On November 29th, 2012, Rovio changed the background of Angry Birds Friends to a winter setting, with a sign in the top right corner that says:

"I-3rd-10th Dec

II-10th-17th Dec
Winter Tournament Sign

The sign that shows that there will be 4 Christmas Tournaments.

III-17th-24th Dec

IV-24th-31st Dec"

This means there were 4 Christmas Tournaments. There was a Winter Bundle, like the Spooky Bundle from the Halloween Tournament. Orange Bird also returns, but Pink Bird didn't make her first debut in Angry Birds Friends. The Tournaments have Winter Wonderham's theme song, but with a different music form near the end of the song, like the Halloween Tournament having Haunted Hogs' Theme Song.  Rovio might start making Tournaments for every Holiday, which is possible.


  • This is the first Holiday Tournament 2012
  • This is also known as the Winter Tournament 1, 2, and 3
  • Snow Blocks appear in these 4 tournaments.
  • The ending cut-scene moves after you beat level 6.
  • Next is Holiday Tournament


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