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Chuck Time is the first episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode marks the first appearance of Red and Chuck. It was aired on March 16, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

When Chuck accidentally knocks Red off a precipice, the race is on to save him before he hits rock bottom.



Chuck and Red were installing the Slingshot on the top of a high mountain, but it began to topple over. Chuck saved it from falling, but in the process he accidentally pushed Red off the cliff. Chuck watches Red fall, but he then immediately activated his headband, making him faster at the cost of making the time go slower.

He then became side-tracked by a butterfly, but then noticed Red falling slowly, and resumed to his task. He prepared a bucket filled with water for Red to land in, but since the time was still slow-moving, Red would have taken a long time to reach the bucket. Bored, Chuck passed the time by doing a crossword puzzle, drinking a milkshake and relaxing in a chair, not realizing that the water bucket was out of Red's trajectory. By the time Chuck realized this, Red was very close to the ground. Chuck struggled to move the bucket, but to no avail as the water made it too heavy. Chuck realized that Red was going to be seriously injured, so Chuck dived under Red at the last second, saving him.

Time returned to normal, and both birds were alright. However, the slingshot then fell off the mountain and supposedly crushed Chuck. Red believed Chuck was squashed, but then saw Chuck in a beach chair, and was perfectly fine. The Episode ends with Chuck winking at the camera.




  • When Chuck watches Red fall, the slingshot, which was directly behind Chuck, disappears. This continued throughout the rest of the episode, until it falls from the ledge it was previously on.
  • In the credits, the labels are the same size as the names. This is the only episode to do so, as it was fixed in Where's My Crown?.
    • Additionally, the "Created by" label is accidentally made smaller than the names.


Angry Birds Trilogy 8.png
  • The plot of Chuck Time is somewhat very similar to one of Chuck's biography photos in Angry Birds Trilogy.
  • In The Prankster, part of the scene in that episode, more specifically when Stella gets pranked by Poppy into being covered in red feathers, has some similarity to this episode.
A side-by-side comparison between this episode and The Prankster
  • In Chuck's activated form, he is seen wearing a headband. However, in the game, the headband is not shown when Chuck is activated.
  • Although it uses the same format for the Angry Birds Space Animation, Chuck's appearance is slightly different from the Space animation and Trilogy cut-scenes.
  • In the original trailer for Angry Birds Toons, a brief clip of Chef Pig from True Blue? is spliced into the middle of the footage of Red falling from this episode, misleading fans into thinking that he would be present in the episode.
  • When Red is first pushed off of the cliff, he stays in midair for a matter of seconds, similar to classic animated cartoons such as Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Chuck says "It's Chuck Time!", as a reference to this episode.
  • This is the first time Chuck slows down time in Angry Birds Toons, with a much similarity to Quicksilver from X-Men.
  • The sound when Chuck tries to push the bucket full of water is reused as his slingshot prepare sound in Angry Birds 2.
  • Some of Red's screams sounds like he's screaming Chuck's name.



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