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Brass Hogs 9-1 (Angry Birds Space)
Brass Hogs 9-1.jpg
Episode Brass Hogs
Level Number 231
Birds Sequence Super Red BirdSuper Red BirdSuper Red BirdSuper Red Bird
No. of Pigs Small Pig: x2 Large Pig: x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 30,000 points
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Beak Impact 8-40 Brass Hogs 9-2

Brass Hogs 9-1 is the first level in Brass Hogs. To pass this level with three stars, you have to pop all pigs and getting 30,000 points.


  • Target score is 30,000 points can be tricky for some.


Use Red Bird up with Steam Blowers to get the first pig, then use Red Bird down to get the second pig in the bubble.


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