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Cave Pig is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixty-first overall.

This episode was aired on December 14, 2014.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs discover a perfectly preserved Cave Pig in a block of ice. Absolutely nothing bad will happen if they keep it at room temperature right?



At the start, Corporal Pig and three minion pigs were seen in a snowy area, with one using a lever. The minion pig levered a block of ice. Then, they wrapped it and headed back to Pig City. In Pig City, Chef Pig was giving multiple frosting colored cupcakes to King Pig when the door opened. Once they were inside, Corporal Pig and his assistants unwrapped it and revealed a prehistorical Cave Pig. They placed it on a chair as King Pig's personal display figure, but it started to melt, because there were candles nearby.

At night, King Pig woke up and went to the fridge, but then he noticed a shadow, which turned out to be the Cave Pig. Chef Pig, who happened to carry a bag of groceries, went into the kitchen to see that King Pig and the Cave Pig were fighting over the cupcakes. Shocked, Chef Pig quickly took King Pig away and together, they hatched a plan to refreeze the cave Pig; using a trail trap to lure Cave Pig into a pool of freezing water using cupcakes as a bait.

Once the trap was set, they waited for Cave Pig to eat through the trail but King Pig's hunger got the better of him, as he started to eat away at the other end of the trail. Shocked by what King Pig was doing, Chef Pig tried to no avail to stop him before it was too late. In the mess, King Pig and Chef Pig fell into their own trap with Cave Pig getting his crown.

Later on, Cave Pig briefly stopped eating the line of cupcakes the Minion Pigs were serving him to laugh at his new display of King Pig and Chef pig, which the former was still trying to get the frozen cupcake.

At the end of the credits, Cave Pig could be heard burping from all the cupcakes he ate.



  • In the Sneak Peak of this episode, there are no photos of the apps.
  • At 0:29, a picture of another King of the Pigs could be seen. However, it was not there in 0:37.


  • If you look closely, Red's pig form from Pig Plot Potion appears on Chef Pig's mug.
  • This episode, like others, either uses the word "Pig" or a word that is associated with the word "Pig" in its title.
  • The pig in this episode is possibly an Entelodont . Despite this, he wears cave clothing.
  • The Cave Pig bears a slight resemblance to King Pig himself, except he has hair, bushy eyebrows, and has no liver spots. For this reason, fans would assume that Cave Pig is King Pig's ancestor.



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