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Different bumper-like materials found in the series are shown below.


A Rubber

The purple material in the picture is Rubber

Rubber is a purple soft, bouncy material used by the Pigs in Angry Birds. It first appears in the episode Danger Above, and is represented as purple ovals connected to each other.

Rubber was made to repel the Birds and essentially, cannot be destroyed. Whenever a bird hits rubber, it will bounce back and make a "sproing" noise. Rubber functions similarly to floaties and umbrellas in Angry Birds Rio.

Objects can also be bounced around with rubber, such as Stone balls or Wood planks, but are damaged every time they hit the rubber.

The only known way to destroy them is by getting the Mighty Eagle to hit it.


In the Birdday 5 levels, there's a eraser that works like a bumper, but it's much weaker, bouncing characters and objects to a really short distance.


The rhinoceros first appears in level 4 of Birdday 5. He blinks in the levels. He bounces characters with little strength and is a bit strong when destroying objects.


Jell-O Peices

Jell-O in Utopia 4-2

Jell-O is a material used in Angry Birds Space. It is first seen in Utopia 4-1 . They appear in most levels of Utopia and some levels of Red Planet. Jell-O is like trampoline in ABO. Like other objects, this object cannot be be destroyed.


The trampoline first appears in level 9. In the game, it works the same way as rubber, but its strength is a bit different.

Angry Birds Stella Version


  • Rubber, along with Eggs and Ground are the only indestructible objects in the game. However, The Mighty Eagle is the only bird that can destroy Rubber.
  • In Angry Birds Rio, Matilda's eggs can bounce off of rubber-like materials.

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