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Chalk It Up is the twelfth episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

Toons.TV Description[]

There are two sides to every fight.


A pig is drawing a pig on a chalkboard but it shakes and the pig gets confused, he draws the ears with effort but the chalkboard shakes again, he then draws other ears on the pig but it shakes again.

He gets angry but sees a pig on the other side of the chalkboard, they try to compete against their side and rotate to play ping-pong, sword fight with the chalks but then dynamite falls on it, which the pigs try to put it on the sides. They get on top of the board but the chalkboard goes down a trapdoor, exploding.


  • The ''p1G'' in this episode to the equation e=MC2, Which means E represents units of energy, m represents units of mass, and c 2 is the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself.
  • This is the first episode of Piggy Tales Third Act to feature an explosive. (Time bomb)
  • The pig face text in title card that reference to Lenny face meme or kaomoji.



Piggy Tales - Third Act - Chalk It Up - S3 Ep12

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