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Brass Hogs 9-9 (Angry Birds Space)
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Episode Brass Hogs
Level Number Unknown
Birds Sequence Lightning BirdsLazer BirdLazer BirdLightning BirdsLazer Bird
No. of Pigs Small Pig: x3 Medium Pig: x1 Large Pig: x1
3-star Score Unknown
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Brass Hogs 9-8 Brass Hogs 9-10

Brass Hogs 9-9 is the ninth level of Brass Hogs.


Shoot the blue birds into the rocket ship when the buggy is one the left side of the planet so that way the medium and two small pigs are destroyed at once. If you're lucky, then the rockets should still be propelling so that the orbiting big pig is also killed. If not, then kill him using the first laser bird. Otherwise, use him to kill the remaining small pig.


Angry Birds Space Brass Hogs 9-9 Walkthrough 3 Star

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