Chrome Dimension
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Chrome Dimension is an episode of Angry Birds Chrome and Google+. Initially, all of the levels of this episode are unavailable. To unlock them, the player must look for Chrome Symbols hidden in the normal episodes. There are seven symbols hidden within Poached Eggs, three within Mighty Hoax, four within Danger Above, four within The Big Setup, and three within Ham 'Em High. The Chrome Symbols are analogous to Golden Eggs in the full version of Angry Birds. Finding one of these symbols will open up a level in the Chrome Dimension, which contain various colored blocks with images based on commands/buttons from Google Chrome, and boulders and bombs with the Google Chrome Logo (the later serving as the TNT Crates in the episode).


  • The word "Chrome" in the episode's title is a reference to Google's current downloadable web browser, known as Google Chrome. The entire episode itself contains mentions to Google Chrome, per above.
  • Many background objects have the Chrome Symbol on them, such as flowers and clouds.
  • Despite the episode being called "Chrome" Dimension, you do not need to use Google Chrome to play it. You can use Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  • If you find all the levels, you will notice the glow, and King Pig will be hiding behind a cardboard cutout of the Chrome logo instead of one of himself (as in Mighty Hoax.)
  • The Chrome Bricks have these logos on them:
    • The red one has an "edit logo" on it.
    • The green one has the <- logo which is the button to go back a page.
    • The yellow one has the "refresh logo on it, the other one has the "add to favorites" button.
    • And the blue brick has the "incognito" logo on it, sometimes mistaken for an upside-down face.


  • Chrome-1
  • Chrome-2
  • Chrome-3
  • Chrome-4
  • Chrome-4 at full length. The length of the level makes the player almost always accelerate just when he/she throws the bird.
  • Chrome-5
  • Chrome-6
  • Chrome-7
  • Chrome-8
  • Chrome-9
  • Chrome-10
  • Chrome-11
  • Chrome-12
  • Chrome-13
  • Chrome-14.
  • Season's Greedings Bonus Level 1. The code is 11155666.
  • Season's Greedings Bonus Level 2. The code is 23334441.
  • Season's Greedings Bonus Level 3. The code is 33321999.


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