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Atomic Bird
Orange bird space.png
Gender Male
Species Oriole
Size Small/Massive after power activated
Abilities Expands to huge size after impact
Strength Medium
First appearance unknown

Atomic Bird is Bubbles in Angry Birds Space.


He is just like before but he has a costume that resembles four diagonal brown belts that are connected by an Eggsteroid-shaped golden buckle and his hair is just a strand with an orange ball on the end. When he inflates, his belt expands our and he looks like an atom.


Atomic Bird still retains his abilities, but with minor changes. He stays inflated for a shorter amount of time, and cannot damage anything while deflating.

In boss levels, he appears only in 2 levels: 4-30 and 5-30. He has never appeared in any cutscenes.

In Cosmic Crystals and Beak Impact, he appears only in 3 levels each.



Gameplay and Posters


  • Atomic Bird is only bird that made his debut in the update.
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