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"Absurd?!! There are rulers to be followed! Tradition to be honored! Customs and rituals that have made pigs the greatest of all creatures!"
Chronicler Pig, Angry Birds Comics #11 (2016)[2]

Chronicler Pig[1] is a character that appears in the Angry Birds series. He is an elderly pig and an inhabitant of the Piggy kingdom. A staunch conservative, he advocates for the strict adherance of the country's traditions, and dislikes young people for their perceived lack of discipline. Within the kingdom, Chronicler Pig has held many positions, including a marriage officiant[3] and a judge;[4] his main job, however, is interpreting the "Pigora", the ancient laws of the regime. He spends his free time as a historian, documenting the history of the pigs. Despite his positions, he tends to be very forgetful due to his age, causing him to do his tasks poorly.[1]


Chronicler Pig is a green, triangular pig. Due to age, he has several dark spots and wrinkles on his skin, as well as bushy eyebrows. For attire, he wears a pair of glasses and a white powdered wig tied in a queue.

Game appearances

Angry Birds Birdsonality Test

In Angry Birds Birdsonality Test, Chronicler Pig appears as one of the results the user can get at the end of their test, with the character representing "faraway". The profile that is obtained with him is as follows:

Persistent, analytical, and independent, you have a strong work ethic and are efficient at getting things done. However, your demanding nature - both of yourself and others - can make it difficult for you to work in teams. You're at your best working independently on projects you have control over.

Angry Birds Go!

See also: Angry Birds Go!/Unused Content#Chronicler Pig

Chronicler Pig appears in the 1.0.0 version of Angry Birds Go!, being seen only in cutscenes. At the beginning of the game, he appears when the Angry Birds spot the cake that is awarded to the winner of the pigs' race tournament. Also, in the cutscene before racing King Pig, Chronicler Pig is shown pushing the king's kart away when the latter demands the cake be given to him.


"The youth today, always mumbling. Wasn't like this when I was a little piglet."
Chronicler Pig, The World of Angry Birds Official Guide[1]

Chronicler Pig is described as absent-minded, pompous, and judgemental. As the interpreter of the Piggy kingdom's ancient laws, he strongly advocates for their adherance, regardless of how absurd they may appear.[1][2] He also dislikes the youth, criticizing most of the pigs for their perceived lack of discipline and respect for the elders. In his free time, Chronicler Pig goes to the Chronicle Cave, near Pig City, where he uses the green wax there to make statues about the history of the regime.[1]

Powers and abilities

Despite lacking in physical abilities, Chronicler Pig is one of the most intelligent pigs,[5] having made a detailed account of the pigs' history at the Chronicle Cave, and claims to know the biggest secret on Piggy Island. However, due to his age, he has a very short term memory, constantly forgetting what he is about to say and being unable to remember where things are supposed to be when they are disarranged.[1]


Chef Pig

Chronicler Pig resents Chef Pig, largely because of his dishonesty.[1]

Minion Pigs

Unlike most of the higher classes of the Piggy kingdom, Chronicler Pig does not exploit the Minion Pigs for his own benefit. Regardless, he does not hold them in high regard due to their perceived lack of respect for the elders.[1]


  • A portrait of a pig resembling Chronicler Pig appears in the background of Haunted Hogs in Angry Birds Seasons. If the two characters are the same, then this cameo predates Chronicler Pig's debut in Birdsonality Test by several months.


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