Chuck Mania is the thirteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixty-fifth overall.

This episode was aired on January 11, 2015.

Name Origin

Mania is a synonym for fanatism and Chuck is the protagonist of this episode.

Toons.TV Description

Moustache Pig puts together an egg-napping plan. Let's distract the most charismatic bird on Piggy Island by stroking his ego.



The episode begins with Chuck practicing his moves while wearing his headband. Then, after chopping a log, he looked at his reflection in a nearby mirror, checking on how good he was looking. Nearby and behind a metal door, Foreman Pig could be seen giving orders to the Minion Pigs (all wearing caps based on Chuck) on what to do. Soon, they were rushing to Chuck to get an autograph. Since Chuck had never got into such a situation, he assumed at first that his fan pigs were there to steal the eggs but once the front-most pig asked for his autograph, he signed it and they took a group photo. Then, the pigs took Chuck back to Pig City. Meanwhile, Foreman Pig was pleased that his plan was working. He soon reached the eggs' location but saw they were gone. However, he heard some noises and soon found out that Chuck was wearing the eggs as a crown. He was about to join the pigs but saw Red coming his direction and hid himself. Soon, Red saw that the eggs were missing and went to the cliff, where he saw the eggs were going to Pig City. While he got angry, Foreman Pig quickly escaped.

Sometime later, in one of the buildings in Pig City, fans of Chuck and some bouncers (also Minion Pigs) could be seen. The host (a minion pig wearing a wig and glasses) invited Chuck on stage when Chuck saw a minion pig giving flowers to him. In the backstage, Foreman Pig saw the nearby eggs and knew how to get them without Chuck knowing. Meanwhile, the camera crew was getting ready to record Chuck's interview. While the interview was taking place, Foreman Pig (hiding behind a Chuck cut-out) got close to the eggs and attempted to get the eggs. He almost succeeded but was trampled on by fan pigs who were taken away by the bouncers. Suddenly, the studio doors opened. It turned out it was Red trying to get back the eggs. He beaten up any pigs who got in his way. Foreman Pig realized it was not going to be good for him if he stayed so he tried to get away. However, it did not work and Foreman Pig soon got flung to the seat where Chuck was sitting. Red not only got back the eggs, but all of Chuck's formal fans as well, who changed their favorite bird and soon followed him. The episode ended with Chuck and Foreman Pig in the now near empty studio.



  • This episode dates in 2014 with the credits instead of 2015.
  • Foreman Pig's eyelids are purple, but when looking at the eggs, his eyelids are green and in the end, became blue.
  • Chuck's hair is black but at the end, it became purple.
  • The cup was green, but at the end, it changed to light green.
  • Foreman Pig's face was green but changed to light green at the end.
  • When Red was looking at the pigs and King Pig where the pigs and King Pig got excited for Red, his eyes and mouth were flashed to Red in the picture. The pig wearing Red's hat on the left side was flashed to red.



  • This the second time Foreman Pig attempted to steal the eggs himself, the first time was in Operation Opera.

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Angry Birds Toons Chuckmania - S2 Ep13-0

Angry Birds Toons Chuckmania - S2 Ep13-0

Foreman pig puts together an egg-napping plan. Let's distract the most charismatic bird on Piggy Island by stroking his ego.

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