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Chuck Time is the first episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode marks the first appearance of Red and Chuck. It was aired on March 16, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

When Chuck accidentally knocks Red off a precipice, the race is on to save him before he hits rock bottom.



Red is instructing Chuck on where to install the Slingshot on the top of a high mountain. When the Slingshot begins to topple over, Chuck saves it from falling, but in the process, he accidentally pushes Red off the cliff. Chuck watches Red fall, but he activates his headband, making him so fast that time seems to slow down, meaning that Chuck time has been activated.

On his way down the mountain, Chuck gets distracted by a butterfly that was fluttering by. While he was staring at the butterfly, Red slowly, shouted in an attempt to snap Chuck out of his trance. It worked, as when Chuck turns around to see Red, he yelps in shock and continues running down the mountain. When he get to the bottom, Chuck finds a wooden tub and brings it to the mountain. Noticing the tub is empty, he filled it with water by running back and forth from the river, sucking up water and spitting it into the tub. Once the tub is full, Chuck notices that since Red was falling it would take a while for him to reach the tub and land safely. Chuck relaxed in a chair, where he drank from a cup and did a crossword puzzle. After awaking from a nap, he heard Red shouting again, but couldn't notice where it was coming from. He turned around and saw Red falling behind him, not where the tub was. In a panic, Chuck frantically tries to shove the tub over to where Red is falling, but his efforts are fruitless due to the tub being too heavy to move Chuck realizes the only way to save Red is to run under him before he lands, which he did just in the nick the before Red's beak touched the ground.

Time starts moving normally again, and both birds are alright. However, the slingshot then falls off the mountain and supposedly crushes Chuck. Red believed Chuck was killed from the impact, but then sees Chuck in a beach chair, and is perfectly fine. As Red looks on in confusion, the episode ends with Chuck winking at the camera.






  • When Chuck watches Red fall, the slingshot, which was directly behind Chuck, disappears until it falls from the ledge it was previously on.
  • In the credits, the labels are the same size as the names. This is the only episode to do so, as it was fixed in Where's My Crown?.
    • Additionally, the "Created by" label was accidentally made smaller than the names.


Angry Birds Trilogy 8
  • The plot of Chuck Time is somewhat very similar to one of Chuck's biography photos in Angry Birds Trilogy, except that Chuck grabs Red by his head feathers halfway down.
  • In The Prankster, part of the scene in that episode, more specifically when Stella gets pranked by Poppy into being covered in red feathers (thus looking like Red in the process), has some similarity to this episode.
A side-by-side comparison between this episode and The Prankster
  • In Chuck's activated form, he is seen wearing a headband. However, in the game, the headband is not shown when Chuck is activated, as he just speeds up without activating Chuck time.
  • Although it uses the same format as the Angry Birds Space Asryation, Chuck's appearance is slightly different from the Space animation and Trilogy cut-scenes.
  • The three stars from the games are used for a "circling birds" gag. This would happen again in Chucked Out.
  • In one Meet The Flock trailer, a brief scene of Chef Pig laughing from True Blue? was spliced in the middle of Red nearly landing on the ground. It mislead some people to think that Chef Pig would have appeared in this episode.
  • When Red is first pushed off of the cliff, he remains in mid-air for a matter of seconds before actually falling similarly to classic animated cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Chuck says "It's Chuck Time!", as a reference to this episode.
  • This is the first time Chuck slows down time in Angry Birds Toons, with a much similarity to Quicksilver from X-Men.
  • The sound when Chuck tries to push the bucket full of water is reused as his slingshot prepare sound in Angry Birds 2.
    • Interestingly, most of these voice clips are reused for Angry Birds 2, such as activating special powers, flying, or even aiming.
  • Some of Red's screams sounds like he's screaming Chuck's name.
  • The sting that is heard before Chuck accidentally pushes Red off of the cliff is heard when the player proceeds from the results screen after a boss fight in Angry Birds 2.



Angry Birds Toons - Chuck Time - S1 Ep1

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