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Build-A-Blue is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description[]

The Blues get their building hats on once again when they decide to take over and help Dad with his latest project for Mom.


Olive Blue and Greg Blue were sitting at an outdoor table. The mother of the family drew a bench that her husband could make, and with the help of segments indicated the dimensions and decorated the drawing with hearts. Greg laughed at his willingness to do the job and spun the hammer in the wing, but it hit his forehead with it. After that, Olive gave her husband the drawing, smiling, but as soon as he moved away, she gasped, foreseeing the result.

And so it happened - Greg haphazardly hammered a lot of nails into the boards, not leveling the hats with their surfaces, and for some reason decided to change the steel hammer to a mallet. But he was happy with his work. But The Blues realized that the product looked stupid - unevenly nailed to each other boards overlapped (which added unevenness to the seat and back). After a few seconds, the bench cracked and crumbled, some of the nails popped out. And the "master", pleased with his "labor exploits", calmly fell asleep ...

Then Jim took the drawing and showed it to the brothers. They gladly volunteered to help. But at first, they didn't succeed either - Jake did not hold the boards that Jim drilled with a drill, and they flew off, slightly touching the tuft of Olive, who was watering the flowers. She turned around and the children saw it. But, remembering that the father was sleeping, they urgently decided to save him from shame. Jim put glasses with painted eyes on him, gave him a blueprint to his father's wing, and waved the wing. The mother smiled, waved back, and went on with her work.

Soon, the chicks came up with a new way to imitate work: they stretched vines from a tree from Trampoline Rescue, gave their father a hammer in the wing, and began to control him like a puppet. Mom was pleased, and while she turned away, the children were able, wielding a drill, a hammer and a saw, to make a seat and two thick legs and fasten them together.

But, returning from watering, Olive noticed Greg sleeping upside down in the vine, and then Jim ran to distract his mother with his dance. In the meantime, Jake and Jay put a completed bench under Greg and lowered him off the vines. He woke up and stared in bewilderment at the hammer in the wing. Olive, noticing the bench with Greg, ran up to him and kissed him, thanks for the work done, and Greg laughed and turned to the trio of chicks. Jim winked at him.



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Angry Birds Blues - Build-A-Blue - S1 Ep28

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