Cobalt Pig Castle is the ninth level of Cobalt Plateaus in Angry Birds Epic. It is a Castle stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Treasure. (3 Cobalt Stones if replaying) This level is the first Castle level, where one of the stolen eggs are held. Two new pigs are also introduced in this stage.

  • Big Boss: The first pig with the Incompetent Minions passive ability. Any pig with this ability will boost its attack power by 25% for each other ally knocked out unless the ally was summoned. Big Boss's specialty is to allow all allies to each attack a random enemy.
  • Royal Bombs: They kill themselves after 2 turns but in the process, do damage to all enemies.

Battle Hint

Common Pigs (Appears in large numbers.)

Common pigs appear in large numbers and don't have special rules usually.

Hint: Deal with the tallest pigs first. They pose the most threat.


Before retrieving the first egg

Prince Porky is here but he is scared because the birds are also here. So he calls Wiz Pig for help. The birds were briefly scared when Wiz Pig makes him bigger and goes away. The birds then become very angry.

After retrieving the first egg

After the birds got the eggs, Wiz Pig was surprised and looks at the Chronicle Cave, a light turns on for getting the first egg and if they rescue all the five eggs, the Chronicle Cave will be open. So Wiz Pig was angry and runs away with the four eggs to the Desert Pig Castle. Meanwhile, Prince Porky and Monty are getting away with the Golden Pig Machine.


Unless stated otherwise, there is only 1 of each type of enemy. Each enemy's stats are shown below per wave.

Wave 1

The player has to engage 2 Rogues.

Rogue Rogue

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 110



Deals 2x 8 damage.

Wave 2

The player has to engage 4 Stick Pigs and 1 Pig Guard.

StickPig Stick Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 60



Deals 9 damage.

PigGuard Pig Guard

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 122



Deals 10 damage. Empties the Rage Chili by 5%.

Wave 3

Brute Brute

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 365



Charge: 3 turns. Deals 57 damage.

Wave 4

The player has to engage 3 Stick pigs and 1 Big Boss.

StickPig Stick Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 60



Deals 9 damage.

BigBoss Big Boss

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 182


Firm Slap

Deals 19 damage.


Charge Command

Charge: 3 turns. Commands all allies to attack a random enemy each.


Incompetent Minions

Passive: Damage increases by 25% for each ally knocked out.

Has an identical variant called Duke of the Pig Lair, who is the boss of Chronicle Cave's Pig Lair.

Wave 5

Prince Porky Prince Porky

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 406


Vicious Backstab

Deals 3x 12 damage.



Passive: Can't take more than 87 damage per hit received.

A boss appearing in many levels, such as Cobalt and Desert Pig Castle as well as Southern Sea 4.

2 Royal Bombs are summoned every 2 turns:

RoyalBomb Royal Bomb

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 45


Tick Tack

Charge: 2 turns. Self-destructs and deals 20 damage to all enemies.


If you lose one bird in this battle, just continue playing until you lose, you will get 5 more Banana Juices as a consultation prize. In the fifth wave, you will attack Prince Porky again but Prince Porky's size will increase. Try to protect the birds and defeat Prince Porky just like in Cobalt Plateaus - 3; Prince Porky has more health and more damage and he can also call the Royal Bombs. He will also treat all damages dealt to him greater than 87 per attack as 87.

In Summary:

In this battle, you will mainly face Stick Pigs, Rogues, and a Brute. You will also fight Bird Catchers, and a new pig, Big Boss. Big Boss has the passive ability Incompetent Minions, which increases the damage by 25% for every KO'd ally (unless the ally was summoned beforehand), and he can command pigs to immediately attack random targets. Prince Porky will also appear, so be careful!

  • Wave 1: Rogue is not all that different from before, so beating him should be easy.
  • Wave 2: Lots of Stick Pigs and a Bird Catcher will appear, so just beat them normally.
  • Wave 3: Brute will come next, so beat him quickly.
  • Wave 4: Big Boss and 3 Stick Pigs will appear. Beat Big Boss first, as he poses a bigger threat than the Stick Pigs.
  • Wave 5: Prince Porky is easily stronger than before, and Royal Bombs will appear every 2 turns. It's best to beat him very quickly.



Angry Birds Epic Cobalt Pig Castle Walkthrough

Angry Birds Epic Cobalt Pig Castle Walkthrough

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