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Cobalt Plateaus is an area of Piggy Island that appears in Angry Birds games and cartoons.



It's where the birds live in and where they hide The Eggs. It has various cliffs, mountains and small forests. It's name comes from rich amount of cobalt found in the area. Small to large trees grow in it and rivers and lakes cross it commonly.

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Classic

In Angry Birds Classic, Cobalt Plateaus appears as the first setting of Poached Eggs where there's several cut logs and in Red's Mighty Feathers with various pigs flying with machines above it and there are watchtowers.

Angry Birds Friends!

Cobalt Plateaus appears as the background for the second, 2014, Weekly Tournament background and in the Blast! Tournament.

Angry Birds Epic

Cobalt Plateaus is the second zone of Angry Birds Epic, In all levels (except Pig Prison, Southern Cobalt Plateaus, Western Cobalt Plateaus, levels after Matilda's Garden (in the older version, it's called White's Garden), and Eastern Cobalt Plateaus of all levels), you can only use Red and Chuck to complete all levels. 

Angry Birds 2

Cobalt Plateaus is the first area in Angry Birds 2. It first appears as the Chirpy Valley and appears as more areas later. It exclusively features flowers that swallow anything and spit it with strength.

It again appears as more areas but in 2 different versions; A winter version, first appearing as Mount Evernest, featuring icy slides; And a river version firstly named Pig Bay which is actually very normal CP but with water; it still appears different on the adventure map.

Angry Birds Blast!

Cobalt Plateaus appears as the first area in the game, there are watchtowers in the background. In the area's map, the birds appear doing their casual things.

Angry Birds Tennis

Cobalt Plateaus appears as the first area in the game.

Media Appearances

Angry Birds Toons

Cobalt Plateaus appears in almost all episodes. It's the home for the birds but the pigs often visit it, only to steal the eggs.

Angry Birds Slingshot Stories

Cobalt Plateaus appears as the main and only setting of the show.


A fully-labelled map of Cobalt Plateaus.