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Caged Birds
Gender Male and female
Species Macaws (Blue and Gold Macaws and Spix's Macaws), Crimson-hooded Manakin, Scarlet Ibis, Green and Blue Honeycreepers, Mountain Bluebird, Canary and Summer Tanager.
Size Small, medium and large
Abilities None (except Blu and Jewel who can fly straight forward)
Strength Weak or medium
First appearance unknown

Caged Birds are a few species of birds (purple, pink, red, blue, yellow and green; also a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Ibis) that appear in Smuggler's Den, The Airfield Chase and Smuggler's Plane as prisoners of the Smugglers. It is implied that they, like the Angry Birds (Red, Jay, Jake, and Jim, Chuck, Bubbles, Hal, Matilda, Bomb and Terence.) are rare species as the official game trailer refers to them as, "exceptionally rare species". The other birds try to free them from their cages by slinging themselves at the cages; when a cage breaks, the caged bird flies away.


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