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Bombina is the twenty-fourth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the seventy-sixth overall.

Toons.TV Description[]

Being a highly explosive bird, Bomb is a huge threat to the pigs. Maybe they can lead him away from the eggs by his heartstrings...


One day when Bomb is guarding the Eggs, he sees a Bombina, a bomb made to look like a female representation of him. It explodes and Bomb goes to investigate.

Meanwhile, Corporal Pig is seen near a bush where the Eggs are. Behind the bush, a Minion Pig is decorating some bombs to trick Bomb. One of the minion pigs takes a Bombina with ice cream to another place. Bomb sees the wreckage of the last Bombina and then spots the ice cream Bombina. That Bombina explodes too and Bomb gets hit with the ice cream. Bomb then goes off to see the crater.

Corporal Pig calls to one of the minion pigs to set up a Bombina carrying a drink. While Bomb is looking at the crater that the ice cream Bombina made, he spots the drink Bombina on a hammock. The Bombina explodes and Bomb goes after it.

The minion pigs are now tired of carrying the heavy Bombinas. Corporal Pig laughs and goes to the nest to take the Eggs. One of the minion pigs sees a mismade Bombina and calls another pig, who dresses it into The Statue Of Liberty. One of the pigs laugh at it, however, the other one is keen. He decides It is missing the torch so he puts one on it. They both laugh until the torch sets the fuse off. Meanwhile, Bomb is picking flowers for the next Bombina when a big explosion occurs. He thinks it's another Bombina so he goes off to it. However, he sees the minion pigs both barbequed due to the explosion. The pigs see Bomb and run off. Bomb investigates and sees bombs everywhere. He is shocked to see Bombinas half complete. He hears a laugh nearby and realizes the Eggs are gone and Corporal Pig is taking them to Pig City. Bomb gets cross and then has an idea.

Corporal Pig is exhausted on his way to Pig City, but he sees a female pig on the path. He falls in love with it and leaves the Eggs to see it. Bomb then reclaims the Eggs as he watches Corporal Pig walk off into the sunset with his newfound loved one. After he disappears, a huge explosion occurs. The fake piggy was a real bomb set up by the bomb bird. He smiles at the camera, breaking the fourth wall.




  • The bomb figure that the minion pigs create just before the big explosion represents/is supposed to be The Statue of Liberty.
  • When Bomb is retrieving the Eggs, Corporal Pig says "Kissy, kissy, kissy." This is likely the result of the plan coming closer... (not that it works: the bombs all explode!)
  • Most bombs are already pre-prepared, while some are already fashioned with the face parts. All that a pig has to take is an accessory, such as the torch.


  • When Bomb sees the eggs are gone, Corporal Pig steals it and the eggs disappear 3 times.
  • Bomb must have painted the fake pig green to resemble a real one, but there does not seem to be any green paint around the piggy's "station". Bomb may have brought his own.
  • There are at least six prepared bombs in one frame, along with an empty set of bombs further back. However, later on, the bomb set is much larger and only one pre-prepared bomb is seen, fitted with decorations for the Statue of Liberty.



Angry Birds Toons - Bombina - S2 Ep24


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