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The Cobalt Plateaus is a location that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is an area of Piggy Island, and where the Angry Birds live.


The Cobalt Plateaus is a piedmont plateau located in southeastern Piggy Island, bordered by the Golden Fields and the South Beach. The place has plain terrains, some higher than others. The Cobalt Plateaus also has tall mountains and cliffs.

Game appearances

Angry Birds Epic

Main article: Cobalt Plateaus (Angry Birds Epic)

In Angry Birds Epic, the Cobalt Plateaus appears as an area on Pig Island. During the story of the game, it was where Red rescued Chuck, got the first of five eggs, and had Matilda join him.

Angry Birds 2

Main article: Cobalt Plateaus (Angry Birds 2)

In Angry Birds 2, the Cobalt Plateaus is one of the main location of the World Map, after the Bamboo Forest and Pig City. It first appears as the Chirpy Valley and is seen as more areas later.

Angry Birds Blast!

In Angry Birds Blast!, the Cobalt Plateaus appears as the first area in the game.

Angry Birds Tennis

In Angry Birds Tennis, the Cobalt Plateaus appears as the first area in the game.

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