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Brass Hogs 9-29 (Angry Birds Space)
Image Not Avalible (New).png
Episode Brass Hogs
Level Number Unknown
Birds Sequence Super Red BirdLazer BirdLazer BirdLazer BirdLazer Bird
No. of Pigs Small Pig: x2 Foreman Pig: x1 Large Pig: x1
3-star Score Unknown
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Brass Hogs 9-28 Brass Hogs 9-30

Brass Hogs 9-29 is the 29th level of Brass Hogs.


Aim red bird into the building on the bottom so that he kills the two small pigs and hits the mechanism block that opens the gate. Then, use the first laser bird into the large pig to kill it. Finally, wait until the foreman pig's car is on the north side on the rightmost planet and kill him using the second laser bird.


Angry Birds Space Brass Hogs 9-29 Walkthrough 3 Star

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