Canyon Land - 1 is the first level of Canyon Land.


Tiny Snow Pig

Tiny Snow Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 525


Chilly Blow

50% chance to immediately remove all helpful effects from target. Deals 82 damage.

Frost Hog Frost Hog

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 2188


Shattering Blow

Charge: 3 turns. Deals N damage. Target receives 0.2N damage each turn for 3 turns.



Passive: Attack power increases as the Rage Chilli fills.


Choose Matilda in Druid, Bomb in Cannoneer and The Blues in Rogues. Heal with Matilda if the birds' healths are not full and if they're full, attack with her. Then attack with the others. Use the Rage Chili on The Blues when it is full. Repeat this over until you win or either lose.

In Summary

Tiny Snow Pig can remove helpful effects, but is somewhat weaker than Snow Pig. Frost Hog can inflict poison, so beware.


Angry Birds Epic Canyon Land Level 1 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Epic Canyon Land Level 1 Walkthrough

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