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Cloud City 4-40 is the last level of Cloud City. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 72,000 points.


  • Darth Vader's lightsaber can destroy blocks and ricochet birds, so it's almost impossible to win for some when encounter him in the first time.
  • With only three minor boss pigs, it's hard to make a higher score
  • Defeating Darth Vader gives you only 5,000 points.
  • Three compressors move up and down, so it's harder to aim for the perfect shot.
  • The 3-star target score is extremely high. 72,000!
  • This level requires massive amount of luck.
  • Leia's Tractor Beam can kill Darth Vader (without Lightsaber) if he is close and the compressor #1 is not in Leia's way.
  • Darth Vader jumps from platform to platform so this makes him harder to eliminate.
  • If you finish all pigs and use Luke to kill full-sized Vader instantly, you'll earn the new achievement. But it's really difficult to earn since the compressors and Vader are moving.
  • Overall, completing this level is extremely hard and getting three stars is almost impossible.


  • Use at least birds as possible.
  • Detonate as most TNT as possible.
  • Send blocks to Darth Vader as most as possible to destroy his lightsaber.
  • Use all five birds to kill all minor bosses and use the last bird: Luke to kill the boss instantly, but you can never get three stars. Not to use more than five birds to get three stars.
  • warning;this is only for fun:try to let darth vader just strike one(or more)pig(s)


  • This is a seventh boss level.
  • You can complete achievement: “Who’s Your Daddy Now” in this level.
  • When you kill Darth Vader, everything is in super slow motion for about five seconds.
  • this is the only enemy seen to have an(almost red)lightsaber.


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