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Brass Hogs is the 9th episode of Angry Birds Space. It was first announced on January 13, 2015, and then released on January 21, 2015, for all devices. This episode introduces a new villain, Hektor Porko and a new bird, Space Wingman with a brand new suck-up ability. This episode also introduces a new gameplay element, the steam blower, with the same ability as the lava in the Red Planet episode.

The episode select screen was revamped in this update, with some episodes having redesigned planets and being locked to the same height. This makes Brass Hogs the first episode to not have the old design of the planet in the original episode select.

Daily Missions

This episode is a unique from others as it requires to complete Daily Missions to unlock the levels. Each Daily Missions has different points to be collected ranging from 1 = Easy, 2 = Medium, 3 = Hard and 10 = Very Hard. There are 3 missions each day. Everytime a mission was completed, the next one will appear approximately 15 hours long or if the mission was too hard, the player may deleted and get the new one in 30 minutes. As the levels are unlocked, the player may choose which level they are going first.

The Daily Missions are the following:

  • Unlock [Bird]
  • Go to Mirror World
  • Defeat King Pig
  • Finish Level # of [Episode]
  • Finish Level # of [Episode] in Mirror World
  • Hit # [Objects].
  • Pop # Pigs
  • Freeze # Pigs
  • Mutant # Pigs
  • Get Feathers in Level # of [Episode]
  • Get 3 Stars in Level # of [Episode]
  • Use # Power-Ups
  • Use # Space Eagles
  • Find Eggsteroid in Level # of [Episode]
  • Find [Eggsteroid Rover] in Level # of [Episode]
  • Beat Your Score in Level # of [Episode]



The birds notice some purple gas, so they enter it. The birds finds Hektor Porko, 2 Pigs and 3 Eggsteroids on top of a brass planet.

Mirror Worlds

The birds enter the portal and notice that they are in mirror dimensions.


The birds defeat the pigs and retrieve the Eggsteroids back then flies away.


  • This is the first Angry Birds update in 2015.
  • The gap of release dates between this episode and the previous episode is approximately 7 months.
  • Unlike most episodes, Ice Bird is totally absent.
  • This episode doesn't feature any Space Eggs and Sardine Can bonus levels as well as Eggsteroid.
  • The opening cutscene features Hektor Porko as the main antagonist, but in boss level and ending cutscene, King Pig replaces him. Porko might escape to Mirror Worlds during 9-2 cutscene.
  • This is the last official episode that was released on PC (Steam) as well as any Angry Birds PC versions, despite being discontinued on November 13th, 2014.
  • The starting cutscene of this, Beak Impact and Pig Dipper use the exact same sounds.


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