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Scientist Pig redirects here. For the pig that appears in Angry Birds 2 called Science Pig, see Angry Birds 2/Special Pigs.
''Another culinary masterpiece! Just need a touch of paprika, a bit of garnish and... Here you are, my king.''Chef Pig, Angry Birds Comics Issue 3 (2016), (Chef Pig in... Marketing Strategies For Growth In Uncertain Times story)

Chef Pig (also known as Wizpig and Scientist Pig) is an antagonist in the Angry Birds series. He appears in Angry Birds Toons, first appearing in True Blue? In this cartoon series, he has a thin black mustache like in the comics. In the Toons episode Trojan Egg and Angry Birds Epic, it is shown that he has a desire to be the King, and is willing to even take over the King Pig for the castle for the crown. He is always an antagonist and has served as King Pig's chef until the events of Bake On!, where he is replaced by a Minion Pig.

His first appearance in apps was in the v 1.3.0 update of Bad Piggies, where he makes a cameo appearance as a silhouette carrying a chocolate cake in the episode Rise and Swine. Other things he was shown include the images in Angry Birds Birdsonality.  


The Chef Pig is a level-headed observer; Calm, Collected, Observant and Analytical. He takes action to solve even the most complex problems at hand. He gets frustrated with rigid rules and routines and prefers to be in charge of his own time so that he can work independently on projects he finds interesting and challenging. The Chef Pig is an excellent cook, preparing delicious foods and delicacies to feed the pigs, especially King Pig. Despite being the top chef in Pig City, he also conducts scientific inventions and experiments, almost like the Professor Pig.

Angry Birds Epic has him deciding to betray King Pig and steal his crown. Presumably by stealing it he was able to increase his power, as he is able to assume a demonic form when the birds fight him again.



He is a peach-shaped pig with 3 dark green spots on his head, light green snout, and a long black French mustache. He also wears a Chef's Hat which is long and white. He also has blue shading under his eyes.

Angry Birds Toons 

His appearance in Toons is similar to his appearance in the games, except that his skin color is now a bit darker and his facial features resemble those of Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races, particularly the grin and eyes.

The Angry Birds Movie

He is a short pig that is stone shaped, the mustache is dark green and he wears a white apron with the Pirate Pigs' symbol on it.

Angry Birds Football

He is the same as his movie design but he is larger and wears a coat instead of an apron that has a snout on the right.

Game Appearances

Bad Piggies

In the game, Chef Pig appears in cutscenes of some episodes but mainly appears in the Feed King Pig mode. In the feed King Pig mode, he will appear sometimes to watch what's happening, he will look to the sides and go away, he appears behind a pillar.

In Rise and Swine, Chef Pig was going to bring desserts for King Pig but Ross and his friends ran with a vehicle near him to get desserts but it ended up ruining them, which Chef Pig angrily said that they were for King Pig and that he will be angry. In The Road to El Porkado, he cooked desserts for King Pig while they waited for Ross to come with the statue. When he was back with the statue, Chef Pig got happy.

Angry Birds Epic

In the game, Chef Pig appears as Wizpig, the true antagonist of the game, he wears a dark blue wizard hat with yellow snouts instead of a Chef Hat. He first appears in Star Reef Castle, Snowy Peak, Pig City and Hog Head Mountain as a boss, where in the last one he turns into Demonic Wizpig. He also appears in events, see his stats here and here and here.

Angry Birds Transformers

Chef Pig makes his first playable debut as Soundwave Pig in Angry Birds Transformers, along with Soundblaster and Breakdown.


Soundwave is a mix of super-loyal second-in-command and devious manipulator. No-one knows if they can trust him! Spoilers: They can't.

Soundwave is always lurking in the background, using his enhanced audio receptors to listen in and spy on all sorts of conversations. He stores all those juicy secrets away, using them at just the right moment to blackmail and cheat. Ooh, sneaky!

As a combination of super-smart manipulator and Piggy Island's top chef, Soundwave has been experimenting with Energon blocks. These powerful but quite explodey lumps of pure energy have been showing up since the EggSpark appeared, and Soundwave hopes to use them in his cunning schemes. Perhaps an army of Energon overcharged minions? Or a plate of Energon-infused cakes? Hmm... it's not the cake one, is it? [1][2]

Matching his cunning use of audio, Soundwave's weapon fires 'sonic waves.' They're not super-powerful or fast firing, but they spread out as they travel. So if you aim carefully, Soundwave's shots can take out a whole mass of targets in one hit. Make sure you target the center of towers, especially if there are lots of ice or wooden blocks! [1][3]

His Energon-overcharged weapon is enormously powerful, but Energon is volatile, so he takes a lot more damage, too! [2]


Soundwave Pig is not too quick on his feet, and his slow-flying sonic-wave blaster is a one-shot affair with a significant pause between shots. This makes him pretty lousy against flying foes (especially missiles, which he has to hit at close range to have any hope of taking them out), and absolutely miserable against tough foes like Walking Mortar Towers, since the initial impact isn't even that strong... but oh, the splash effect on impact. The sonic boom when the sound bubble hits its target can be absolutely devastating at higher levels, obliterating entire block structures -even stone blocks- in a wide range instantly, especially once upgraded with the proper Accessories, leaving the damaged Bad Piggies hanging in midair until they pop on the now-empty ground below. This actually makes this a good weapon against large swarms of flying Pigs, as while the central target will only be partially hurt, the splash effect will pop most other pigs in range instantly.

This makes Soundwave an ideal choice for any block-busting-based Challenge Event to rack up big scores... but you'd best back him up with someone good at taking out foes, especially in the case of an unexpected Boss Pig or Unicron Pig encounter.



Soundblaster is a reborn, more powerful version of Soundwave. He's just as sneaky and devious but is stronger and tougher, and comes in a cool, black color scheme.

Megatron may be the leader of the Deceptihogs right now, but Soundblaster is just waiting for the right moment. He's calm, cunning, and makes a mean soufflé - what more does a leader need?

Soundblaster's chest panel can flip open like an old style cassette player (remember those?). The compartment behind is supposed to be used to store Soundblaster's miniature cronies, but much to his annoyance, Megatron often uses it to make toasted sandwiches. Mmm, tasty!

Soundblaster's vehicle form has a rockin' sound system. Rockin'? Is that what the kids are saying these days? Radical!

As a more powerful form of Soundwave, the same tactics apply. Soundblaster is excellent at knocking down towers or dealing with groups of flying pigs, but he's less effective against tough, single enemies. [4]


At first, Soundblaster seems like a much better choice than Soundwave, since he launches three sound-bubbles (with enough upgrades this changes to five) in a wide horizontal swath at a slightly faster fire rate, and he does more damage to enemies with each blast. This certainly helps him take on small groups of flying foes a lot easier. However, these bubbles lack Soundwave's ridiculous splash damage effect, both in strength and range, being less effective against tougher blocks. But it still lets him cut a pretty wide swath of destruction, especially against towers not yet on-screen as the rightmost sonic waves go hurtling away from the central attack angle.

  • This version of Soundblaster is based on the idea that he is a clone of Soundwave created by Shockwave that originated in the Dreamwave comics and was later reintroduced in the War for Cybertron Netflix series.


Breakdown has an acute sense of paranoia. (Who said that!?). Which hinders everything he does. (Are you looking at me!?). He was originally created to hep rebalance the fight on the ground as the Deceptihogs have supremacy in the air as much the Autobirds rule the ground.

As a chef he's always cooking up a plan or two. Most involve combining with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.

When he transforms, he's usually in danger and thus calls in aerial support. As for weaponry, he has a trusty concussion rifle. [5]


Breakdown continues the recent trend of overpowered characters like Bubbles-as-Mirage and Mighty Eagle-as-Alpha Trion. Although there is the thing about him being paranoid. Which tends to hinder everything he does. Well, except his weapon.

His weapon is a scattershot of rotating lasers that can ricochet. And he calls in the Strikebot bomber every time he turns into vehicle form. Enough to make anyone have a breakdown... except Breakdown, who can casually stroll through a fiery hellstorm. Fun!

Angry Birds Fight

Chef Pig appears as Scientist Pig in Floor 10 of Dr. Pig's Lab after defeating Security Pig, he has a monocle and purple potion and a monocle as accessories.

Like all the characters in-game, he uses as Toons Design with separate sprites for movement.


Like said above, he is the second enemy fought on floor 10. Just like any other enemy, the player has to match birds to get enough protection to fight him. After the turns run out, he is shown to have how much strength he could match and his health is shown as ???, he is not strong and can be easily defeated with a strong bird.

As an ability, he will trap a bird in a stone block, preventing nearby birds from being matched as they can't be combined. After defeating him, the player has to fight Foreman Pig as Chief Pig.

Angry Birds Seasons

Chef Pig first appears in Angry Birds Seasons in the Angry Birds 2 Out Now (4-9) Pig Days level, he uses his Toons appearance of Angry Birds 2.


As said above, he first appears in the level said, where he is in the wooden aircraft of Angry Birds 2, he is very strong in strength but in the level the wood is weak so making him fall and pop is easy. He doesn't blink and have expressions.

He then reappers in Piggywood Studios 2-26, where he is seen cooking for Leonard the same way he does in the movie as it's parodying the dinner scene. This time, defeating him is easy as the cauldron he is standing on is made of wood, but reaching it is difficult.

Angry Birds Friends

Chef Pig appears in level 6 of the Angry Birds 2 Tournament as a boss, he uses a Classic and Toons Design and has injured states.


He is vey strong and takes several hits to be defeated, but using strong birds will defeat him easily. He can get in injured state.

Angry Birds 2

Chef Pig appears in the first official sequel to the original game, Angry Birds 2, as a Boss Pig replacing Corporal Pig. He is first found on level 1 where he sucks the eggs to the aircraft but is fought in level 5.

The game also introduced computer animation for the birds and the pigs, which had never happened with the previous slingshot installments of the series. (which used pre-set separate sprites for when the bird is idle, flies, etc) Chef Pig also appears in his Toons animation style, along with the voice used in the series.


Like said above, he is first fought in level 5, he is very weak at first, with any bird taking a large chunk of his health. However, as the player progresses, he becomes stronger, but Bomb and Terence can deal large damage to him. He is the weakest boss pig of them all and is the first fought on the areas.

When he is a boss on Water Levels, he will wear a buoy and goes to gaps, which often difficults defeating him but there's often an waterfall to make his defeat easier.

Angry Birds Action!

Chef Pig appears in Angry Birds Action! as a 2-hit enemy that wanders around the levels of Piggy Island. He uses his movie design but a bit bigger and has a knife and fork as accessories.


As said above, he appears wandering around the levels of Pig City, he needs to be hit 2 times to be defeated and is often seen during level where the player needs to defeat a determined number of pigs.

Another Chef Pig appears in Leoanard's Castle mixing the soup in the cauldron.

Angry Birds Football

ABFootball ChefPig.png

Chef Pig appears in the comments, talking with a french accent and talking about what he thinks about the game. Just like the other pigs, he tries to blame the Mighty Feathers for making the pigs lose the match.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

He appears cooking in the icon for the daily gourmet, though he doesn't have a major role nor appears as an enemy.

Angry Birds POP Blast

Chef Pig appears as an unlockable character in Angry Birds POP Blast in the piñata where you can get cards to unlock him.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Chef Pig has only appeared in several cutscenes for Angry Birds Reloaded so far but sounds of him are in the files so he might be added as an enemy in a future update.

Media Appearances

Angry Birds Toons

Chef Pig first appears in the episode True Blue? trying to fool The Blues with Piggy McCool. He cooks desserts and more food for King Pig and seems to want to replace him. It seems that his moustache is also used as a hand when he is making expressions.

To see his involvement in the series, see here.

The Angry Birds Movie

Chef Pig appears in The Angry Birds Movie as Leonard's chef that was cooking the eggs for him.


After the pigs stole the eggs, he was seen with a plunger mixing the hot soup where the eggs would be cooked, however Red stopped the net of eggs from falling into the cooking pot and Mighty Eagle made the liquid and cauldron fall on the floor, which Chef Pig had to escape it and escape from the explosion.

"You know what, I quit!"

The Daft Piggies then brought him with a medical bed and they danced.

Piggy Tales: Third Act

Batter Up

He was cooking pancakes during his show and throwing it to the ceiling to make it fall on the pan, however, it never fell back. He then got angry and mixed a lot of dough and launched it at the ceiling, which Fat Pig, that was eating the pancakes, fell on him.

Final Curtain

He throws his pan with dough and mustache in the trapdoor, which Fat Pig jumped to eat the dough.


See Chef Pig/Gallery for images


  • He appears in the Angry Birds Christmas Comic as well, where he is fed up with making endless meals for the King Pig, so he and the King Pig go around stealing eggs.
  • He appears to be the smartest pig in the comics. For instance, in the comics, he has given King Pig ideas but must give King Pig the credit to avoid punishment.
  • Chef Pig also appears in the 6th level of the Angry Birds 2 tournament in Angry Birds Friends. He can take several hits, just like in Angry Birds 2.
  • In the Christmas comic, it is revealed that he wrote the Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes book.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, his hut can be seen next to the King Pig's palace. It looks like a stockpot has a pig nose, and has his mustache. You can see it in the first scene of the episode, «Where's My Crown?».
  • The Mighty Eagle trailer and recipe book show a Minion Pig with a chef hat, although it is not Chef Pig. There was also a Chef Pig Plush, but the plush doesn't have the shape of the Chef Pig's body nor does the plush have the Chef Pig's mustache.
  • His first appearance in the Angry Birds franchise is in the Halloween Comic.
  • In the comics, the Chef Pig has a round body like most of the Bad Piggies. But in the Birdsonality Test, Bad Piggies (App), and Angry Birds Toons, he has a body that looks similar to the Foreman Pig, except his body is shaped upside down. Other factors that make him different from his comic book counterpart is that ears are positioned to the right side of his head like the King Pig and other have 3 spots that can be seen on his head (can also be occasionally seen a few times in Angry Birds Toons.
  • Chef Pig, along with Foreman Pig and Corporal Pig, acts more of antagonists than King Pig in Angry Birds Toons except in Slingshot 101.
  • Before 2013, Chef Pig was round. (same with the plush toy)
  • Chef Pig has appeared in most castle levels in Angry Birds Epic as Wizpig.
  • In Angry Birds 2, Chef Pig appears in every location as the first boss.
  • Chef Pig appears in Angry Birds Seasons on Pig Day level to promote Angry Birds 2.
  • Angry Birds Transformers marks the first time Chef Pig was ever playable (as Soundwave).
  • He is known as Scientist Pig in Angry Birds Fight!, a reference to his role in Pig Plot Potion.
  • The Beast Pig in Angry Birds Friends! in the Iron Maiden Halloween Tournaments 2018 looks like Chef Pig.
  • "Wizpig", his name in Angry Birds Epic, is a portmanteau of "Wizard" and "Pig". It is also the name of the main antagonist of the N64 game Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS Remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS.
  • In various episodes, Chef Pig’s mustache has been shown to have prehensile capabilities, being able to perform various feats such as:
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