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Template:Star Wars Theme InfoboxCloud City 4-35 is the thirty-fifth level of Cloud City. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 81,000 points.


  • This level has less pigs, but you need 82,000 points to get three stars. It's extremely hard to achieve.
  • Five compressors can help you to clear the level.
  • Some platforms can be hard to destroy.
  • This level requires massive amount of luck.


Send Chewie into the bottom-left compressor. What happens next varies a little bit, but typically the bottom-right compressor will lift debris into the top-right floating structure. The compressors will then move around the level a bit, and falling debris should clear out all of the pigs! If you need to, you can use another Chewie, but make sure you do much much more of damage with him.[1]


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