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Carl is an eagle who works for Zeta.


He is a tall skinny pink golden eagle, with a curved orange beak with a red spot, white belly, pink tail feathers, purple wings, and orange claws. He wears a dark blue Eagle Island security hat and a black utility belt with a golden buckle.


He is serious about his work, often getting angry with his best friend, Jerry, because of something he did, like trying to eat fish during duty due to his breakfast being small. He is a lot suspicious of who wants to enter the Eagle Island base. He also hates when he sips hot chocolate and his brain freezes.

He then danced with the other eagles on the breakdance battle. 

Media Appearances

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Carl makes a cameo appearance along with Jerry in The Angry Birds Movie 2 event in Angry Birds Dream Blast.



  • Carl (2019)
    • Set Number: 81034
    • Pieces: 5

Carl was the last figure released in the Edukie Angry Birds theme, displaying him on a baseplate similar to the Lego Collectable Minifigure Series theme. His hat, like his partner Jerry, can be removed from his head, and can be placed on characters like the Pigs.



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