Chronicler Pig



Abilities Throwing his Hammer (in Toons style)
First Appearance Appears in one of the pictures in Haunted Hogs and in Angry Birds Go!
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Toons, Angry Birds Go!
Strength Weak
Size Large

   Chronicler Pig is an unplayable medium pig that first appeared in Love is in the Air of Angry Birds Toons, in Birdsonality Test and Career Test.

Angry Birds Magazine Info

Cited directly from the Angry Birds Magazine.


You'll have to speak up because this ancient piggy is a bit hard of hearing. He also forgets things, which is unfortunate as it's his job to remember them.


Chronicling things, writing with feather pens and collecting scrolls.


  • The Minion Pigs. He thinks they're seriously stupid!
  • Chef Pig! Chronicler thinks he's a liar!


«The Chronicler Pig is a faraway. Persistent, analytical, and independent, he has a strong work ethic and is efficient at getting things done. However, his demanding nature - both of himself and others - can make it difficult for him to work in teams. He's at his best working independently on projects he has control over them.».

- Modified from the Birdsonality Test.

Other games

  • Chronicler Pig also appears in Angry Birds Go!, when the birds first spot the cake. He also shoves King Pig off a slope after King Pig demands the enormous cake.
    • He is also playable only by glitching the game and uninstalling the new version to an old one.
  • Chronicler Pig has also given his name to Chronicle Cave in Angry Birds Epic.
  • The Chronicler Pig was the one who pronounced King Pig and a cabbage (Queen Pig) as husband and wife (seen below).