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Catch of the Day is the twenty-eighth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on September 22, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

Corporal Pig has gone fishing for eggs! From his boat he attaches a sink plunger to a fishing line and sends it toward the island where the eggs are. But he doesn't know that the Blues are also there with lots of ideas of what to put in the plunger.



At the beach, there is a ship with Corporal Pig and the Minion Pigs. They plan to steal The Eggs one by one with the use of a plunger gun, where Jay, Jake, and Jim were watching them while doing their things. The pigs prepare and start to fire the plunger, but it doesn’t attach to the eggs. When the Minion Pig reels back in the plunger, nothing came up.

Mad that the Minion Pig could not aim properly, Corporal Pig takes the plunger and fires it away, this time landing on the target. However, the Blues were prepared and this time, one of them moves the nest out on time. Now catching onto what was happening, the Blues decide to play a prank. They attach an orange rock and tug it on the rope. Happy he got an egg, he reels it back fast but flung the rock right into his head. Corporal Pig fires off the plunger again allowing the Blues to play pranks on him by attaching random objects onto the plunger. The items included a log, a chair, a lamp, a damaged washing machine, a bike, a broken car, a violin, and a ming vase.

Eventually, after throwing the vase to the back, he hears it shatter. Turning around, Corporal Pig sees that he has failed many times and that the two Minion Pigs were using whatever he collected for their own fun. Corporal Pig, deciding enough was enough, takes out a giant plunger. He fires it but it flies over the eggs.

Once he gets what he thought was an egg, Corporal Pig decides to reel it in. The Blues are then surprised to see what he stuck. Meanwhile, Corporal Pig tries reeling the "egg" in but the reel machine breaks, so he uses the boat. As he drives the boat to pull out the "egg", he turns to see in horror that he actually caught Terence. The big bird then smashes through the dock, taking the Minion Pigs with him and causing the boat to sink.

Reaching the boat's bow, Corporal Pig tries to inflate his lifejacket but it appeares that it's too late, as Terence floats back up with his helmet.

In the credits, however, it is revealed that Corporal Pig managed to survive in time.



  • The back of Corporal Pig's boat says Porka. This is a reference to the movie Jaws; the protagonist's boat in the movie says "Orca".
  • The Blues' theme song is different compared to the episode True Blue, and the theme song of this episode is likely similar to Double Take.
  • The vase from the Ming dynasty that the Blues put on the plunger had a depiction of the Mighty Dragon on it.
  • This is the first episode written by Les Spink.
  • Terence is noticeably bigger than in most episodes.
  • The fish when the Minion Pigs take a break is reused from Hog Roast.
  • The destroyed vehicle seen in the episode bears a great resemblance to the Volkswagen Beetle.
  • A full list of what Corporal Pig caught with the plunger:
    • A toy ball.
    • A tree stump.
    • A chair.
    • A lamp.
    • A washing machine.
    • A bicycle.
    • A double bass.
    • A Chinese vase from the Ming dynasty.
    • A broken-down Volkswagen Beetle.
    • A wooden giraffe.
    • An old tire.
    • Various old shelves.
    • An old bed.
    • Much more items
    • Terence.
  • This is the only episode that features Corporal Pig in the title card.


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