Chef Pig



ABMovie Chef Pig

Abilities None
First Appearance Dessert Mode in Bad Piggies
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Angry Birds Toons

Bad Piggies (game)
Angry Birds Epic (As Wizpig)
Angry Birds Transformers (As Soundwave, Energon Soundwave and Soundblaster)
Angry Birds 2

Strength Unknown
Size Large (mostly)
Small (movie)

   Chef Pig is an antagonist in the Angry Birds series. He appears in Angry Birds Toons, first appearing in True Blue? In this cartoon series, he has a thin black mustache like in the comics. In the Toons episode Trojan Egg and Angry Birds Epic, it is shown that he has a desire to be the King, and is willing to even take over the King Pig for the castle for the crown. He is always an antagonist and has served as King Pig's chef, until the events of Bake On!, where he is replaced by a Minion Pig.

His first appearance in apps was in the v 1.3.0 update of Bad Piggies, where he makes a cameo appearance as a silhouette carrying a chocolate cake in the episode Rise and Swine. Other things he was shown include the images in Angry Birds Birdsonality.  


«The Chef Pig is a maverick. He is a level-headed observer: calm and collected. Observant and analytical, he takes action to solve even the most complex problems at hand. He gets frustrated with rigid rules and routines and prefers to be in charge of his own time, so that he can work independently on projects he finds interesting and challenging».




  • He appears in the Angry Birds Christmas Comic as well, where he is fed up with making endless meals for the King Pig, so he and the King Pig go around stealing eggs.
  • He appears to be the smartest pig in the comics. For instance, in the comics, he has given King Pig ideas, but must give King Pig the credit to avoid a punishment.
  • Chef Pig also appears in the 6th level of the Angry Birds 2 tournament in Angry Birds Friends. He can take several hits, just like in Angry Birds 2.
  • In the Christmas comic, it is revealed that he wrote the Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes book.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, his hut can be seen next to the King Pig's palace. It looks like a stock pot, has a pig nose, and has his mustache. You can see it in the first scene of the episode, «Where's My Crown?».
  • The Mighty Eagle trailer and recipe book show a Minion Pig with a chef hat, although it is not Chef Pig. There was also a Chef Pig Plush, but the plush doesn't have the shape of the Chef Pig's body nor does the plush have the Chef Pig's mustache.
  • His first appearance in the Angry Birds franchise is in the Halloween Comic.
  • In the comics, the Chef Pig has a round body like most of the Bad Piggies. But in the Birdsonality Test, Bad Piggies (App), and Angry Birds Toons, he has a body that looks similar to the Foreman Pig, except his body is shaped upside down. Other factors that make him different his comic book counterpart is that ears are positioned to the right side of his head like the King Pig and has 3 spots that can be seen on his head (can also be occasionally seen a few times in Angry Birds Toons.
  • Chef Pig, along with Foreman Pig and Corporal Pig, acts more of antagonists than King Pig in Angry Birds Toons except in Slingshot 101.
  • Before 2013, Chef Pig was round. (same with the plush toy)
  • Chef Pig has appeared in most castle levels in Angry Birds Epic as Wizpig.
  • In Angry Birds 2, Chef Pig appears in every location as the first boss.
  • Chef Pig appears in Angry Birds Seasons on Pig Day level to promote Angry Birds 2.
  • Angry Birds Transformers marks the first time Chef Pig was ever playable (as Soundwave).
  • He is known as Scientist Pig in Angry Birds Fight!, a reference to his role in Pig Plot Potion.
  • He serves energy in the Daily Gourmet of the Angry Birds Ace Fighter.
  • "Wizpig", his name in Angry Birds Epic, is a portmanteau of "Wizard" and "Pig". It is also the name of the main antagonist of the N64 game Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS Remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS.