Cardboard king pig

A Cardboard King Pig

Cardboard Cutouts appear in Mighty Hoax. In the opening cutscene of Mighty Hoax, King Pig was holding a cardboard cutout of himself, 
Cardboard egg

A Cardboard Egg Falls

and they left some cardboard cutout eggs in the birds' nest. Then, in the second cutscene, the Birds break the King Pig cutout. And then, in the ending cutscene, they break another cardboard cutout and get their eggs back, and King Pig hides behind a cardboard cutout bush (except in Angry Birds Trilogy, where Bomb stands on a cardboard cutout squashing the King Pig).

And also in Angry Birds Chrome, in Chrome Dimension, on the right, you see that King Pig is hiding at a Chrome Symbol cardboard cutout.


  • Although the pigs were changed to their Chrome design in the cutscenes in the normal Angry Birds game, in the latest version, the King Pig cardboard cutout is still non-Chrome.
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