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Bomb Bird: Short Fuse is a promo of the new Angry Birds Short Fuse level released by Rovio on November 26, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

Bomb Bird plays Angry Birds for the first time ever! That's right, the star of the Short Fuse episode wants to have a go and also try out his electrifying Shock Wave power! Check out this fun animation now!


Bomb is playing Angry Birds Classic on his tablet so he can try out the new Short Fuse episode. He wants to see it on level 10, and he is so excited. He taps the level with his beak and wants to have his first go, but he shoots the other Bomb too high, and the pigs giggle. Bomb missed his chance for first blood, so he tries again on the second attempt, but he shoots him backward, making Bomb upset and the pigs laughing and chuckling, thinking they are very fun to be unbeaten. Bomb decides to take a break and put his tablet down. After he rakes, he tries a mug of coffee, and he becomes relaxed. He comes back to the spot where he played Angry Birds Classic and puts his tablet back closer from his beak. He takes a very deep breath and takes some concentration. He shoots the last Bomb, but he falls to the ground instead. The pigs have won, when suddenly Bomb is extremely angry, so angry that he formed a Shock Wave and exploded the entire tree, and the tablet fell down due to this. Then all of the pigs have fallen from the sky and killed themselves and so have the objects, which got Bomb three stars and 1,000,000 points. Bomb is very happy to see that.


  • On the YouTube version of the trailer, there is a 15-second gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Short Fuse, but in the Toons.TV version of the trailer, the gameplay trailer is cut, instead replaced by a fade-out effect.
  • On the first, second, and third attempts of the game, you can notice that the camera is zoomed out to reveal the pre-Chrome designs of the Minion Pigs, but when the camera is zoomed in to the Minion Pigs, they have Chrome designs but only when they animate.
  • Score in the "Level Cleared!" screen in the real games have never shown like in the Bomb's tablet computer. No Angry Birds games show the score with space every three digits from the back. They only use comma (only in Angry Birds Go! and Chronicle Cave's levels' high score) or not use comma (in all remaining games).
  • The ''ボム''on his mug means ''Bomb'' in Japanese.

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Bomb Bird stars in Angry Birds update - Short Fuse


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