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[[Category:Angry Birds Toons Season 3]]
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Catching The Blues is the tenth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the eighty-eight overall. It premiered on December 11, 2015.

Toons.TV Description

Mustache Pig seizes the perfect opportunity to catch that one blue bird. There’s no escaping now!


The episode starts with one of the Blues on a cliff sitting in a chair reading a comic book. Then, Foreman Pig is seen on a tall rock, spying on Jay. He then sees the eggs, followed up by consulting his blueprint of a trap which he proceeded to construct. Alerted by the noise made by the construction, the Blue calls out his brothers who then saw Foreman Pig's constructing and disguising the trap. The other blues became angry at Foreman but when the first blue told them his plan, they agreed and pretended to never see the plan.

Soon, the trap was complete. Foreman Pig used birdseed to lure the Blue reading the comic, causing him to fall for the trap. then, another of the Blues comes and freed the trapped Blues, who was unharmed, just like their plan. Foreman Pig then comes to steal the eggs but then sees the supposedly trapped Blue unharmed sitting on his deck chair who said "Hey!". Confused, Foreman Pig went back to check his trap to find it empty.

Improving on the trap, Foreman Pig made sure that the trapped Blue will not be freed again. Repeating the procedure, he went back to the eggs to find the trapped Blue waiting for him and saying "Hey hey.". Seeing that the trapped failed again, he whined so loudly that the entire piggy island could be seen and his whine could still be heard.

Foreman Pig then used a metal safe for his trap and repeats the trapping process. This time he managed to trap the blue and get the eggs, or so he thought. Turns out the Blues were underneath the eggs and he fell for his own trap. Soon, he was flung by the slingshot to King Pig's castle, destroying it. The credits then roll.




Piggy Island in AB Toons

Whole shot of Piggy Island.

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