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Drift is an ultra-focused, highly disciplined cyber-warrior. Smashing everything may work for Galvatron or Grimlock, but Drift waits patiently for the perfect moment to strike.

The EggSpark instilled a sense of duty and honor in the otherwise volatile Bomb, but now he won't shut up about it. While Drift vows to protect the island from the onslaught of the EggBots, his friends now have to deal with his monologues on mindfulness and purpose.

Drift can often be found meditating, searching for the perfect balance between being a merciless fighter and an all-round ultra-cool dude. He knows it's a long difficult search to find inner calm, but Drift will never give up. Has he tried looking behind the sofa?

Drift's ninja-style tactic of hiding in ambush then bursting out while waving a sword has caused many a pig to suddenly need new underpants! Wait, the pigs don't wear underpants...

Drift fires shurikens that remain lodged in the enemy and explode after a little while. By the time they realize what hit them, you'll be long gone like the ninja robot samurai (seriously, how cool is the fact that he is all three of those at once) you are!

Member of Squad: The Hotrods

Vehicle Mode: Passenger Car


Generally speaking, Bomb is the most chill bird you will ever meet. However, get him worked up and he tends to go off. Despite being zapped by the eggspark, Wheeljack, like Angry Bird Bomb is still his own worst enemy. As the mechanic and inventor of the team, many of his creations explode in his face and that's if he's lucky!

He can be heard in his workshop inventing away with a thump, whack and a bonk, but more commonly you'll hear a hiss followed by a BOOM! Ever so often he appears from his workshop with a useful gadget like the Jackhammer, but for every success, there are multiple times when Ratchet is required to put him and his workshop back together.

Combining Bomb's explosive nature with Wheeljack's explosive inventions can't be good for his productivity in his workshop. Ever so often he does successfully create new (and expensive) gadgets like the miniature Jackhammer, But it probably makes Ratchet all the more grumpy when he has to put him and his workshop back together.

His newest weapon/gadget is a salvo rocket launcher that fires a cluster of lobbed explosive missiles! Much more powerful and effective than those of that yellow Sunstorm Pig.

Member of Squad: The Wreckers

Vehicle Mode: Passenger Car


His weapon seems appropriate to his same, in that it grapples objects which can then be used to hit orther objects until they are dropped or destroyed. Try pickeg up pigs and then dropping them or grab a block and smash it into other blocks or oigs util it breaks and you grab something else to smash.

In battle, Grapple is rather unusual. His weapon is a lightning beam attack, but in terms of attack power, it’s extremely weak, even at level 15, de-cyberforming scenery slower than Optimus Prime. Combined with his somewhat weak health makes him seem rather useless. However, if there is a close enough block or grounded pig to where the weapon starts firing, the nearest block or grounded pig will be teleported to that location. It can then be dragged around, and if the weapon stops in some way that involves becoming a different form, (vehicle, washing machine, scrambled body) it will be immobilized in place until he returns to humanoid form.


They don't call him Warpath beacure he's gentle! Warpath is that army guy we've all seen in the movies. He has no fear and loves to fight for the Autobirds against all opponents.

Warpath's weapon is a piercing instant-hit laser something like the various Galvatron, which obliterates most anything it hits as well as leaving a (weak) vortex in its wake. But the real power comes once he's leveled up a bit, which adds a hefty splash-damage explosion on contact with a target. Warpath can vaporize whole block towers with a single shot, and never needs to reload to boot!

But he does have one huge weakness: overheating. Too much rapid tap-blasting will make his gun overheat, and when targeting things that take more than one direct hit to destroy, such as Walking Mortar Tower, his weapon fires extremely rapidly and will overheat extremely quickly. The cooldown from an overheat takes several seconds, leaving him vulnerable, so tap responsibly, learn to un-target Mortar Towers quickly after one or two hits... and try to get some of his cooldown-improving accessories quickly!

Member of Squad: Support

Vehicle Mode: Tank

Omega Supreme

Private Deadlock

Sergeant Omega Supreme


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