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Scientist Pig redirects here. For the pig that appears in Angry Birds 2 called Science Pig, see Angry Birds 2/Special Pigs.

"Another culinary masterpiece! Just need a touch of paprika, a bit of garnish and... Here you are, my king."
Chef Pig, Angry Birds Comics Issue 3 (2016), (Chef Pig in... Marketing Strategies For Growth In Uncertain Times story)

Chef Pig (also known as Scientist Pig) is the tertiary antagonist in the Angry Birds series. In the Angry Birds Toons episode Trojan Egg and in Angry Birds Epic, it is shown that he has a desire to be the King, and is willing to even take over King Pig's whole castle for the crown.


Main article: Chef Pig/Angryverse

Chef Pig is a peach-shaped pig with three dark green spots on his head, a light green snout, and a long black twirly moustache. He also wears a tall white chef's hat on his head. He also has eyebags under his eyes, which are blue in Bad Piggies and dark green in subsequent appearances.

In Angry Birds Toons, Chef Pig's appearance is similar to his appearance in the games, except that his skin color is now a bit darker, and his facial features are smaller and spaced closer. His mustache has also been known to seemingly move on its own in Angry Bird Toons.

In his prototype design, he has a more egg-like shape, along with his eyebrows being less triangular. His hat is also quite larger and his ears are on opposite sides of his head instead of near each other like his final design.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Chef Pig is a short stone-shaped pig with a dark green mustache and a white apron with the Pirate Pigs' symbol on it.

In Piggy Tales: Third Act, Chef Pig looks similar to his movie design, being a short pig with a curly mustache and a tall chef's hat. In the episode "Final Curtain", he can be seen pulling off his mustache, which may either suggest that Chef Pig's mustache is fake or even that the chef pig in Third Act is not him.

In Angry Birds Football, Chef Pig's appearance is the same as his movie design, but he is larger and wears a coat that has a snout on the right.



Chef Pig and Leonard, from Angry Birds Reloaded.

The Chef Pig is a level-headed observer; calm, collected, observant and analytical. He takes action to solve even the most complex problems at hand. He gets frustrated with rigid rules and routines and prefers to be in charge of his own time so that he can work independently on projects he finds interesting and challenging. The Chef Pig is an excellent cook, preparing delicious foods and delicacies to feed the pigs, especially King Pig. Despite being the top chef in Pig City, he also conducts scientific inventions and experiments, almost like the Professor Pig. He also sometimes gets sad when things have to end, as seen in Final Curtain, but not as much as Janitor Pig.

He has been known to occasionally say (or in some cases, scream) French words, such as in Piggy Tales: Third Act, where he can be heard saying "C'est bon"[citation needed], which roughly translates to "it's good" in French. He also seems to enjoy making pancakes for an audience, but can be irritable when things go wrong.

He has been shown throughout most of his appearances to have desires to steal the throne and rule the Piggy kingdom for himself. His most notable and successful attempt was in Angry Birds Epic, where he takes King Pig's crown and the last of the eggs, fortifying his own castle on Hog Head Mountain. He also transforms into Demonic Wizpig upon being defeated, ensuring no birds can stop him.


  • He appears to be the smartest pig in the comics. For instance, in the comics, he has given King Pig ideas but must give King Pig the credit to avoid punishment.
  • In the Christmas comic, it is revealed that he wrote the Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes book.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, his hut can be seen next to the King Pig's palace. It looks like a stockpot has a pig nose, and has his mustache. You can see it in the first scene of the episode, "Where's My Crown?".
  • In the comics, Chef Pig has a round body like most of the Bad Piggies.
  • Before 2013, Chef Pig was round rather than Triangle-shaped.
  • There are some characters in the Angry Birds (series) that are similar to Chef Pig:
  • "Wizpig", his name in Angry Birds Epic, is a portmanteau of "Wizard" and "Pig".
  • In various episodes, Chef Pig's moustache has been shown to have prehensile capabilities, being able to perform various feats such as:
    • Making an OK sign.(Pig Plot Potion)
    • Making a “Hold on, i forgot something” Sign. (also Pig Plot Potion)
    • Pointing the pigs in the basket towards the eggs. (The Truce)


For the gallery, see Chef Pig/Gallery.

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