Clash of Corns
C of Corns
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Episode number 37
Air Date November 24, 2013
Written by Stuart Kenworthy
Directed by Kari Juusonen
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Pigs Unknown
Fired Up A Pig's Best Friend

Clash of Corns is the thirty-seventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Bomb wants to eat Matilda's only corn plant. Of course, she's not happy about this and will do everything she can to stop him. But does this include giving up her principles or peace?


At Matilda's garden, Matilda's busy watering her corn plant. Bomb passes by and sees it and wants to eat it. He nearly gets it, but Matilda grabs his feather with a rake and pulls him away. She gives him a carrot, but Bomb doesn't want to eat it. He explodes silently.

As Matilda dusts the corn off, Bomb hides behind a bush. He paints himself with dots around his body, like chickenpox. He appears, pretending he is sick. He cries and shows that he really wants corn. Matilda takes pity on him and bends the stalk down so Bomb can reach it. He almost got it, but his tears cause the paint to come off and Matilda, in fit rage, feeds him paint. Bomb flies up away, exploding two times.

At night, Bomb tries to stealth his way to her corn plant. He sees the plant and he tries to get closer but accidentally hops on a string, setting off an alarm and Matilda hops out from her hiding place behind the bushes and sets of a boulder on him.

At sunrise, Matilda is hiding in a pit, wearing armor and protective gear. Bomb comes out of the bushes, pretending he's a bumblebee by painting his body with yellow paint forming stripes like a bumblebee. He uses branches that represent the wings. Matilda doesn't fall for it and fires potatoes at him, Bomb gets hit multiple times by them and eventually gets stuck in another pit. Matilda aims at Bomb but sees him trembling. She realizes she has gone too far and that hurting and scaring Bomb in order to protect the corn, isn't worth it.

She gives the corn to Bomb, who becomes overjoyed. As he jumps of joy, his feather lights up like a fuse and explodes in contact sending the corn he held in his mouth, flying into the sky like a firework. It explodes in such manner and popcorn rains down. They both laugh and Bomb kisses Matilda, they then open their mouths and let the popcorn rain down in their mouths.

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  • This episode proves that Bomb explodes with having many emotions, such as happy, as he exploded when Matilda gave him the corn and frightened when the boulder chased him.
  • The Mission Impossible theme song played in this episode which also appeared in the episode, Thunder Chuck.
  • The cooking bowl from Cordon Bleugh!Green Pig Soup, and even Pig Plot Potion reappears.
  • In the credits, at the cast section, there's "Bomblebee" listed in it. It is voiced by a different actor, Douglas Black Heaton, rather than the original voice of Bomb, although they are the same person.
  • The animation from Gardening with Terence to Love is in the Air returns after Fired Up.


  • Matilda had only one corn left, but when it flies into the air, you can see the corn plant still has corn on it. (See Gallery)



Angry Birds Toons Clash of Corns - S1 Ep37

Angry Birds Toons Clash of Corns - S1 Ep37

The precious corn.... For both.

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