game was changed to a regular Angry Birds game rather than an attachment to the Stella series, and the characters (excluding Stella) were changed to members of Red's flock. Bomb took what was originally Poppy's section, Beat The Clock.


In the Beat The Clock section, the player must assist Bomb in popping the bubbles and blocks. The player beats the level by popping all of the bubbles before the clock's countdown goes to 0.

In both of these segments, the player is given a limited amount of bubbles and if the player runs out, then the player loses the level.

Bomb, like all of the other characters, has his own special bubble that can be used when the player makes enough pairings. His pop, entitled the Explosive Pop, will pop a line of bubbles that the special bubbles are aiming at.

Angry Birds Fight!

Bomb appeared in Angry Birds Fight! as once again as the tritagonist. He was one out of the 6 playable characters the player could have chosen from and was the first character that the player was introduced to in the very beginning of the game. Other than being a playable character, he also appeared as an icon in the matching board.

Certain parts of the game used computer animation, such as the player's customizable characters. Bomb used computer animation when fighting other characters as well as some other parts of the game. He took on his Angry Birds Toons animation style and while other games had their own styles, Fight! takes character animation directly from the Toons series.

Like all of the other birds in the game, Bomb was customizable to the player's preference, and the player would be able to purchase costumes and weapons for Red with in-game currency.

As of August 1st, 2017, the game has been discontinued and removed from the Play and App stores, and the servers have since been shut down.


The game wouldn't include direct gameplay with the birds, but rather a tile-matching objective. Matching 3 of the bird icons would have popped the birds out, and matching 4 or more would activate the specific bird's special ability. If 4 of Bomb's icons were matched, then he would explode and cover the panel board of the opponent in ashes.

Once the round was over, the two battling players began fighting, and the player's success would entirely be based on how much points they were able to gather together.

Angry Birds 2

Bomb appears in the first official sequel to the original game, Angry Birds 2, as once again one of the protagonists. He is unlocked after obtaining a key, which can be used to unlock a character of the player's choice, meaning that Bomb can be unlocked anytime. He returns with his classic ability but he is stronger.

The game also introduced computer animation for the birds and the pigs, which had never happened with the previous slingshot installments of the series. (which used pre-set separate sprites for when the bird is idle, flies, etc) Bomb also appears in his Toons animation style, along with the voice used in the series.


He is strong against stone, glass or wood, he blows up after touching the screen or waiting for him to flash red and then explode. In this game, his ability is stronger, pushing blocks and structures after blowing up.

His card can be leveled up using feathers, which increases the points obtained after using him, his card will change form and change color, matching the power of it.

=Angry Birds Action!

Bomb appeared in Angry Birds Action! as once again a tritagonist. He appeared for the very first time (in an Angry Birds game) in his Movie animation style, which prominently included arms and legs.

Bomb appeared in the 7th level of the game as a strong character that blows up upon the first contact with objects.

The game was based on 3D animation, so Bomb, along with all of the other characters used 3D character models.

As of October 2017, the game had been discontinued.


The entire game was based on a puzzle-pinball genre, and there were certain objectives that each level could have to complete the level.

The player could have used Bomb by pointing him at a target and shooting, and Bomb would then hit, bounced off targets until he ran out of speed.

Bomb's ability is exploding when he hits an object that he is targeted to hit, after that, he will stop exploding and start to bounce off other objects if any.

Like all of the other characters, as Bomb leveled up he would have received special boosts. In his bronze stage, he would have the bounce boost. In his silver stage, he would have the speed boost. In his gold stage, he receives an extra move.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

Bomb appeared in Angry Birds Ace Fighter, as once again a playable character and tritagonist. He appeared in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Bomb's Description In-Game:

The main goal of Bomb is to enjoy life. He has no interest in tactics, strategic meetings or even tidying his room. He only feels happy when he's setting off an explosion or making mischief

Rovio announced that the game would be discontinuing due to adjustment of structure platform, as well as an expired contract with Siamgame. On September 6th, 2016, the game was removed from the Play and App stores and recharge was turned off, making the game nearly impossible. On October 10th, servers were shut down.


The gameplay was based on a Shoot em up style, with the player located at the bottom of the screen as the enemies fly downwards from the very top. Not much was known about Bomb's role specifically in the game. It was known that he was one of 4 different playable characters, and could be paired with different kinds of planes.

Angry Birds Blast!

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Blast! as one of the main characters and like most of them, he has to be freed to complete the level. His gameplay is shown below:


Like most of the characters, he doesn't use his ability in-game. He appears in the black blocks, which if combined with 2 or more of the same color, will free him. Sometimes he gets angry and destroys other blocks as he is freed. He also appears free sometimes.

Angry Birds Holiday

Bomb appeared in Angry Birds Holiday as a main character. He took care of the slingshot and flung pigs to other players.

However, the game stopped development and was shut down as of December 31st, 2016.


The app was a building game, with Matilda guiding the player as they build a paradise for pig tourists. Some items could be unlocked with in-game currency, and Bomb's item was the slingshot.

Not much is known about the gameplay otherwise, as the game was never given a worldwide release.

Angry Birds Evolution

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Evolution as an unlockable character. He is unlocked after beating the Black Crater and in events with stronger stats.

There are also other blackbirds, which can be evolved as the player progresses.


This guy blows up all the pigs. By accident. Classic Bomb.



Bomb looks exactly the same as the movie version.


The feathers are now messy because of an explosion, his face is reddish, his pupils are red and he has now an angry expression.

Not On My Watch! Evolution

Based on a sailor, Bomb wears a black suit with golden parts such as buttons, a tie, and various medals. He also wears a black sailor cap with golden stripes and a large blue stripe.

Into The Thunderdome Evolution

Based on Max from Mad Max, Bomb wears scrap armor and his face is angry.


I'm The Bomb! Rank 1

Bomb causes an explosion dealing with 318 damage to all enemies in range. Critical hits deal with an increased 1568 damage.

I'm The Bomb! Rank 1 (Evolution)

Bomb causes an explosion dealing with 1014 damage to all enemies in range. Critical hits deal with an increased 5001 damage.

Not On My Watch! Rank 1

Bomb shouts out commands, dealing 1157 damage to all enemies within reach and potentially increasing their turn counter by 1.

Into The Thunderdome Rank 1

Bomb drops a cage, dealing 1072 damage to all enemies within reach. Anyone can enter the Thunderdome, yet none may leave.

Leader Skill

All black birds in the team get +30 attack power.

Awaken Skill

Increases the crit chance by 15%.


As his rarity is good, he is very strong. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems and Runes can also help.


Angry Birds Match

Bomb appears in the game as a booster and tritagonist. Like all of the characters in-game, he uses a modified version of his Movie design. His gameplay is the following:


When the player destroys 5 objects in a row, Bomb appears. If he is tapped and pushed to one side, he will destroy three lines of objects on the side. He is very strong to defeat pigs.

He also appears on icons

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Bomb appears in the game as a booster and tritagonist. Unlike other games, Bomb is a hatchling in this game, like all of the other characters. He appears in the level select background, drinking soda or milkshake. He also appears when the player beats a level, jumping and watching the last bubbles be popped. He also appears when the player fails a level, crying. The game uses vectored sprites, so, Bomb, along with the other characters, uses this type of design.


If the player merges a Chuck with another Chuck, Bomb will appear. The larger Chuck is, the larger Bomb will be. If tapped, Bomb will explode, popping a bunch of bubbles, almost all of them. If there is a block near him, he will destroy it with his explosion.

Bomb also appears like a profile picture that the player can unlock and choose. He could be unlocked as a mission member if popcorn was collected on the movie event.

Angry Birds POP Blast

Bomb appears in the game as a playable character that is unlocked at the piñata. He has a new power-up.

Bomb, like all of the characters, uses his movie design and outlined sprites that were made to look like a cartoon. His animations are similar to the ones from the first game. In the Space Race, his design is based on his one in Angry Birds Space

He is also introduced as an icon and artwork character, which he often appears.


Bomb can be unlocked at the Piñata by collecting points. The points to unlock him are 120 like all of the other characters. Bomb can appear at any level where the player uses him. Which the player has to assist him in popping bubbles once again. But this time, it's in any objective.

When his bar is full, he will active his ability, which a bomb appears on the deck and if it's launched, it will dive through bubbles and will then explode after hitting a determined point. The explosion is smaller than any other one but is useful if it hits TNT barrels or bombs.

He can be chosen along with any pig.

Angry Birds Island

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Island as one of the main characters and like most of them, he has to be freed to complete the level. His gameplay is shown below:


Like most of the characters, he doesn't use his ability in-game. He appears in the black blocks, which if combined with 2 or more of the same color, will free him. Sometimes he gets angry and destroys other blocks as he is freed. He also appears free sometimes.

Angry Birds Tennis

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Tennis as once again the tritagonist and main character. Like all of the characters in-game he uses a modified version of his Movie 3D model. He has his own boost and can be played in the level the player wants, he can also be choosen for the player's team.


The game is played like tennis, but with Angry Birds characters, Bomb is unlocked by obtaining tokens and is playable ever since then. After his Super Bar is full, he can explode to deal damage to the opponent.

Angry Birds Journey

Bomb appears in Angry Birds Casual as once again the tritagonist and main character. Like all of the characters in-game, he uses a classic toons and movie appearance and cartoonish sprites. He has his classic ability and appears in some levels, he also has a boost that can be unlocked after turns.


The game is like the classic slingshot games but way easier. Bomb is unlocked in level 1. Unlike the other games, he explodes on impact instead of waiting a bit for his fuse to do its job, the explosion is a bit stronger. After some turns, he activates a stronger ability, which he explodes with more strength and the explosion is bigger.

Powers and abilities

"Sometimes... when I get upset... I have been known to... uhh... blow up."
"What? Like, when you get mad, you mean?"
"No. I literally blow up. I explode... like a bomb. Hence the name."
Bomb and Red, The Angry Birds Movie

Bomb is most notable for his ability of exploding like a real bomb, hence his name. This is done thanks to the chemical componds that are produced in his body by the food he eats.[1] These explosions can sometimes be destructive enough to destroy Pig City[5] and create gigantic mushroom clouds that can be seen from afar.[2] Despite his destrcutive explosions, Bomb always comes out of these with few to none scratches or woundes. While the cause of this remains unknown, Professor Pig has hipothesized that his body is "popous" and conveys shockwayes throroughly, so that the energy he releases in the form of explosions do not affect him at all, but rather the objects in his blast radius. However, he also said that magic could be a possibility.[1]

Aside from being able to explode, Bomb is quite strong, being capable of smashing through stone. He is also very resistant, having survived atmospheric entry.[6] He can also drive a large variety of vehicles, from Mechanic Pig's karts to his own ship, the Bird Ship.


Main article: Shockwave

Bomb as Shockwave, from Angry Birds Seasons.

Through the combination of electricity and a chemical, Bomb can transform into Shockwave. In this state, he can produce electrical shock waves that can electrocute pigs and push structures with force. This transformation first appeared in the original Angry Birds.



Bomb with Matilda, from Angry Birds: Flight School #1.

Matilda is one of Bomb's closest friends. The two first met when the loon was forced by law to attend the chicken's anger management classes. However, Bomb has admitted that he completely forgot about her classes. Currently, Bomb has a mutual respect for Matilda. In addition, it was shown a few times that the he is in love of her; for example, in the map of the Piggy Tower from the newest versions of Angry Birds Friends, Bomb is seen looking at Matilda with a happy expression and with hearts popping out of his head.




Media Appearances

Angry Birds Toons

Bomb is featured as the main character in the Angry Birds Toons series and makes multiple appearances in many of the episodes, sometimes the subject of his own. The series shows more depth to Bomb as a character and his interests other than what the games have shown us.

To see Bomb's involvement in the Toons series, see the episode listings below:

The Angry Birds Movie

Bomb appears in The Angry Birds Movie as one of the main characters. He is voiced by Danny McBride. He first meets his companions Red and Chuck through an anger management class and assists Red on his journey against the pigs. In the movie, he overcomes his conflicts and learns to control his abilities.

To see Bomb's involvement in the movie, see here.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Bomb appears in The Angry Birds Movie 2 as one of the main characters. He is voiced again by Danny McBride. He first helps his companions Red and Chuck on protecting Bird Island and helps his friends on his journey against Zeta. In the movie, he continues with his explosive temper.

To see Bomb's involvement in the movie, see here.


  • Bomb is the first bird not to have a corpse sprite.
  • Originally, Bomb had a white spot on his head. The spot has been removed on most artwork. Early versions of the plush toy included it but it was removed later.
  • Bomb is the only bird that does not display a tail. This has since changed in some instances, such as the movie.
  • Bomb is accidentally called "Bob" in the Angry Birds Space comic, a typo made by Rovio.
    • Before it was confirmed that it was a typo, some fans were convinced that it was his official name, as most of the birds' names weren't as widely used or confirmed.
  • In the Google+ "Teamwork" level selection menu, pictures of Angry Birds Trilogy, and in some (but not many) instances, two gray dots are added below Bomb's left eye.


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