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The Bunny Business Tournament is an Angry Birds Friends! Tournament that happened on:

  • Tournament Mania 1 (April 13th to April 14th 2017)
  • Tournament Mania 2 (April 15th to April 16th 2017)
  • Tournament Mania 3  (April 17th to April 19th 2017)
  • Tournament 1 2018 (March 25th to March 27th 208)
  • Tournament 2 2018 (March 28th to March 29th 2018)
  • Tournament Frenzy 2019 (April 22th to April 29th 2019)
  • Tournament Frenzy 2 2019 (April 23th to April 30th 2019)
  • Tournament Frenzy 3 2019 (April 27th to May 4th 2019)

It's an Easter Tournament filled with Bunny pigs, golden bunnies and even chicks! Not only this but hitting a bucket of colourful paint will make every normal (Not from birds) eggs into colourful ones! Along with this, the League Ratings in 2017 were all in double, double points, double the fun!

It introduces the fairy dust from Pig Tales into the tournaments.



The evil Easter bunnies are here, trying to steal all our delicious eggs (they are filled with chocolate! The eggs I mean, not the bunnies...).
How would you stop the Trojan Bunny? Attacking straight on with Chuck or Terence ? Or maybe with an amazing loop with Hal?


2017 and 2018

It's the same background from the 2016 Easter Tournament but with an afternoon background and a magic purple fog with stars, the pallette is pastel.


It's set on the forest ofRise And Swine but on afternoon and the plants and trees are swamp-green.

New Features

It featured several things, such as:

  • New Easter Eggs: Easter Eggs with new colour!
  • Egg Holder: To hold eggs.
  • Normal Eggs: Eggs filled with chocolate. They are white at first but they then become colourful!
  • Colourful Paint Bucket: An easy to destroy object, it colours all white eggs and leaves paint on the ground.
  • Chick: An animal that appears in the levels.
  • Chocolate Egg: A delicious easy to destroy object.
  • Golden Bunny: A golden bunny statue that gives 5000 points when collected.
  • Golden Large Egg: A large egg that gives 5000 points when collected.
  • Moving Bunny Ears: A pig's wear that moves! They come in blue and pink colour.
  • Fairy Wings: Another pig's wear.


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Angry Birds Friends - Bunny Business

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