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Game appearances

Angry Birds

Chuck's pre-Chrome corpse

Chuck makes his debut in the original Angry Birds game as the third bird introduced and as a member of the core flock. He first appeared in "Poached Eggs 1-16", where he then on appeared in all of the following themes as a playable character (excluding The Big Setup, where he was encaged by the pigs. Chuck also saves Hal in Theme 6-4, where the player must use solely Chuck to pop all the pigs in the level to save Hal, who was encaged by the Bad Piggies.

In a very early version of Angry Birds, Chuck was shown to be a lot more like Red, having the same feathers, eyebrows, and beak. The only real distinction between the two was Chuck's color and shape. This Chuck was in gameplay trailers, showing that this was initially the design for Chuck that Rovio intended to release. However, Chuck's design was changed to be more unique, and this newer design was used when the game was first released. However, Chuck's old design was still used in the cutscenes (though it has since been fixed to his newer appearance).


Chuck's Tutorial

Chuck can increase speed rapidly when the player taps the screen. This makes him a much more versatile character, as he can change direction in case the player shoots a bit off, or reach much farther or higher destinations. In this way, he is often used to access Golden Eggs that are sometimes hidden off-screen.

Chuck's strengths and weaknesses are seen here.

Chuck cannot break through glass very well, smashing one shard of it and then stopping in his tracks. This is a bit strange, as glass is weaker than wood in the game. However, it is known that Chuck is designed to be effective in destroying wood, so this may explain why.

Angry Birds Seasons

Chuck appeared from the very start of the game when it was first known as Angry Birds Halloween. After his first appearance in "Trick or Treat", he is a playable character in all of the themes that follow.

Unlike other installments of the series, Seasons keeps the characters' original designs, so Chuck's sprites are not updated as they eventually were in the original game.

Chuck has unlockable costumes like all of the other characters. However, a very noteworthy one is his Pikachu costume, based on the respective character of the Pokémon series.

It is also notable that very early on in the game, when it was still known as Angry Birds Halloween, Chuck used his red-like design that previously appeared in cutscenes for the original Angry Birds game. Of course, this design was only used in the early cutscenes for "Trick or Treat", and has since been removed.

A pig dressed as Chuck appears in the cover art for Haunted Hogs.

Chuck often appears in animations and promotions for the game.


Chuck has the same ability that he does in the original game and is still an effective wood breaker. No changes are made to his speed, size, or strength.

In the Piglantis theme, Chuck's ability goes pretty effective with water. If his ability is activated in the water, he will increase speed in the direction he is going, so if he is still sinking, he will shoot even further into the water. If he is beginning to rise and his ability is activated, then he can shoot out of the water at great speed and can destroy the structures above him somewhat effectively.

Angry Birds Rio

Chuck's appearance in the Rio 2 episodes

Chuck, Red, Jay, Jake, and Jim are all kidnapped by the smugglers and taken to the Smugglers' Den in Rio, where they are all put in a room filled with captive, rare birds. They realize they are being sold for profit, and see the abused birds around them. This puts them into a rage, and because of their strength and anger, they manage to break out of the cage. This then begins the events of the game.

Chuck is once again the third bird to be introduced, and after his introduction level, he is a playable character in all of the themes that follow.

Once they defeat Nigel and free all the captive birds, Chuck and the rest of the flock manage to hijack the plane and fly back to Piggy Island, where they come back just in time to save the eggs from being stolen by the pigs once again.

Chuck then travels back to Rio with his flock to visit their friends, Blu and Jewel. This then starts the Rio 2 segment.

Like all the other characters Chuck receives a design change in this segment, taking on his Toons animation style. Changes are made in the position of his face, slight adjustments are made to his feathers, and he is given a slightly lighter hue in color. He also receives different outlines and better shading.

On February 3, 2020, they announced the game along with Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II to be deleted and discontinued.


Chuck has the same ability that he does in the previous two installments, having not much change when it comes to speed, strength or size. His battle cries, launch sounds, and corpse noises are the same.

Notably, caged birds/dolphins and marmosets are much stronger than the easily popped pigs, so Chuck cannot destroy the targets as easily as he can when it comes to pigs.

In boss battles, Chuck is a very useful character to have. He can access farther places that hold TNT, stone spheres, or heavy structures that can fall onto the boss. He can also be used to directly hit the boss, as he can change the speed in case the boss jumps/flies in a different direction.

Main article: Rocket Bird

In Rocket Rumble's bonus levels, he appears riding a big purple firework rocket and he wears pilot glasses. When he is launched, he starts to spin around while flying and he will fly very fast to the direction that his firework is pointing at. When the screen is tapped, the firework wrecks everything it hits and will finally explode in the same way as a normal firework does.

Angry Birds Friends

Chuck's Toons design in Angry Birds Friends

Chuck makes a comeback in Angry Birds Friends, as the deuteragonist once again. He appears in both of the history and tournament levels. Unlike the other birds, guest characters replace Chuck in some of the tournaments, such as Hockey Bird and Shakira.


Chuck has the same ability that he does in the previous two installments, having not much change when it comes to speed, strength or size. His battle cries, launch sounds, and corpse noises were the same. He had separate new sounds in-game once but were removed in an update for the Facebook version.

Like all of the characters (Except for Bubbles, as his design doesn't change in Toons), Chuck received a new design based on his Toons design in an update with new sprites. In another update, he got new sounds which are his Toons sounds.

In the April 20th 2017 Weekly Tournament, there was a bonus where Chuck would give more points, giving a hint about the Star Cup, in which he can get more feathers and give more points.

Freddie Mercury

Main article: Freddie Mercury
Chuck as Freddie Mercury

He once dressed up as Freddie Mercury on the Freddie For A Day Tournament, which he wears a crown, a tank top and has a mustache and chest hair.

He didn't appear as a playable character in the tournament but appeared in the level select screen along with the other birds.

Angry Birds Space

Lazer Bird's former appearance

In Angry Birds Space, Chuck appears as Lazer Bird.[1] At the start of the events of the game, he and his friends were taking care of their eggs as usual, until they spotted a wormhole in the sky and, falling from it, Ice Bird and an eggsteroid. Eventually, they saw a large metallic claw fall from the wormhole, which grabbed a chunk of soil with the eggsteroid and the left with it. Furious, Ice Bird used the group's slingshot to enter the wormhole. While Chuck and his friends initially did not care about this, they soon after found out that their eggs were stolen as well. Enraged, they used the slingshot to enter the wormhole as well. They soon after found themselves in space, with new transformations, stopping King Pig from stealing the eggsteroids.

Bad Piggies

Chuck appears in Bad Piggies a bit into the game, through the Flight in the Night episode. Though he did not appear when the episode was first released, he appears in the second and third chapters as an enemy, and then on appears often as a hazard to the player.

This is the first time in any Angry Birds game that Chuck was, rather than being introduced from the very start, included through updates.

Chuck's design is slightly changed; his outlining and shading is given more quality, rather than the basic colors of the other games. His animation is also more vivid and uses the current design of the original game. All of his sprites are just modified versions of the "Chrome" models.


Levels with Chuck included will have him as a hazard/enemy, asleep next to a nearby slingshot. If the player makes too much noise near him, he will wake up and sling himself on the slingshot to attack Ross. He is the strongest out of the three enemy birds (the other two being Red and the Blues), and can actually break through wood and effectively damage the player's vehicle. Thus, the player should include powerful motors and objects if they want to easily escape Chuck.

He uses his original ability to increase speed, making him the only enemy bird that can change direction through his speed. The player should keep this in mind, and be even more careful when playing levels involving Chuck.

Angry Birds Star Wars

See: Chuck/Angry Birds Star Wars/Han Solo and Lando Bird

Chuck appears as Han Solo and Lando Bird in this game.

Han Solo

Han Solo (also known as Chuck "Ham" Solo) is the version of Han Solo in Angry Birds Star Wars, played by Chuck. His ability is to shoot a single red shot 3 times from his blaster based on Han Solo's. He is turned to carbonite in Cloud City.

Lando Bird

Lando Bird (also known as Lando Calrissian) is a bird who first appeared in the Cloud City update of Angry Birds Star Wars. He became a playable character in version 1.3.0, which also introduced the powerups from the Facebook Version of Angry Birds Star Wars to the mobile version. During the Death Star 2 chapter, Lando's blaster is upgraded into blue lasers, which are slightly more powerful than the red lasers.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

See: Chuck/Angry Birds Star Wars/Han Solo, Lando Bird, Captain Panaka, Kanan Jarrus and Ki-Adi-Mundi

Chuck appears as Han Solo, Lando Bird, Captain Panaka, Kanan Jarrus and Ki-Adi-Mundi (cutscenes only) in this game.

Captain Panaka

Captain Panaka is played by Chuck, partially Bomb as well due to the same beak and eyebrows, although his skin is colored brown. He shoots 3 pairs of lasers twice just like Lando Bird and Han Solo combined, which is also the same ability with the Shocktrooper. His in-book's name is Captain Namaka. Captain Panaka is the head of security on Naboo who is devoted to keeping Padme safe.

Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus is a purchasable character on the update of Rebels. His power is like Lazer Bird in Angry Birds Space, but it is more powerful, and has more speed.


Ki-Adi-Mundi is a character who appears in the cutscenes of Rise of the Clones and Revenge of the Pork.

Angry Birds Go!

Main article: Senna Bird

Chuck appears as the very last character of the game to be introduced, appearing in Stunt as a boss to defeat. After the player unlocks Chuck in the game, they can use Chuck in any of the levels as they please. (provided that the player has enough energy) Chuck is yet the fastest character in the entire game, surpassing the speed of Red, The Blues, or any other character whose ability is based on a boost. In the game, it may not seem as if Chuck is progressing that quickly when the player activates his ability but actually slows down the time, which is why it seems as if he is not progressing in speed. In boss battles, he can leave wheel boosts behind for the player.

Since the update v2.0, Chuck is playable after the player receives at least one star in Campaign level 11, race 5.

Like all of the other characters of the game, Chuck uses a 3D model for the game. His appearance is based on his Toons animation style and has the same voice used in the series. Chuck is more versatile because of his newer 3D model, allowing him to be much more expressive.

Chuck as Ayrton Senna

Chuck also appeared as a limited edition version of the legendary racer Ayrton Senna, who was just a costumed version of Chuck. Ayrton Senna's ability is just a slightly faster version of Chuck's. (he is no longer playable as of update v2.0 though.)

Angry Birds Epic

AB Epic Avatar Image 2.png

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Epic as the second character to be introduced. Once Red frees Chuck from captivity by the pigs, he becomes one of the 5 playable characters in the story mode.

Chuck, like all of the other characters, can be upgraded and changed to the player's preference with the resources he/she has.


Main article: Epic Characters

AB Epic Avatar Image 2.png

A powerful wizard. Deals damage to all enemies at once!


HP: 18/22/27
AD: 12/14/17

Rage Chilli


Chuck ragechilli.png

Immediately launch 5 attacks from your birds.

Rage Chilli


Chuck ragechilli.png - Arena

Immediately launch 3 attacks from your birds.

Imprisoned Chuck Tansparent.png

Imprisoned Chuck

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 45


Save Me!

Destroy the cage to free Chuck!

Chuck will defeat all enemies in the final wave once his cage is destroyed.

Angry Birds Transformers

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Transformers representing the characters Bumblebee, Rodimus, Cliffjumper and Cosmos. Chuck appears often in promotional material for the game as well as trailers. He also received merchandising, which included Telepod toys that could be connected into the game.


Being zapped by the EggSpark transformed more than just Chuck's body. He used to be ultra-competitive and desperately striving to prove his skills, but now he prefers to help others show their own powers.

Naturally, this change has confused the other Autobirds - they're just waiting for him to suddenly snap and do something crazy!

As one of the smallest scout Autobirds, Bumblebee often finds himself in trouble. He tries his best, but for some reason that he can't figure out, his habit of acting without thinking often gets him into tricky situations.

But don't worry - his bravery, smarts, and speed haven't let him down yet! He loves a good adventure.

Bumblebee's weapon is rapid firing but low damage, making it great at taking out wooden tower blocks, but poor at tougher enemies and stone blocks. Best to transform and use his extreme speed to outrun bigger threats.

He's also great against flying and falling pigs, and at shooting down incoming missiles.

High Octane Bumblebee is a variant character, so completing events will earn many more coins but failing them will result in none.

  • While his appearance is based on the live action/Aligned version of the character, his love for speed is a carryover from his Animated version.


Fast, headstrong and impatient, Rodimus is the perfect match to

be mashed up with Chuck!

Rodimus can't stand to be in one place for too long, which is probably why it took the Autobots so long to find him! As soon as they located where he was, he'd moved on to smash pigs somewhere else!

At first glance, Rodimus might seem immature, but he's more than capable of stepping up to the plate and leading the Autobots if Optimus Prime is otherwise engaged. Life as a Prime is stressful though, so he's more than happy to let Optimus take the lead whenever he returns.

Rodimus' gun reflects his fiery personality. Great balls of fire are flung towards the target. These fireballs don't do much initial damage but will burn over time. Use this to your advantage - move onto the next target while the first is still burning!

Make sure to dodge whatever is being shot back! Things that are on fire can still be a threat.


Cliffjumper is a warrior at heart always looking forward for his next fight. When confronted with Deceptihogs he's known to belt out "let me at 'em!" or "look at Megatron. I'm gonna blast that smile off his faceplate." Like chuck he's quite impulsive and always needs to be doing something and can never stop moving, both in his mind and in body.

Cliffjumper is one powerful warrior. His intimidating red paint and long sharp bull horns are very well known to scare off Deceptihogs easily, as well as his catchphrase: “Let me at ‘em!” And he is a Volkswagen Beetle in vehicle mode. Yeah. Anyways, Cliffjumper fires a salvo of missiles that fly to the target in a very wobbly way. And boy, are they destructive!

Angry Birds POP!

ABPop Chuck Character.png

Chuck first appeared in the game as a limited edition character and was only available for a short period of time. Here, he was an option as a playable character in all of the levels of the game.

Later on, when the game was added onto the Angry Birds series rather than an attachment to Stella, the characters were changed (excluding Stella) to members of Red's flock. Chuck appears in the Piggy in the Middle levels of the game, replacing Dahlia.


In the Piggy in the Middle Level, the player must use bubbles to destroy the objects surrounding a pig to beat the level.

When Chuck was a limited edition character, his own special ability bubble was the Flash Pop, which popped all of the bubbles and objects in a column.

However, when he was introduced as a permanent character his ability was changed to replace Dahlia's, whose pop was the Color Pop. The Color Pop can pop all of the bubbles of the color that it touches.

Angry Birds Fight!

Chuck appeared in Angry Birds Fight! as a main character. He was one of the 6 playable characters that the player could choose from. Other than being a playable character, Chuck also appears on the matching board as an icon.

Chuck appeared often in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Certain parts of the game are in computer animation, including the player's customizable characters. Chuck's animation is taken directly out of the Angry Birds Toons series.

Like all of the other characters, Chuck could be customized to the player's preference, with costumes and weapons that could be purchased with in-game currency.

As of August 1, 2017, the game has been discontinued and removed from the Play and App stores, and the servers have since been shut down.


The game wouldn't include direct gameplay with the birds, but rather a tile-matching objective. Matching 3 of the bird's icons would pop the birds out, matching 4 of the icons would activate that specific bird's ability. If 4 of Chuck's icons were matched, he would create horizontal lines, stopping the opponent from matching.

At the end of the round, the two players would begin fighting, and the one that made the most points during the round would win the battle.

Angry Birds 2

AB2 Chuck.png

Chuck appears in Angry Birds 2 as a main and playable character of the game. Once Chuck is unlocked, the player receives his character card, which can be used in any of the levels.

The game uses computer animation for the birds and pigs, which had never happened before. (the games prior used set sprites for the birds when they were launched, idle, squawking, etc.) Chuck appears in his Angry Birds Toons animation style, as well as the same voice used in the series.


Chuck has the same ability to increase in speed that he has in the original game.

Chuck is much faster in this game, zipping by in a nearly straight line until he hits a structure. However, when his ability is activated he can still be affected by fans and other things that may alter his direction.

He is also much stronger when it comes to destroying wood, and can shred through entire wood structures with ease. However, he is still very weak when it comes to destroying glass and stone, at times not even managing to knock down smaller glass/stone structures due to this weakness.

When the player is aiming Chuck, wooden objects will be highlighted, indicating that that is the material Chuck is best at destroying.

Like all of the other characters, Chuck's card can be upgraded with feathers. He also has hats that can be purchased with black orbs. These factors along with the slingshot level affect his score multiplier.

Angry Birds Action!

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Action! as a main and playable character. He appeared for the very first time (in an Angry Birds game) in his movie animation style, which prominently includes his arms and legs.

He is the third character out of four in total to be unlocked.

The game is based on 3D animation, so Chuck along with all of the other characters use 3D character models.


The game is based off a puzzle-pinball genre, and there are certain objectives that each level can have to complete the level.

The player uses Chuck by pointing him at a target and shooting, and Chuck will then hit and bounce off of targets until he runs out of speed.

Chuck is much faster than all of the other birds but is not as strong as the rest.

Like all of the other characters, as Chuck levels up he will receive special boosts. In his bronze stage, Chuck has the Time Freeze boost. In his silver stage, he has the Speed boost. In his gold stage, he receives an extra move.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

AB Ace Fighter Chuck.png

Chuck appeared in Angry Birds Ace Fighter as a main and playable character. He appears in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Chuck's Description In-Game:

A bird of broad interests and insight. Indeed, some would even call him a true visionary. The problem is that there's so much going on in that bird brain of his that he has trouble focusing on one thing. He's liable to do something then instantly change his mind when thought it through.

Rovio announced that the game would be shutting down due to adjustment of structure platform, as well as an expired contract with Siamgame. On September 6, 2016, the game was removed from the App and Play stores and recharge was turned off, making the game nearly impossible. On October 10, the servers were shut down.


The game is based on a "shoot-em-up" style, with the player placed at the bottom of the screen as enemies fly down from above. Not much is known about Chuck's role specifically in the game. It is known that he was one of four playable characters, and could be paired with different kinds of planes.

Angry Birds Blast!/Angry Birds Island

Chuck in the Chinese version of Angry Birds Island

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Blast! as a main character, but not a playable character. (as none of the characters are) He appears in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Every character has his/her own unique quest, and Chuck's is to "look for disciples". The player has to beat a level with a pink hatchling and a level with a purple hatchling on it to complete the quest.

Chuck appears in multiple parts of the game in his Angry Birds Toons animation style, but the Chucks encased inside of the balloons appear slightly different, taking on more exaggerated appearances.


ABBlast Chuck Transparency.png

The player's objective in the game is to pop 2 or more groupings of the same balloons. Multiple Chucks can be found in yellow-colored balloons.

Other than this, there is not much direct gameplay with the birds. Unlike past installments of the series, the gameplay is left directly with the player, no birds are used with their unique abilities.

There's also an event named Chuckenstein, which the player has to beat 3 levels in a row without losing a life to get rewards.

Angry Birds Holiday

Chuck appeared in Angry Birds Holiday as a minor character and had his own purchasable item that the player could unlock. (unlocking him as well in the process)

However, the game stopped development and was shut down as of December 31, 2016.


The app was a building game, with Matilda guiding the player as he/she built a resort for tourist pigs to visit. Some items could be unlocked with in-game currency, Chuck's item being the Animal Watch.

Not much is known about the gameplay otherwise, as the app was never given a worldwide release.

ABFootball Chuck.png

Angry Birds Football

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Football as the trainer for the Mighty Feathers, where he periodically sends comments about the player's progress throughout the game.

Angry Birds Evolution

Chuck formerly only appeared as an event-exclusive character, but in recent updates, he is the first bird to be unlocked. He even helps the player at the beginning and is an important character in the storyline.

There also are yellow birds that can be upgraded as the player progresses.


Red’s good friend Chuck, has come to his aid once again to save the island.



Chuck looks exactly the same as the movie version.


There are black lines below his eyes, he wears a black helmet with 3 yellow stripes and two small metal wings, goggles and also wears a red bandana with white details on it.

Volatile Present Evolution

Bases on a military soldier, he wears a white tank top with a small teal emblem, gray shorts, and a swamp-green helmet, with an ace card, classic Red, Chuck, and Bomb badges and a Walkie Talkie on the belt. There is now a bandaid on his beak.

Trial By Fire Evolution

He wears a white tank top with an anarchist symbol on it, pink shorts, a black dog collar with spines, white sneakers and the hair is a bit pink.


Speed Freak Rank 1

Chuck dashes through enemies, dealing determined damage and pulls nearby enemies in. The damage is the following:

  • Normal: 174 damage.
  • Evolution: 554 damage.
Volatile Present Rank 1

Chuck dashes through enemies, dealing with 578 damage, pulls nearby enemies in and drops a bomb that instantly explodes for 100 damage after.

Trial By Fire Rank 1

Chuck dashes through enemies, dealing with 578 damage, pulls nearby enemies in and leaves a trail of fire that deals 130 damage to enemies on contact.

Leader Skill

All Yellow Birds in the team get 30% attack power.

Awaken Skill

Increases Chuck's combo counter by ×2!


As his rarity is good, he is very strong. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems and Runes can also help.


Chuck also appears as Classic Chuck. In this state, he has a slightly modified design from Angry Birds Toons.

Angry Birds Match

Chuck appears in the game as a booster and main character. Like all of the characters in-game, he uses a modified version of his Movie design. His gameplay is the following:


When the player destroys 5 objects arranged as 3 horizontal and 2 vertical in a T line, Chuck appears. If he is tapped, he will go to four sides: Front, back, left and right.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Chuck ABDB.png

Chuck appears in the game as a booster and deuteragonist once again. Unlike all previous games, Chuck is a Hatchling in this game, like all of the other characters. He appears in the level background, sleeping on a chained cloud. He also appears when the player beats a level, jumping and watching the last bubbles be popped and other occurrences.


If the player merges two Red's, Chuck will appear. The bigger the Red's are, the larger Chuck will be. If tapped, Chuck will destroy four line of bubbles in four directions: Up, down, left and righter. If there is a block near him, he will destroy or damage it with his boost.

Chuck also appears as a profile picture that the player can unlock and choose. He could be unlocked as a mission member if popcorn was collected on the movie event and as a banana in the Halloween event, as well as in other events.

Angry Birds POP Blast

Chuck appears in the game as a playable character that is unlocked after obtaining 100 points. He has a new power-up.

Chuck, like all of the characters, uses his movie design and outlined sprites that were made to look like a cartoon. His animations are similar to the ones from the first game. In the Space Race, his design is based on his one in Angry Birds Space, he is purple.

He is also introduced as an icon and artwork character, which he often appears.


Chuck is unlocked by obtaining 100 points at the Piñata. Chuck can appear at any level where the player uses him, which the player has to assist him in popping bubbles once again, but this time, it's in any objective.

When his bar is full, he will active his ability, which an lightning ball that destroys a chain of bubbles at a certain angle.

He can be chosen along with any pig.

ABTennis Chuck.png

Angry Birds Tennis

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Tennis as once again the deuteragonist once again. Like all of the characters in-game he uses a modified version of his Movie 3D model. He has his own boost and can be played in the level the player wants, he can also be chosen for the player's team.


The game is played like tennis, but with Angry Birds characters, Chuck is unlocked by obtaining tokens and is playable ever since then. He uses his speed boost when he has energy to do it.

Angry Birds Journey


Chuck appears in Angry Birds Journey as once again the deuteragonist and a main character. Like all of the characters in the game, he uses a classic toons and movie appearance and cartoonish sprites. His classic ability and stronger ability.


The game is like the classic slingshot games but way easier. Chuck is unlocked in level 1. Unlike the other games, he uses his ability on impact, which he speeds up and destroys block on his front. After some turns, he activates a stronger ability, which he speeds up with more strength.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Reloaded as once again the deuteragonist and a main character. Like all of the characters in the game, he uses his Toons design.


Chuck has the same ability that he does in the previous installments, having not much change when it comes to speed, strength or size.

Angry Birds: Bird Island

Chuck appears in Angry Birds: Bird Island as one of the 3 free character bundles along with Red and Stella for all players. Like all of the characters in the game, he uses his Movie design.

Media appearances

Angry Birds Toons

Chuck is featured as a main character in the Angry Birds Toons series and makes multiple appearances in many of the episodes, sometimes the subject on his own. The series shows more depth to Chuck as a character and his interests other than what the games have shown us.

For example, in "Chuck Time", Chuck saved Red from a great height. He transformed somehow, making him have an ultra speed boost.


To see Chuck's involvement in the Toons series, see the episode listings below:

Piggy Tales 4th Street

Chuck makes a brief appearance in Slingshot Delivery, where he was trying to launch himself off the slingshot, but the pig stole from him, making him fall.

Angry Birds MakerSpace

Chuck is a main character in the series, see the main page for his appearances.

Angry Birds Slingshot Stories

Chuck is a main character in the series. He uses his Toons design in this series.

Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

Chuck is a main character in the series. He is very good at finding Red during hide and seek as seen in Nowhere To Hide.

Angry Birds Summer Madness

Chuck serves as one of the four main protagonists of this Netflix animated series. Chuck has been some slight appearance changes to his movie appearance: his beak is made much longer, thick dark red eyebrows, and most notable, a bandage on the side of his head, and is shown that his mouth is as fast as his personality. For his appearances in the series, click here.


Main article: Chuck/The Angry Birds Movie
ABMovie Chuck Cocky.png

The Angry Birds Movie

Chuck appears in The Angry Birds Movie as a main character and is voiced by Josh Gad. He follows Red on his journey against the pigs after meeting him in an anger management class with Bomb. To see Chuck's involvement in the movie, see here.

The Angry Birds Movie 2


Chuck appears in The Angry Birds Movie 2 as a main character and is voiced by Josh Gad. He follows Red on his journey against Zeta after protecting Bird Island from the pigs. To see Chuck's involvement in the movie, see here.


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