Camp Scary is the fifth episode of Angry Birds Stella Toons season 2 and the eighteenth overall.

This episode was aired on November 20, 2015.


When camping in the jungle, beware of the things that go BUMP in the night – and the things that go SCREEEEEECH for that matter. And the things that go GROOOOOWL... yeah, beware of those too.


It was a dark and cold night, Poppy was showing a scary puppet story to Dahlia and Willow who was later frightened by the "boo!" Poppy. Poppy laughs at them and takes out a marshmallow bag filled with marshmallows. Willow and Dahlia saw and wanted some then Poppy led them to the tent. Later that night, they were all asleep then a small figure was seen sprinting through the bushes making a cry loud enough for Dahlia and Willow to hear. They wake up and then they shake Poppy to wake her up. Poppy wakes up and spotted Willow and Dahlia were shivering and then the cry was heard once again then they hide under the blanket. Poppy laughs at them then she unzips the tent zipper to check what's causing the noise. She looks around and finds nothing then she hears sounds coming from a bush followed by a cry. Poppy freaks out and runs towards the tent in terror and attempts to open the zipper but Willow keeps it shut because she was scared. Poppy breathes heavily then she grabs a branch then tosses it at the bush with no reply. She later calmed down and overheard Willows voice shivering in fear then she plots to scare Willow and Dahlia. They hear Poppy screaming while she was running around the tent then loud stomping was heard. Poppy made sounds that made Willow and Dahlia think that she chased away the beast. They unzip the tent's zipper and see Poppy standing on a pile of leaves biting on a leaf with her face covered with face paint then she takes out the bag of marshmallows eat takes a bite on one of them.

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Characters (in order of appearance)


  • This is the first time in season 2 and second time overall not to have the appearance of Stella and Luca. For the overall, the first was Piggy Love.
  • Dahlia acted similar to Gale after seeing the golden egg in another room of the creature's cave.
  • This is the third time the real golden egg appeared and the first time in Season 2.


  • Luca is in the credits list, but he did not appear in the episode himself.


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