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Brad Eagleberger is a high-ranking security guard who works for Zeta. He is first seen in The Angry Birds Movie 2, and is voiced by Beck Bennett.


He is probably a Steller's sea eagle (similar to Mighty Eagle) with a light brown torso, white body with browns wings which the partner resembles a t-shirt, a brown head, tail and hands, an orangish beak and feet, and black eyes. He wears an Eagle Island security hat and a belt with a golden buckle.


While working for Zeta, Brad was put in charge of guarding the door to the control room for Zeta's superweapon. This was a job Brad took very seriously, as he would vigilantly watch over the door at all times, only ever leaving to use the bathroom, and even then he would have Carl replace him in his absence. During one such occasion, the Pigs and the Birds, disguised as Harvey, followed Brad into the bathroom to try and steal his keycard. Their antics caused Brad to become increasingly uncomfortable as he tried to urinate in peace.  Eventually, Brad finished and was about to leave the bathroom when Chuck grabbed ahold of the keycard. However, the keycard's strap got caught on Brad's belt, causing it to hit Brad's head which sent him sliding all over the bathroom and bumping his head on things. This ended with Brad being badly injured, allowing Chuck to take the keycard without any resistance.

Later, when Zeta was powering up the superweapon and rallying the other eagles, Brad, still injured, was seen raising his hand to join in on the hype but a toilet paper holder fell on him.


  • He is the second bird named Brad in the series. The first is Brad.


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