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''I'm not smiling! It's an anger frown, it's an anger face!''

-Bubbles, The Angry Birds Movie - Hal and Bubbles short

Bubbles is a character in the Angry Birds franchise of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2011 and was the third new character to be added onto the flock who was not part of the core five. After his first appearance in Ham'o'ween in Angry Birds Seasons, he has spread to multiple installments of the series and has become a main character since.


Bubble's Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Bubbles is quiet but friendly, always happy to pitch in and help. His sunny outlook and loyal, considerate nature makes him a great friend. He prefers to focus on the bright side of life, so he can get overwhelmed by anything overly complicated or negative.

Bubbles has shown very different personalities and has conflicted with the timeline multiple times. When he was first introduced, he appeared to be much younger (but actually much older) than The Blues, who were the ones to find and rescue him from the pigs. He was shown to be very immature, with a great love of candy, and have a temperament because of this, even being unintentionally kidnapped for the candy that the pigs had.

This personality has been shown in the Angry Birds Toons, where he only appears in Halloween based episodes.

However, the Angry Birds Movie shows a much different version of him. Instead of being found by the Blues, he is shown to be much older than the Blues, being just as old as Red, or Chuck. In fact, he is in the movie before they are even hatched (Perhaps, he was kidnapped after it and The Blues already knew him,so they rescued him.). He is close friends with Hal, and the two of them work for Matilda at her anger management classes.

This version of Bubbles is very wild, being very reckless and at times uncontrollable. He has a strong desire to be an "angry bird", but fails to do so, due to being too optimistic.

Bubbles' Involvement in Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles, unlike most of the flock's birds, did not make his debut in the original Angry Birds game. Instead, he first appeared in Angry Birds Seasons, and then appeared in the original game in the Birdday Party theme. After playing his introduction level, Birdday Party 18-1, he will appear oftenly as a playable character.

Bubbles is an extremely unique character in multiple ways. For one, he is the only character in the flock who has another bird in his introduction level. (Chuck was also in the level) He is also the largest character in the flock when inflated, and is the smallest when deflated. (however, in the game he is technically larger than the Blues, while in animations he is much smaller) He is also the first character of Red's flock to be introduced outside of the original game, and have his own introduction video. (Stella was the second of both of these things)


Bubbles' ability is to inflate to a large size, and then to deflate like a balloon, flying about until he disinegrates. The actual inflating ability is very strong, and can be extremely destructive. Bubbles will not destroy the blocks around him by inflating, but more so will push them away, causing them to fly around and crash into other structures, destroying the blocks and structures effectively.

Bubbles's strengths and weaknesses are seen here.

Angry Birds Seasons

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles makes his introduction to the Angry Birds series in Angry Birds Seasons, in the Ham'o'ween theme, the second Halloween based episode of the game. His first level is Ham'o'ween 1-4. where again, he shares the level with another bird in an introduction level, which never happened up until that point. (2 Reds appear with him)

Ham'o'Ween's Description in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide:

Sometimes King Pig calls off the search for the eggs - that time is called Ham'o'ween. However, the piggies don't get a holiday. Instead of eggs the Minions have to bring King Pig sweets - by the buckey load. They deliver their stolden candy onto a conveyer belt that leads straight into his royal gut-lord's slobbering mouth. One Ham'o'ween the Blues had a fright. Bubbles, the newest member of the flock, had been unwittingly snatched by the swine in a bucket of candy. The orange bird was about to be gobbled up by King Pig as he gorged himself on the stash of sweets. This time it wasn't the eggs that needed rescuing from ending up in Smooth Cheek's belly - it was Bubbles!

Bubbles got his own character animation to celebrate the introduction of his character, which had never happened before to any of the flock members. (Hal recieved his own animation for Summer Pignic, but that happened a while after he was introduced)

After his introduction level, Bubbles appears oftenly throughout the following episodes as a playable character. However, he was a very prominant character in Ham Dunk, appearing as the main in the episode banner. The episode was also advertised with Bubbles, likely for his resemblance to a typical basketball.

Bubbles and Stella are the only characters that are considered new in this game, as Hal and Terence had been introduced before the game was released as Angry Birds Halloween. 


Bubble's ability is the same as the original Angry Birds game. There is not much to note about it, all of the same logic applies in this game as it does in the original, since both games have the same basic principle. 

Angry Birds Rio

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles appeared very late in the Rio 1 portion, in the very last episode, Smuggler's Plane along with Hal. (unless you count Market Mayhem, which was not part of the storyline but was based off of a deleted scene) He is the very last bird introduced in Rio 1, and once you unlock him he appears as a playable character in all of the episodes that follow. (including the Rio 2 segment) 

Like all the other characters, Bubbles recieved an animation change in the Rio 2 segment. However, all the birds converted to their Toons animation styles (getting thicker eyebrows, more prominant male/female features) while Bubbles and Stella only recieved changes to their outlines, shading, and drawing style. This is likely due to the fact that they are much newer characters, and Rovio probably never had a desire to change their actual style as they did with other characters. (for example, some recieved changes to the number of head and tail feathers they had, some even recieved color changes in areas)

Bubbles does not appear in any cinematic or animation trailers for the game, but does appear in few gameplay trailers.


Bubbles has the same exact ability as he does in the first 2 games he appears in. He does not face much change, however it can be noted that he is slightly weaker in some situations. For example, he is not as good at breaking wood, but will still be able to damage multiple very well.

There are no changes to his actual ability, and the same logic applies.

Angry Birds Space

Template:Infobox character 2Very early in the Utopia update, PC fans were able to access game files and revealed sprite sheets that contained Bubbles in space, or "Atomic Bird". These files quickly managed to spread on Angry Birds sites and soon, most fans knew of the files. Once Rovio began teasing the release of a new bird, it was already known that it would be Bubbles.

Surely enough, Rovio announced the "best update ever" for Angry Birds Space, and that included the debut of Bubbles' first costumed/counterparted character. He first appears in the Utopia theme, which is very fitting for his character, for his love of sweets. After his first appearance in the level Utopia 4-11, he appears as a playable character in all of the following themes. 

He is the first and only new playable character to be introduced into the game. (excluding Wingman, who is just Terence in power-up form)

Utopia's Description in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide:

The flock were convinced they had seen the last of Space King Pig and his cosmic cronies, but Super Red wasn't so sure. using his mask's hyper-zoom vision he scanned the sector. He was right. The Piggies had retreated to a distant galaxy, a strange realm where the planets seemed to be made of grub. Worst of all, Big Bork was about to tuck into an eggsteroid!

Luckily reinforcements had arrived from Piggy Island. Feeling left out, Bubbles had made his way through the wormhole. Had the piggies finally bitten off more than they could chew?


While in the first three games, Bubble's ability is similar, almost identical, there are multiple notable changes to Bubbles' ability in this game. Bubbles is notably much lighter, and when his ability is activated he tends to begin drifting from the gravitational fields. This is much more obvious when he is underwater, as he almost shoots up out of the water when he inflates.

He is also much weaker in terms of strength, with the length of time where he is inflated shortened. He will not be able to destroy as much bricks, he will be decent at destroying both glass and wood but will merely bounce off of stone.

He is also not materialized when he deflates - once he begins deflating, he can no longer knock into and destroy objects and pigs near him.

He also now has 2 sprites for when he inflates, rather than one. There is a sprite of him mid-inflating and fully inflated, however the sprite of him mid-inflating only appears for a extremely short period of time. In fact, most players will only be able to see it if they pause the level at the right time.

Angry Birds Friends

Template:Infobox character 2

Bubbles' technical first appearance into Angry Birds Friends was in Pig Tales Level 5,you can also find him in Angry Birds Friends on mobile,on the level 5 of the tutorials and on the tournaments on both devices

He was introduced into the game in 2013, 2 years after his official debut, and in that time it was a new character to be introduced in the game. (Hal,though not member of the core flock, still appeared since the release of the game)

He is also the only character to not have a design change.  Quite literally, all of the characters in the game but Bubbles recieved change from their Chrome to their Toons design (excluding Hal, who received an different design entirely) while Bubbles kept his original, classic design (Due to him not having a different design in Toons)

Very early on in the game when he was first introduced, Bubbles was named "Orange".

Bubbles is also available as a purchasable and customizable avatar for the player.


While there are no changes to Bubbles' size, ability, and basic principles, he does recieve an extreme increase in strength. He can easily break through wood and at times will not lose speed or angle, as if it does not affect him. (though it does mean that his ability would be activated) He is also better at breaking through glass, especially if the glass shards are damaged. He again, however, will not be able to destroy stone.

This holds especially true if the player chooses to purchase the Golden Slingshot or any of the other special slingshots. If they increase his strength in wood, he will notably be much stronger.

If you activate Bubbles' ability and he expands into the ground, he will not glitch and dissappear, but will instead be stuck into the ground until he deflates. However, this will only happen if he is weighed down by blocks or indestructable materials.

Angry Birds Go!

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles is featured as a playable character, and as it is a 3D game, he and all the other characters were given 3D character models. He didn't face much change in terms of appearance or voice audio. He is the first character to be introduced in the Air theme.

He is the only character with 2 different 3D models, one where he is inflated and one where he isn't.

Like all the other characters, Bubbles has his own kart, the Rapid Rider. (costing 1,500 gems)


Bubbles has one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and his ability is adapted from the other games he's appeared in.  When his ability is activated, his kart dissapears and he inflates, rolling down the track. His speed and size increase greatly.

His ability is very versatile. Players can use it to knock into opponents, forcing them out of the way. (and at times tossing them into the air) For players attempting to collect coins, Bubbles can collect entire groups of coins when inflated. This is also very useful when collecting fruit or ice cream.

Bubbles is also not as light when inflated as he is in other games; in fact being extremely heavy. Thus, the player will not have to worry about him floating off the ground, or losing control of him. He also expands much larger than he does in the previous Angry Birds games.

He used to be unlockable through Boss Battles, and the player would have to beat him 3 times in the "Balloon Frenzy" track. In these battles, he would try to divert the player by sending boxes of TNT, coins, or boosts tied to balloons.

As of v2.0, Boss Battles were removed and replaced with the Campaign Map. Once you get a star in the campaign level 3, race 5, you will unlock Bubbles and will be able to play as him.

Angry Birds Transformers

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles appears in Angry Birds Transformers as the counterparts of Jazz (in the Target: 2006 squad), Ricochet (in the Hotrods squad), and Blaster (in the Instruments of Destruction squad). Like Angry Birds Go!, the game is based off of 3D models, and Bubbles' head mount on his characters is taken straight out of the Angry Birds Go! game.

This is the first time of any of Bubbles' appearances that his ability is not based off of inflating.

In the comics for the game, Bubbles, like the rest of the flock, touches the EggSpark in order to Transform and they fight to save Piggy Island.

Jazz's description in-game:

Jazz understands that it's not what you do that counts, but how cool you look doing it. He's stylish and knows it, but doesn't see a need to show off.

Being transformed by the Eggspark hasn't changed Jazz's love of candy. In fact, he's only battling to save Piggy Island because of all the delicious candies on it!

As one of Optimus Prime's sub-commanders, Jazz if often sent on top-secret missions. He's always calm and cool under pressure.

A balanced mix of rapid fire and fast speed means Jazz should take on towers and flying enemies, and dodge tougher treats.

Like most of the light, fast characters, the trick to using Jazz if quickly working out which targets you can take on and which you should leave.

Ricochet's description in-game:

Introducing the sharpest of sharpshooters: Ricochet!

Blaster's description in-game:

Blaster has always loved rock 'n' roll, but since teaming up with Bubbles his musical tastes have become more... sugary. 

Turns out Bubbles' love of candy extends to all things sweet, meaning Blaster's been busting out moves to the latest high-pitched bouncy pop sensation. Have you ever seen a giant robot dancing like your dad? Awk...ward.

Still, Blaster's got it where it counts - those Eggbots are gonna get scrambled!

Blaster's weapon uses rapid fire sound waves that can penetrate through objects, so try to shoot targets at the back and the ones in the front will be destroyed on the way! instruments of destruction


Jazz is not very strong, so the player should target unarmored pigs or structures that are very weakly supported. Jazz is fairly fast, so in situations where he is overwhelmed with targets the player can easily escape by activating his vehicle form. The player can also put a bit of reliance on his health, as he is a bit tougher than when it comes to his speed.

Ricochet can shoot missles that bounce off of their targets, which can cause multiple structures to fall over if shot at the right angle. This can be very useful if the player can make the right shots, and each missle can bounce twice off of structures.

Blaster's ability is very similar to the others in his squad. He can shoot "soundwaves" that can pass through objects, damaging/destroying them in the process. Because of this, the game recommends that players aim for targets in the back, so that the blasts reach the end but also hit anything that may be in their path.

Angry Birds Fight!

Bubbles does not appear in the game, but his audio can be heard when you match 4 of Stella's icons.

Angry Birds Blast!

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles appears as one of the main birds for Angry Birds Blast!, and is the only bird in the game that isn't part of the core 5 flock. 

Bubbles doesn't appear in any of the themes the levels are based off of, such as Beach DayPiglantis, or Pig City from Angry Birds 2.

Bubbles' Unique Quest:

"Find some hatchlings to join the masquerade!"

Each character has a unique task for the player, who then can complete them by playing and beating levels with Hatchlings shown on them. Bubbles' quest can earn the player a pink and a blue hatchling.

In the quest's menu, Bubbles wears his halloween vampire costume.


Bubbles, like all of the birds, is not playable. He has no abilities or special features. Instead, the player is given full control, and his/her objective is to free the birds incased in bubble boxes by popping groups of them in 2 or more. The main color of the bird is the same as the bubble, so of course Bubble's bubble blocks will be orange.

If the player breaks open blocks with Bubbles inside, he will fly off the screen and the player will obtain points.

Angry Birds Toons

Template:Infobox character 2Bubbles is included as a special main character in soley the Halloween based episodes, which happen once every season.

To see Bubbles' involvment in the Toons series, see the three episodes below:

Angry Birds 2

Template:Infobox character 2

When Angry Birds 2 first launched, it was stated by Rovio that Bubbles chose to "sit out" of the game, along with Hal and Stella. However, the orange bird was added to the game on March 26, 2019 as an extra bird.


His powers are the same as in most Angry Birds games (inflating), but he does not do his damaging deflation ability. Instead, he pops dealing almost no damage.

Angry Birds Movie

Bubbles appears as a side character, and is voiced by Ian Hecox. He works with Hal at Matilda's anger management center, and from then on appears occasionally in the rest of the movie, along with fighting in the battle with the pigs. 

To see Bubbles' involvment in the movie, see here.


  • Bubbles and Hal are the only birds to first appear kidnapped by the pigs.
  • Along with Stella, Bubbles is one of the only 2 birds that were first introduced into the Flock during an Angry Birds Seasons episode.
  • Bubbles' sprite sheets are seperate to the other birds' sprites, which are all contained on one page.
  • Bubbles was the first and only bird to be released in an update for Angry Birds Space.
  • Bubbles was inflated in the 1984-2009 Nickelodeon logo with the Minion Pigs in christmas special.
  • Bubbles and Hal are so far the only two birds that do not have a Star Wars counterpart.  
  • Angry Birds Friends used to state Bubbles as "Orange". This has since been fixed in updates.
  • Bubbles' Favorite holiday is Halloween,which we can see in most media like games (Such as Seasons and Blast) and in the cartoon Angry Birds Toons.
  • If Bubbles is inflated, he is the largest bird in the flock, not counting the Mighty Eagle, beating Terence and Matilda.
  • Bubbles's ability is similar to a male Frigatebird inflating his red gular 'bag'.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Bubbles is more like an adult than a kid and he also doesn't have an addiction for candy.

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