The player has to engage 3 Stick Pigs and 1 Foreman Pig. Each enemy's stats are shown below.

StickPig.png Stick Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 72



Deals 10 damage.

This variant only appears before the player completes Cobalt Pig Castle, after which he will start having Stumble as a passive ability.

Foreman.png Foreman

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 351



Deals 30 damage.


Power Up

Increase all allies' attack power by 30% for 3 turns.


Incompetent Minions

Passive: Damage increases by 25% for each ally knocked out.


Because Foreman is very strong, you will have to protect both birds by Red's secondary skill (supporting ability) first. Also, give Chuck his shock shield so if anyone attacks Chuck, the attacker will receive damage. Then, attack every turn with the Stick Pigs first. Then, attack Foreman every turn until the Rage Chili is full, then drag it to Red to use his mighty Rage Ability! If used correctly, he will have no more health remaining.

In Summary:

Foreman Pig can increase power of all pigs by 30%, so taking him down first is your priority. He also boasts the Incompetent Minions passive ability, so don't beat the weaker ones first, as his power increases by 25% for every defeated ally.


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