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Cake Duel is the nineteenth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description[]

Those hungry hogs love nothing more than pigging out on sweet treats, but what if there's only one slice of cake?


A slice of cake is on top of a wooden crate. Then, we see two Minion Pigs walking, but they noticed the cake. He wanted to eat it, and so did the other Minion Pig, but there was only one slice of cake. They now decided to look away from each other and wore the same costumes (top hats and monocles) then they look away from each other again. Suddenly, the two Minion Pigs had an idea. Their intersecting tails were showing that they needed the battle to determine who will eat the cake. At no avail, they start battling each other using only their tails. They both do evil laughs, and then they continue battling each other with their tails, when suddenly, the slice of cake was no longer one slice of cake anymore, it was a half of a slice of a cake. The crate was split, too. The two Minion Pigs looked surprised. They then ate their respective slices. As the credits rolled, the episode's epilogue can be heard.


  • At this moment of Toons.TV, the "Up or Down" episode was switched because of the security threats on bug issues of the video episode is "Cake Duel".
  • This is the third episode to have a variant of the Piggy Tales music. The first being Super Glue, and the second being Up or Down?.
  • The cake is based on the cake left on the road in Rise and Swine from Bad Piggies, but in a different color.
  • There was a sound glitch that could make the sound not play when watching in an Angry Birds app.
  • There is a tournament called the Cake Race in Bad Piggies.




Piggy Tales - Cake Duel - S1 Ep19

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