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Coins are used in the Angry Birds series to purchase various items.

In the games

Starting with Angry Birds Friends, players can accrue coins (or Bird Coins) in most games of the series. Bird Coins appear as small gold coins with Red's face on them. Some coins have different appearence in other games.

Angry Birds Friends

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When you start the game for the first time after the release of the Bird Coins, you get a text box telling you about them, and you can also get Bird Coins.png × 440, but only once. You can earn more for free by earning stars in Weekly Tournaments, and completing them. When you complete a Tournament Level, you will get + Bird Coins.png × 2 for Onestar.png, + Bird Coins.png × 4 for Twostars.png, and + Bird Coins.png × 8 for Star.png, if you get all the stars in a level, you will get + Bird Coins.png × 14. You can also get Bird Coins.png from daily rewards. You will get + Bird Coins.png × 4 in the first day, + Bird Coins.png × 6 in the second day in a row, + Bird Coins.png × 10 in the third day in a row, + Bird Coins.png × 16 in the fourth day in a row, and + Bird Coins.png × 50 in the fifth day in a row. However, streak will be restart every five days if you login every day.

Angry Birds Star Wars (Facebook)


The currency on the game is the credits, which works the same wat as coins. To obtain them, the player must coplete Tournament Levels or buy them with real-life money. They can be used to buy Power-Ups and Crystals, which cost the following:


Thermal Detonator
  • x20:ABSWFCredit.png 200
  • x50 (+5 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 500
  • x100 (+20 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 1000
  • x200 (+50 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 2000
Blaster Droid
  • x20:ABSWFCredit.png 200
  • x50 (+5 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 500
  • x100 (+20 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 1000
  • x200 (+50 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 2000
Lightsaber Sling
  • x20:ABSWFCredit.png 200
  • x50 (+5 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 500
  • x100 (+20 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 1000
  • x200 (+50 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 2000
Clone Bird
  • x10:ABSWFCredit.png 400
  • x25 (+5 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 1000
  • x50 (+15 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 2000
  • x100 (+50 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 4000
Mighty Falcon
  • x20:ABSWFCredit.png 200
  • x25 (+5 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 500
  • x50 (+15 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 1000
  • x100 (+50 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 2000
Power-Up Bundle
  • x20:ABSWFCredit.png 500
  • x40 (+5 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 1000
  • x80 (+20 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 2000
  • x160 (+50 Free):ABSWFCredit.png 4000

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

ABStarWars2 Coin.png

  In the game, the credits come back, where they work differenty. Instead of being used to buy power-ups, it is used to unlock episodes and buy characters, which the amount of each collected and their price varies, according to the character's strength. The player can buy infinite characters with a lot of coins.

Angry Birds Go!

In Angry Birds Go!, Bird Coins appear in every track and can be collected to increase the amount of awarded coins when finishing a race.

In v1.0, they are mainly used to purchase upgrades for the player's karts, but once the player unlocks Rocky Road, they can also be used to purchase new karts as well.

In v2.0, they are mainly used to purchase upgrades for the player's karts with upgrade parts, and it's also used for purchase 3 upgrade parts at the shop (100 coins for regular parts, 1,000 coins for Rare parts, and 10,000 for Epic parts). There's a big coins appear in every track as well, for 50 coins.

Angry Birds Epic

Coins are used to buy equipment, potions, etc. They are dropped by defeated enemies and can be obtained by purchasing, completing levels, etc. Those are the currency:

Type of currencies What it is used for How to earn it
Snoutling Snoutlings
  • Buying blueprints, classes, crafting materials, and potion upgrades
  • Buying potions from the shop
  • Buying mastery from the Mighty Eagle's Dojo
  • Defeating pigs
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Damaging enemies with the Full Pockets passive ability (like Wealthy Rogue)
  • Damaging enemies using Piggy McCool
  • Clearing Daily Dungeons
  • Daily Login bonus
  • Purchased with Lucky Coins
  • Consolation prize for losing a battle
  • Rescuing an Egg (100 Snoutlings)
  • Attacking a pig with Bomb using Golden Bullet and Golden Pistol (30% chance to get lots of Snoutlings)
Lucky Coin Lucky Coins
  • Buying certain classes
  • Buying emergency consumables
  • Buying uncraftable potions (such as Experience potions)
  • Spinning the Golden Pig Machine
  • Hiring the Mighty Eagle's mercenary
  • Buying new banners in the Bird Arena
  • Buying mastery from the Mighty Eagle's Dojo
  • Hiring birds from one's friends during some battles
  • Defeating the Daily Golden Pig (no longer available from version 1.2.9)
  • Defeating the Golden Pig from the Golden Pig hunt
  • Defeating the Mother of Golden Pigs
  • Leveling up (the max level is currently 100)
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Earning a daily login bonus (every 7 days, one Lucky Coin daily if connected to Facebook)
  • Purchasing some with real money
Friendship Essence Friendship Essence
  • Rerolling the Wheel of Fortune and the crafting dice
  • Crafting Stamina Drinks (5 for each)
  • Asking friends for them
  • Purchasing some with Lucky Coins
  • Answering friends' Essence requests
  • Lending one's birds to friends
  • Earning a Daily Login bonus
  • Scrapping a Legendary Set Item (no longer available from version ???)

Angry Birds Stella

ABStella Coin.png

In Angry Birds Stella, the pigs can drop coins on the levels, you can get coins by earning the stars and roulette wheel after you pass the Bonus Levels.

They're mainly used to spend on the characters, and the Hammer power-up. You can also spend coins on investigate area to find the pigs on the map.

Angry Birds Transformers

There are a lot of currency in the game that is used on various things. See more about them here

Angry Birds POP!

ABPop Gold.png

Coins appear in the game as currency used to buy Boosters, Lives, etc. They are obtained in hard ways such as quests, event rewards and can be purchased by only real life money. They are also used on buying gems. The player starts with some coins in the game and he needs to spend it wisely to not run out of it. They are commonly used when the player runs out of moves, which the player can purchase more or watch a video.

Angry Birds Fight!

The game features two kinds of currencies: Bird Coins (Coin) and Gems (Gem). You can use coins to enhance your equipment and use gems to refill energy, unlock birds or playing the Slot game. The Slot Game requires 5 Gems to open Mighty Eagle's Treasure Box. There are two kinds of energy: Original Energy and Ship Energy. Original Energy will be refilled as 1 point every 10 minutes and used for PvP levels (not including the Arena Event levels). Ship Energy is used for Boss and Monster Event Levels and will be refilled 1 point every 30 minutes.

Angry Birds Rio

They were added in the Treasure Hunt update, they are used the same way as in other games and appear as

Coins in Treasure Hunt.

collectable items in the Treasure Hunt episode, where they can also be collected to unlocked the bonus level.

They can also obtained by watching ads, getting stars, buying them with real money or collecting them, they can be used to but Power-Ups, these are the prices:

  • Normal Power-Ups (Power Potion to Samba Burst):
    • 5 Power-Ups: 200 Coins;
    • 10 Power-Ups: 350 Coins;
    • 30 Power-Ups: 900 Coins;
    • 150 Power-Ups: 4000 Coins.
  • Call The Flock
    • 10 Power-Ups: 1000 Coins;
    • 20 Power-Ups: 1800 Coins;
    • 50 Power-Ups:  4300 Coins;
    • 120 Power-Ups: 10000 Coins.

There are also daily deals that feature Coin purchases, so it's good to collect a lot of them to get a lot of Power-Ups.

Bad Piggies

In Bad Piggies, the player earn coins by completing a level, get the Star Boxes (only in Sandbox), and feed the King Pig. The players can get coins by earning stars. Player get 1 coin for 1 star, 2 for 2 stars, and 3 for 3 stars. The name of the coins is Snout Coins.

Angry Birds Seasons

AB Seasons Coin.png

Coins were added on the Invasion of the Egg Snatchers update along with Bird Wear and Telebird. They are obtained after beating a level, watching ads or by purchasing it. They can be used to speed a Quest's time, buy episodes before Ham Dunk, Power-Ups or level-up Telebird or Shockwave Bomb, Star or Feather levels and could buy exclusive Bird Wear, but they were later made free.

Angry Birds

ABClassic Coin.png

Bird Coins used to only appear in Angry Birds for Kakao & Angry Birds. They used to purchase Power-Ups and Mighty Eagle. You can earn them by getting stars just for 10 coins. Coins were eventually added to every other region of Angry Birds. They are only used to buy power-ups. They can be purchased with Gems.

Angry Birds Action!

ABAction Coin.png Coins appear in Angry Birds Action! with purposes, which is used to fill Chests. There's also the gems that act similarly, but are used to revive the bird when he runs out of birds and moves and to buy Power-Ups.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

It appears as the main currency of the game, this is how to use it: It is used to pay for basic stuff. Gold can be obtained by:

  • The gold mine (at least 4000 gold)
  • Completing stages
  • Rewards
  • Decomposing gear

Description from the game:
ABAceFighter Item1.png - The common currency of the world.

Angry Birds Goal!

ABFootball Coin.png

Coins in the game appear in the game to make various things and this is a complete list of how to play with them: They can be obtained from:

  • By signing contracts with the Mighty Eagle
  • At the end of each successful game, ended in favor of birds

They can be spent:

  • To buy energy drinks
  • For the purchase of various items and accessories in the main store

Angry Birds Holiday

The coins in the game are used for various things, such as buying buildings, decorations, planting, etc. They are awarded after completing missions, leveling up and other.

Angry Birds Blast!

Cons reappear in the game as two types:

  • ABBlast Silver.png
    Silver Coins: Are easier to obtain and are used to buy pre-level Booster and play in the Treasure Hunt, they can be obtaine as rewards, Boxes scattered in the map and by buying them.
  • ABBlast Gold.png
    Golden Coins: are more expensive version of these coins and can only be obtained by purchasing and as rare rewards, they buy 5 Moves when an level is failed and multi-level Power-Ups.

Angry Birds Evolution

BigLoot Currency Coin.png

In Angry Birds Evolution Money is obtained by pretty much any action you take, including successful scouting!. The most reliable source of income is completing daily challenges, logging into the app every day, and of course, winning battles against the deplorable pigs!

Used for pretty much everything. The most important purpose is, of course, leveling up your birds, although almost any other actions will deplete them.

In the films

In the Angry Birds animated films, Bird society and life appears to run on a currency system of sorts. In the days before the Great Egg War, Birds used primitive forms of currency that could be bartered for services. For instance, the Hug Trader in Bird Village charged one red berry for any additional hugs requested at his stand after his first complementary one, when Terence started to hug the customers.[1]

Throughout the war and beyond, the Birds adopted a more modern currency system that used banknotes that each had a picture of Mighty Eagle on its front side. During the Battle of Overseas Pranks, the last battle of the war, Hal was known to own a decent amount of money that he kept in a wallet. After being spurned by her lover Mighty Eagle and choosing to exile herself on Eagle Island, Zeta somehow raised a large amount of money to build her resort, and later a powerful superweapon that she intended to use to expand it through destructive conquest after being discontent with the resort's problems. She also penned a book titled Crazy Rich Avians, which perhaps explains how she got so rich.[2]



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