Template:Epic Infobox Level Citadel - 10 is the one hundredth level of Chronicle Caves in Angry Birds Epic. It is a normal stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Treasure. Knight of Light is fought here.

He has Royal Bodyguard's first skill although he now needs to charge it for three turns before being able to use it. His second skill though will allow him to gradually recover more health each turn on top of the cave effect.

Clearing this stage will unlock the next cave, Mocking Canyon.

Battle Hint

Knights (Low damage deals only half the damage.)

These dutiful pigs are Ironclad and take only half the damage if the attack damage is too low.

Hint: Use strong attacks to overcome the damage reduction penalty.


The Knight Of Light has been defeated. The door to the next cave has been opened.

Cave Effects

HealingWaters.png Healing Waters - Heals all pigs by 350 health. Every 2 turns.


Knight Of Light.png Knight of Light

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png {{{HP}}}


Righteous Touch

Charge: 3 turns. Deals {{{1}}} damage and heals for 200% of the damage dealt.


Aura of Perseverance

Heals for {{{2}}} health each turn for 3 turns.



Passive: Halves received damage less than D.

The boss of Citadel.


Choose the following birds:

  • Red as Knight/Paladin
  • Matilda as Princess
  • Any bird whose attack always removes all helpful effects from the target

Now follow the strategy below to win:

  1. Attack with all birds. If you have Capt'n as one of your birds, use it on Knight/Paladin.
  2. When Knight of Light is about to attack, use Protect (as Knight) or Devotion (as Paladin) on the targeted ally. If you are using Adventurer Pig, then use Counter on the targeted ally (or Paladin) too.
  3. Use Royal Aid on the targeted ally (or Paladin) until they are back to full health.
  4. Repeat until Knight of Light is defeated.



Angry Birds Epic- Cave 10 Final Boss KNIGHT Of LIGHT - CITADEL 10 - Walkthrough

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