Chucked Out is the fifty-first episode of Angry Birds Toons.


One day Chuck has a headband and a new power: he can cut things in half. He cuts tree trunk and then a big stone in half. However, the stone has a lot of rocks balancing on top of it and rocks roll near the birds. A rock garden tramples Matilda's, another one heads to Bomb, and another one hits nest eggs and toward a cliff. Red tries to rescue the eggs, and when he is about fall off the cliff, the other two help him get up. At this time, the birds turn their fury on Chuck and prohibit the pack.

Time passes and Chuck is seen living on a mountain separated from the birds, who have better food and better living than Chuck. Chuck is even shown with a beard. But one day, Chuck hears the birds for help, Corporal Pig is stealing the eggs Chuck goes into super speed mode and snaps the net, freeing the birds. He then proceeds to chop a tree in half and it collapses on the pigs. He looks frantically for the eggs, but then find the other birds have them on their heads! Chuck is awarded re-admission into the flock and celebrates the victory.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck's latest craze is to karate chop things into two! Hiiiiyah! But his practicing gets too close to delicate eggs and the Birds have to ban him from the flock!




  • Chuck wears a headband in this episode that looks similar to the one in Chuck Time.
  • This was the second time the recognizable three stars (earned when clearing levels in Angry Birds games) were used for a "circling birds" gag. The first was in Chuck Time.
  • Chuck's laugh sounds like the beats of the gnome's song at Oh Gnome!
  • When Chuck hits wood, they get demolished in an instant, but stone simply cracks when hit. This might reference his in-game ability.
  • Chuck somewhat says something similar to "Come on!" during the scene of the rain. He also silently says a quote similar to "Bye bye.." when he is rejected by Red, Bomb and Matilda because of his actions.
  • This was #5 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.

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