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Brazil[1][2] is a location that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is a country located on South America.


Angry Birds Rio

The Angry Birds arriving at Brazil, from Angry Birds Rio.

In Angry Birds Rio, Nigel learned about the members of the Angry Birds, who were an "exceptionally rare species" that he could sell in exchange of a lot of money. As such, he sent an helicopter to Piggy Island to take the birds to Brazil, which was successful.[3] At his den though, the Angry Birds managed to break themselves free and save the other kidnapped birds, including Blu and Jewel, who had handcuffs that kept them together. Meanwhile, a furious Nigel sent his Marmosets to go after them.

Eventually arriving at a jungle, the Angry Birds fought against Nigel and later were guided by Rafael to a beach, where they met Luiz, who managed to take the handcuffs out of Blu and Jewel. However, Jewel was soon after caught by Nigel as the other birds watched. Later, during a carnival, the Angry Birds managed to defeat Mauro. There, Blu saw Jewel and other kidnapped birds hidden underneath a chicken-shaped vehicle. Then, Nigel caught Blu by surprise and left with him using the vehicle as the Angry Birds went after them. Later, the Angry Birds went aboard a plane, where Nigel was holding Blu and Jewel. Managing to free the other birds, the Angry Birds has a final showdown against Nigel, who, after being defeated, crashed onto one of the plane's propeller, damaging it. While the other birds returned back to Brazil, the Angry Birds went back to Piggy Island.

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