Carnival Upheaval
Episode number 4
Levels 30
New features Blu
Released June 8, 2011
Game(s) Angry Birds Rio
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Beach Volley Airfield Chase

Carnival Upheaval is the fourth level of Angry Birds Rio. It has a moving background. Blu is unlocked as playable without Jewel on Level 4-1, after he is launched, he will act as a normal bird but you can make him try to fly and shake structures or just wait until he hits a block.

You can collect the golden papayas along the way. The Pigs return in this theme, this time in the form of balloons, they are worth 5000 points. The last level of Carnival Upheaval, level 4-30, is a boss fight with Mauro, the leader of the marmosets.

Unlike other levels, you are fighting on a carnival car, not the ground.

The end cutscene shows a single panel of Blu launching himself to the allegoric car with the rare species caged again. The other panels show Blu finding Jewel until Nigel captures him in the allegoric car, which the Birds follow to the airfield.








30 Stars Bonus50 Stars Bonus70 Stars BonusFeather Bonus3 Star LevelPapaya Bonus




Blu in flight

  • When you take a look at the background, you can see a Pig at the stand and humans.
  • There are marmosets in this episode, like the two episodes with marmosets in Jungle Escape and Beach Volley.

  • Blu looks shocked when you fling him, because he isn't prepared.

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